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150-160 7771 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, Canada

Our favourite Asian restaurant!

07 Oct 2012

We found 4 Stones during an overnight stay in the area, and we've been back every chance we get during our trips from Vancouver Island to the Interior, and it's always worth the extra 45 minutes of driving it adds to our trip. The actual restaurant is pretty unimpressive (as someone else mentioned), but the food is so good. We always end up ordering way too much because we want to try everything. Our favourite dish right now is the Kung Pao faux meat (I think they call it "veggie treasure"), and we always get the fried mushrooms as well. The menu is all vegetarian with lots of clearly marked vegan options, and we've never felt like we were running out of new vegan dishes to try. We can't wait until our next visit!

1019 Blanshard St, Victoria, Canada


05 Nov 2014

The first time I went to be love I absolutely loved it. I had a seasonal pasta dish that was fantastic and probably the best meal I've ever had in Victoria. The only bad part of the experience was that they have the tables packed so closely together that because the restaurant was full my husband (a bigger guy but not huge!) couldn't get to the bathroom.

I wasn't able to get back again for a while, but my husband and I finally went again last summer. Our appetizer was great, but my entree (a green curry) was bland. I was so disappointed after my first experience. My curry had very little flavour aside from being spicy. The cheesecake for dessert was great, though, so I was happy with 2/3 of what I ate. Another bad thing about that visit was that the service was awful. For most of the time we were there we were the only customers, yet somehow none of the multiple employees milling around could get around to serving us. It took a long time to get anything done, from having our orders taken to dishes taken away. It's frustrating enough when a restaurant is busy, but at least then we'd have understood. There's no excuse for bad service when the place is near empty.

I tried going a third time a month ago and didn't even stay. I was waiting for a friend and was seated at a table for two, and the place was full and the tables were so close together that I felt like I was seated with the couples on either side of me. I could tell the other people were uncomfortable with the close proximity as well because they all stopped talking to each other as soon as I sat down. It's bad enough being that close to strangers when everyone is busy with their own conversations, but I'm sure both couples thought I had nothing better to do than eavesdrop. When my friend arrived we decided the food wasn't worth crappy seating arrangements and went down the road the the Pink Bicycle where the tables were appropriately spaced.

As a side note, when this restaurant opened they were vegan except for bee products, like their sister restaurant, Cafe Bliss, but now they've added eggs to their menu.

1937 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, Canada

Great selection, disappointing deli

10 Jan 2015

We like Choices because we've been able to find a lot of vegan convenience items there that other stores won't carry or haven't gotten in yet. For example, we found Earth Balance snacks there for the first time after being unable to find them anywhere else. It's unfortunate that their deli isn't great for vegan foods (or customer service), and we almost never buy anything from it. We buy most of our groceries at Superstore or Save-On, but we still regularly visit choices for specialty items. I'd definitely recommend new vegans in Kelowna or people passing through check it out.

610 Columbia Street, New Westminster, Canada


06 Sep 2013

I hadn't been to Karmavore since they stopped being a store and started being a cafe, so I was excited to try their food. I expected a decent cafe-style meal and instead got what was basically vegan McDonalds. The burgers (we had the quinoa burger and the beefless burger) were just the same old brands you can find in any grocery store nowadays (and not even the best brands), and they weren't even served in any original way. The fries came out well after we'd finished the burgers, and they were just boring, over cooked fries. It wasn't exactly what we expected for the price. There are way too many vegan and non-vegan places making delicious, homemade veggie burgers now for this to be acceptable unless the burgers were way cheaper and not advertised like they were something special. The veggie chicken strips with sweet mustard were Gardein Crispy Tenders, which were good, but again, nothing special. The baked goods (croissants, desserts) were good, but I've had way better.

149 Fulford-Ganges Rd Unit 106, Saltspring Island, Canada

Amazing raw food!

07 Oct 2012

We were really excited to see Rawsome when we made a recent trip to the Saltspring market. The food was so good, especially the desserts, which were the best raw desserts I've ever had. The pumpkin pie and coconut cream pie were fantastic. They had a thanksgiving meal that was also delicious. The staff were friendly and gave great service. We can't wait to visit again!

14 Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo, Canada

A Middle Eastern gem in Nanaimo

15 May 2013

We visited the Thirsty Camel Cafe for the first time today and were blown away by how delicious the falafel was. We got two falafel pitas, a side of falafels (for our kid) and two cookies--all vegan!--for $26. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was alternative and interesting. The place is small but has a decent number of seats, and there is seating outside as well. The wall art is interesting and you can tell the owners are very socially and environmentally aware. (Ex. They have a poster showing the devastating impact of plastic bottles with a note about why they don't sell bottled water.) We will definitely be back again and again and again.

101-330 Duncan St, Duncan, Canada

The go-to place for veg food in Duncan

15 May 2013

The Duncan Garage Cafe and Bakery is the best place to go if you're looking for vegetarian or vegan food in Duncan. The cafe is vegetarian but always has multiple vegan options among the baked goods and on the lunch menu. This isn't like lots of places where they have a good vegetarian lunch menu but only one vegan option; there are always at least two or three vegan options plus one or both soups of the day will be vegan. The rice bowls and wraps are fantastic, and the desserts are addictive. The many vegan desserts include big cookies (chocolate chip lavender, peanut butter, etc.), muffins, banana brownies, and a variety of raw desserts. Sometimes they even have vegan cake. If you're a vegetarian or vegan in Duncan don't even bother checking out other restaurants, just go straight to the Garage!

