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1730 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Cafe Gratitude will leave you feeling less happy

14 Jun 2007

I just ate here by myself and waited about 5 minutes before the server took my drink order. it took several more minutes for the bar tenders to pop the top off my beer and bring it to my table. I had the sampler platter and it came in a fair amount of time. Portions were small but for the price it is fair, you'll pay $14-16 for similar in NYC. The platter was good but I wish I got a real entree instead. Since I wasn't quite full I ordered a slice of the chocolate hazelnut cake. After a few minutes, I got the servers attention, who was looking for a buzzing sound, and she said it would be just a minute. a few more minutes pass. THe desert case is 6 ft from my table. Apparently the busy bartenders are supposed to place the cake on a plate? My server stood there and gossiped with other workers. I got her attention again and said forget the cake, i'll take my check. Then she promptly pulled a slice from the case and gave it to me with the check. Is that service?? The cake was good, but I still felt bitter after visiting cafe gratitude.

909 Pike St, Seattle, USA

Hot dogs from around the world

13 Feb 2009

I've eaten here twice. They have different themed hot dogs such a Californian, Chicago, Mexican, Italian, etc. Most come loaded with toppings that you'll challenge to fit in your mouth. At $6-8 per dog it's a little expensive for what it is (hot dog on white bread bun covered in condiments), however it makes a meal. I've only had the californian which is Bacon, Cheese, Avocado, Veggies, Salsa & Onions. I'm vegan and I can't remember if she had vegan cheese or if I had to omit it. It's $7. I don't flock here but if you're craving a hot dog or in the neighborhood I don't think you'll regret it. Don't forget to ride your bike otherwise you'll end up paying another buck or two for parking.

4262 SE Belmont St, Portland, USA

Food cart with vegan options

03 Nov 2006

My favorite is the bbq tofu wrap or the tempeh tacos. The price is a little high for the portions. The staff are very nice but there can be a wait. Being vegan I feel like my options are limited and with the smaller portions I generally go elsewhere.

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, USA

Jack of all trades master of none?

14 Jun 2007

Ok, I have only been here once, so my title may not be fair, but judging from the other reviews the food can be hit or miss. I had the mashed potatoe pie and was disapointed. I think there was supposed to be tofu in there, and crust, but all I could taste were mostly bland potatoes. The serving was also small, but acocmpnaied with a healthy potion of greens and a salad. Plus the fair price smoothie, I was content. The menu is broad and gets a vegan real excited, however I have concerns other dishes may disapoint like mine. Also, I was suprised to see table service for some reason, I wasn't expting a tip.

1624 N 45th St, Seattle, USA


12 Feb 2009

I really wanted to love this hole in the wall. But from the moment you step in, you are overcome with cooked oil/fryer smell that turns your stomach. There is no music, the sushi bar is closed. There are 28 vegan sushi rolls, however all sound very similar and none stand out. No specialty rolls. The miso was not great, the agedashi tofu, while vegan, had a strange batter. Nothing steller. I was the only patron from 7:30 to 8:3 on wednesday. Poor kitaro, I had such high hopes. You're sadly better off going to any sushi bar and asking the chef to make you vegan rolls.

168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, 5F, Shanghai, China

Modern & pricey veg chinese food

09 Dec 2005

By modern I mean seemingly fresh perpectives or western influences on more traditional and typical dishes. While it is in a large mall, it has its own space and is well decorated. The menu is in very good english with many photos. I only ordered a spicy chicken dish which was good, all appear well prepared and presented. Expensive, which is curious, as its inside a shopping mall. I think I would go back.

125 NW 5th Ave, Portland, USA

Awesome happy hour

17 Jun 2008

Sorry bye and bye. Although not 100% vegan, this bar has nightly entertainment, has a better location, and is cheaper. Their happy hour runs 4-8pm M-F and is 100% veg and 75% vegan for under $5. So you can get a beer and a meal for under $10 after tip which is really hard to find in this town. The food is made a backspace but they keep the menu slightly different which is a nice change. To top it off there is often free entertainment or if you come in early enough you won't pay the cover. The atmosphere and location is really good as well as this bar has a real unique vibe and construction with the interesting plywood sandwich towers and a lofted seating area.

400 SE 12th Ave, Portland, USA

Red and black , never go back

17 Jun 2008

Warning, this cafe is run by a worker collective. So while all workers have a vested interest, no one person is in charge and will not take control to correct a bad situation. As such, when the counter girl gave my reuben to another patron without asking their name, and another patron that had 1st patron's reuben did not speak-up when his name was called, i was left reuben-less for 30 minutes. I talked to the cook once and he said it was coming. Another reuben came out to another patron. 5 people that ordered after me were eating. I stepped two feet into the kitchen to discuss with the cook where my food was. I was told blatenly and impolitely to "get out of the kitchen" and "that other guy took your reuben". Alas, no consulation except for a fleeting "sorry 'bout that" from the counter girl because the cook was too embarrased to bring out my reuben to be personally. I know its a collective so they may not have be able to afford to comp me my food, but at least offer me drink or a day old pastry while I wait. What would have cost them less than 50 cents wholesale has lost my business for the foreseeable future.

22 NW 4th Ave, Portland, USA

Poor to average

26 Sep 2006

I've been vegan 3 years now and this place hardly passes. I went for the buffet which is probably unfair to write a review on since they need to control costs because its all you can eat. It was on the bad side of average. Lots of fried stuff and veggies were overcooked. They aren't pushing any boundries in health or taste. Just very plain chinese you should expect from any take-out place. I moved here from Atlanta and our Chiense vegan there was above and beyond.

