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4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

My favourite restaurant in Montreal

22 Jun 2007

The thought of being able to order from a menu without having to ask 1000 questions about animal products fills me with delight; at Aux Vivres, everything is 100% vegan. I look forward to eating there because they have a different and always delicious meal of the day each day. (I look forward to them serving vegan lasagna again!) Their sandwiches are lovely (and huge! Choosing to get a sandwich in a chapati is advised: Bring the second half home.) The entrees are diverse and enjoyable--though expensive--especially the chapati with veggie butter and the corn bread with guacamole. The restaurant is completely packed on weekends; that in itself means that this place is worth trying out.

1748 Notre Dame St W, Montreal, Canada

Tiny place with big heart

22 Jun 2007

This cozy little restaurant at just a 10 minute walk from downtown is a great bet. Although not all menu items are vegan, Bonnie and her fellow chefs will gladly "veganize" them for you. Their salads are delicious and portions are very generous. The service is impeccable and staff is knowledgeable of all products.

4873 St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

Nothing special

22 Jun 2007

If I enjoyed anything when I visited Casa del Popolo, it was the cozy sitting area--and that's it. I tried the grilled tofu sandwich, and it was nothing special, though it did satisfy my hunger.

4088 rue St Denis, Montreal, Canada

Try it and you'll love it

22 Jun 2007

Although the meals here are horridly expensive for the amount of food that you get, the food is to die for. For an appetizer, try the peanut butter dumplings (only as of recently have they been made vegan) and the breaded mushrooms. A friend of mine said they tasted like sesame beef, but I'd never tried sesame beef, so I couldn't compare. Their meals are very tasty overall, but they don't really offer that much (quantity) in terms of their "star" ingredients, ie. fake meat. For example, a meal of "shrimp" and veggies offers perhaps only 6 or 7 shrimp. Overall, however, this place is a must-try.

655 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada

Quite the pleasant surprise

07 Jul 2008

I've been eating at Le Commensal in Montreal, Quebec, for almost five years. Over these five years in Montreal, I have seen very few menu changes, especially with regards to the selection of vegan desserts. However, I was most pleasantly surprised to see what a vastly different approach to veg*n dining that the Le Commensal in Toronto has: vegetarian breakfast in the morning, personable service (unlike in Montreal where you scarcely have any contact with the human beings behind the delicious meals), a small grocery area that offers not only Le Commensal's products but also other health-food products, and varied menu items (including THREE [!] vegan dessert items instead of the same two in Montreal). The vegetarian brunch was delicious, despite the fact that vegan butter isn't offered for toast. Nevertheless, I ahd a very pleasant experience at Le Commensal in Toronto. Thank you!

478 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

Delicious brunch

07 Jul 2008

Before visiting Toronto this weekend (I'm from Montreal, Quebec), I did some research here on Happy Cow for veg*n restaurants. I'd read great reviews about Fressen, and even heard positive things about it from a veg waitress at a local coffee shop, especially regarding their weekend brunch. My boyfriend and I headed there yesterday for brunch and were impressed by their rendition of the ubiquitous tofu scramble. Here, if I am not mistaken, they make it with silken tofu instead of regular firm tofu, the former of which definitely makes it taste (and feel) a lot more like real scrambled eggs than the latter. I ordered the vegan French toast, which was unlike any vegan French toast I have prepared at home. This one was covered by an assortment of whole grains and seeds, yet the inside (where the mushy bread was) was sweet and very moist. I liked how each meal was accompanied by fruits and even some vegetables, so that the diner would not be faced with just one thing to eat (the scrambled tofu came with potatoes, salad, one or two pieces of cinnamon-bread-like toast, and fruits. Another plus was when our waitress walked through the restaurant with a rustic basket full of fresh mini-muffins and distributed one to each diner. I appreciated how confident the wait staff was of the food (our waitress, when told by us that we'd heard lots of good things about Fressen, said "You won't be disappointed", and later said, "Aren't you glad you came?" when we expressed how much we liked the food), though my boyfriend did find such expressions to be rather arrogant. Nevertheless, the food was excellent. I have just one complaint: They had no espresso machine, so you're restricted to consuming regular coffee (which probably isn't a problem for most).

17 Baldwin St, Toronto, Canada

Blown away

07 Jul 2008

I'm not kidding at all when I say that I was blown away by Vegetarian Haven. Situated in a quaint area, with a terrace and lovely decor, Vegetarian Haven offers an unforgettable vegan dining experience. I went to what one of the servers dubbed The Haven (and rightly so) this past weekend while on a visit to Toronto. I went with an omnivore and my boyfriend, a vegan like myself. I ordered the tofu drumsticks, thanks to rave reviews on this page (thank you!) about them--they were absolutely delicious, though, when they were served to me, I was a little bit wary of eating them, for they had an uncanny resemblance to actual chicken drumsticks. What I especially liked about The Haven is that they actually bring out the prepared special of the day; they show it to you, beautifully prepared and wonderfully fragrant. Of course, they had me sold when they showed me the special of the day, which consisted of a seitan "steak", a cucumber roll of shiitake mushrooms, salad, mushroom sauce, fresh hummus, and sweet potato noodles (how original!). Another thing that stood out was that all of their meals offer a great variety of foods; they don't serve you just protein, or just veggies, or just noodles. Each menu item is complemented by a variety of different types of foods. The wait staff and the service they offered were impeccable, and I don't use this word lightly. They were humourous, friendly, helpful, kind, informative, knowledgeable. Any diner could not ask for more. Dining at the Vegetarian Haven was the highlight of my experience in Toronto. A+ service, and did I mention that the desserts were most decadent and, to put it lightly, to die for? Try their cheesecake and fried apples!

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