585 Osprey Ave, Kelowna, Canada

The Food is Worth the Unorthodox Customer Service

31 Jan 2015

OK, I will admit right off the top that I understand why so many people have complained the owner, she is blunt and a bit abrasive, but she shows appreciation for customers who can handle her and don't waste any food. Waste and environmentalism seem to mean a lot to her, and I think that's where a lot of her disagreements with people originate. I don't agree with charging people extra for not finishing their food when they're paying full price for it, but I think her concern for the environment outweighs her concern for what people think of her. She won't even upsell, and in fact will tell you to order less if she thinks you won't be able to finish it. I've got to respect a business owner who puts her passion above her bottom line.

With all of that out of the way, I will say that I love the food. There is nowhere else in Kelowna to get this kind of vegan food (that I know of yet), and it's lovely to be able to go there and get a delicious raw or cooked dish, a warm carrot bun, and a raw dessert. I never have to worry about being charged for waste because I never leave a bite behind. The prices are a bit expensive, even for this kind of food, so we don't go very often. If it were cheaper I think we would go too often!

5-560 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada

Expensive but worth it

07 Oct 2012

I've been to Green Cuisine more times than I can count, and I always leave happy. It adds up really quickly when you get a plate, so we don't go as often as we used to. I didn't always feel like I was getting my money's worth, especially when a small dessert from the buffet would cost more than twice as much as one of the desserts sold by the piece at the counter. My favourite thing about GC is the variety and quality of the food. The ingredients are listed on most dishes, so you know that what you're getting is healthy as well as delicious. My only other complaint besides the price is that they use a lot of tofu and other soy products, and I like more variety. Sometimes their cakes taste way too tofu-y, and there will be too many soy-based dishes in the entrees section. Other than that, I love this place (and the staff!) and I'll keep going there every time I'm downtown.

Oh...and I have their cookbook and it's awesome! Definitely worth picking up.

605 KLO Rd Unit 5, Kelowna, Canada

Great Pizza

04 Sep 2014

We had Hansen's pizza while in town for the weekend and staying at a hotel. The Kelowna area hasn't always been very vegan friendly, so we were really happy to find out we could get vegan cheese pizza in town.

We ordered take out and the service and speed were what you would expect. Certainly no complaints there.

The pizza itself was really good. They confirmed that only the whole wheat crust was vegan, but that was OK with us. The crust was really good! We chose our own toppings and the selection was pretty good.

Overall we really liked this pizza and will be return customers.

259A Wallace St, Hope, Canada

A pleasant surprise!

14 Apr 2013

This little raw cafe is an unexpected find in a small town like Hope, and it's easy to miss if you don't know to look for it. We stopped by on a road trip and enjoyed smoothies, kale chips and raw tortilla chips with freshly made salsa. Everything was really good, and we especially liked the tortilla chips and peach smoothie. Next time we want to try something from the lunch menu. We didn't notice that there were lunch items on the board until we'd already ordered.

571 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna, Canada

What we've been waiting for!

26 May 2015

My family visited Naked Cafe recently and we were so happy with both the food and the service. The owners were great and made us feel very welcome. The menu had good variety and reminded us of a vegan pub or family restaurant. My daughter was excited to order whatever she wanted off the menu and thrilled when she asked for "crispy tenders and french fries" and actually got them. She's at that fussy little kid stage, so most vegan restaurants and vegan-friendly restaurants (raw, ethnic, etc.) don't appeal to her. It was nice to see her feel catered to by a restaurant for once. The rest of us adults tried the burgers, tortilla soup, Caesar salad, spring rolls and no-tuna wraps. It was all delicious!

200 Commercial St, Nanaimo, Canada

Our favourite place to eat in Nanaimo!

21 Apr 2013

We live in Duncan, but we love Power House Living Foods so much that we have no problem driving 45 minutes just to eat there. I've had the pad thai salad and the lasagna with caesar salad and both were delicious and well presented. As far as dessert goes I've only tried the hazelnut cream pie, but that's because it's so good that I can't bring myself to order something different. For our baby we ordered the gazpacho, and it was so good that I ended up eating half of it for her.

120 5th Avenue, Kamloops, Canada

Great Japanese food!

14 Apr 2013

We had dinner at Sanbiki and it was delicious. The vegan items were clearly marked on the menu (no need to request the vegetarian menu anymore) and there were plenty of options. We shared two rolls, tempura mushrooms and tofu steak and it was all really tasty and cheap! The service was good and the food came quickly.

2380 Beacon Ave, Sidney, Canada

A great find in Sidney

31 Jul 2014

My family stumbled upon this little cafe while wandering around Sidney one day. Right away we could tell that the people working there were great, and the atmosphere was really nice.

We ordered two salads (pad thai and taco, I think) and a smoothie. The smoothie was great and my toddler loved it. My husband thought his salad was amazing, and I thought mine was pretty good. It wasn't like other raw pad thai salads I'd had, so I had a hard time getting into it.

We didn't try the desserts this visit, but we'd had them before at the farmer's market, and they were really good. While we were eating lunch a regular stopped by to get some raw desserts, and she mentioned how she can't get enough of them.

We'll definitely be back to this place.

75 Front St, Penticton, Canada

Cute Place, Good Food

16 Aug 2015

A friend and I stopped here for a light lunch and both enjoyed it. The food was good (vegan brie with crackers, salad rolls and dessert balls) and the service was decent. My friend's salad rolls fell apart right away but tasted good. I would definitely go here again next time I'm in Penticton.

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