5501- B Airport Way S, Seattle, USA

Vegetarian bar, with pretty good food.

13 Feb 2009

This is my first time going here, there is a new owner now. Lots of micros on tap, including 9lb porter which was great. They have a supplier issue currently and have no vegan cheese, so you won't get any cheese if you're vegan which was a small letdown. I had the chips and salsa, the salsa was housemade but not great, the chips were out of a bag. The tamales were ok, but really needed an extra dimension of either sour cream, cheese, or something else to really round out the dish. The salad and black rice it came with were both good. The entire entree was a ton of food and came on two plates which was a pleasant suprise. However at $13.50 it was really hoping for a little extra flavor on the tamales. After tip my meal was $25. I might go back to try a sandwich, but not until they get a vegan cheese back in. I like neighborhood with the old brick buildings and the building is pretty cool. Oh, and tax was included in the prices, which isn't something to sneeze at. Oh, if you go late, the service may be slow or you'll have to jockey for the bartender's attention. Keep in mind this is a bar first so if you want to eat here without a lot of noise go early, otherwise plan to have a few beers and watch a show.

445 Nanjing Rd West, Shanghai, China

Good food, atmosphere, location, and price!!

30 Oct 2005

Ate lunch here 10/31/05. House was packed, so I was sat with another single westerner. He finished a Chinese family of 3 was seated with me. This didn't bother me but could others. Resturant is modern and clean, with excellent prices and an english menu. I had a beef dish because they were out of chicken. The beef was the typical veg beef, not great but not terrible. Prices are great as long as you know what to order and don't go overboard (their noodle bowl is 12rmb)

999 JiangNing Rd, Putuo, Shanghai, China

Great food and good prices

09 Dec 2005

Ate lunch here in 11/05. English menu. Food was good, price was right. If i recall they fake meats were more simple such as vegetables or tofu rather than seitan or special prepared or distributed meats, but still very good. Staff spoke enough english. No garlic or onions, I can't remember if they use eggs in some. You can enter the restaurant for free from the side. Would definitely eat here again.

3320 SE Belmont St, Portland, USA

Best cheap vegan eats in town

03 Nov 2006

Even with the raised prices, their burritos are the cheapest in town that are wholesome to boot. The Che at $4.50 is unbeatable. They have vegan sourcream and cheese as well. I feel the one on Mississipii is better, however they don't have the salsa bar. The baked goods are a deal. You can sub tofu or tempeh for any meat. They have brown rice and whole wheat tortillas, with nutrional yeast at the counter to boot. They are many variations on burritos, I still miss raging buritto in atlanta though. Look for the daily specials as well.

Zuo Jia Zhuang Xi Jie, Beijing, China

Lotus in Moonlight is fair food for fair prices

09 Dec 2005

Prices about average for Beijing (15-50rmb for dishes), and I dropped about 125rmb on dinner for myself. But what I got was very bland and I felt I must have been mislead by the poor english translated menu. maybe I just didn't spend enough. But with 3 failed dishes, I didn;t want to try a 2nd time. The place was busy so maybe I just had bad luck. It took my taxi driver a phone call or two to find it. I spoke to some other patrons and they seemed to be pleased with their food after I complained about mine - so you should at least give it a try if you're nearby.

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

Good comfort food at good prices

15 Aug 2008

I went here in September 2007 a number of times. Ask what the special is, it's usually a really good deal. This is yet another basement restaurant with a very casual feel. The waitress can speak enough english to get by. The lasagna was great, can't remember if that's on the menu or a special though. The pizza is also really good. Also, be sure to get some vegan pastries or desserts for breakfast or your upcoming train trip. The location is a bit off the beaten path but its worth the trip.

Tongguang Bldg, 12 Nongzhanguan Nanlu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Pure Lotus is best veggie food in Beijing

09 Dec 2005

Pure Lotus is an experience not be missed. The atmosphere is a welcome departure from typical chinese places, presentation is incredible(esp upstairs and at Lido location), and service unbeatable. Best food on my 5 wk trip in China. It's incredibly upscale for China - dishes range from 18rmb for veg to 300+ for exotics. Avoid the 'smelly but delicious' tofu. If you're careful you can pay 125-150rmb for two. Huge English menu. Food is vegan and without garlic and onions, drinks may contain milk and are clearly listed). 1 english speaking staff

8446 SE Division St, Portland, USA

Cheap and good. Vegan house-made mock-meats!

16 Feb 2007

Through caution to the wind here, the mock meats are house-made and contain no dairy or casein, however they are deep fried. Even when it says seared, I think they are deep fried first. After returning from China I recognized the stuffed steamed buns - a deal and a meal in their own. I think they are $1.25ea and two would make a quick meal. The mock chicken was great. The atmophere and location are terrible, but for $5.95 - $6.95 you can't complain!

3023 NE Alberta St, Portland, USA

Good Vegan Soulfood

26 Sep 2006

Vita was my fav vegan place in town namely because its the only place in PDX with southern style food, had huge portions, and was cheap. Apparently the latter two are gone with a recent 20% price hike. The $7 tempeh sandwich was buttered whitebread, slab of tempeh, and a few peices of letuce and tomato with the smallest amount of hummus. The new item, BBQ ribs, are just Gardenburgers Ribs, with two tiny scoops of mashed potatoes. The Tofurky Florintine was my fav, and the breakfast burritto (was $7, now $9) could serve 2. The weekend were crowds are out of hand on weekends, but maybe the prices will reduce the #s.

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