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4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

Super Delicious

21 Aug 2010

We have visted a few times and at first thought it was kind of bland and boring. Went tonight again and had a GREAT meal, cornbread ( amazing), Thai Bowl(tasty Daikon) and Montreal Fume ( shaved Seitan sandwich), and Banana/Chocolate pie. Very much enjoyed the meal, outdoor patio and server was friendly and joked with us a little even. A must go if in town. Can't wait to try the brunch!

2055 Rue. Bishop, Montreal, Canada


21 Aug 2010

Our server/food maker sneezed several time while making our Burritos and used his hands to catch it. I really couldn't eat there ever again as it was a very unpleasant experience--and we had gone out of our way to visit.

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

Great Food

25 Jul 2007

The specials are always exciting and they have HUGE portions for all the food. I enjoy it everytime we go, and always get something new- can't say that for many other places.

It's a must go to if you're in the area.

405 E 6th St, New York City, USA

Okay Brunch

11 Aug 2008

We happened upon Caravan of Dreams today and stopped for Brunch. I had the scramble ( which was 70% summer squash and bland, juice and tea for 16. I think for Caravan this is considered a deal. The person I dined with had a breakfast burritto and thought it was great. The waiter was nice enough and attentive--so according to past reviews maybe he's new? My only concern was how dingy and run down it is looking.

3559 Robie Street, Halifax, Canada

Interesting...but good.

05 Jul 2008

It did make me a little uneasy at 1st ( all of the religious videos etc there). But found some enjoyable vegan options after eating peanut butter sandwiches around the rest of Nova Scotia.

2590 Jarry Est, Montreal, Canada


05 Jul 2008

Great salads, cozy (smallish) and clean. We got a vegan pizza with spinach, tofu, mushrooms, olives and red peppers. We went after reading the one post on here about "raw" vegan cheese--but I couldn't stay away. It was well worth the trip and delicious in my opinion. Also a great cause.

Plaza Golden, San Rafael de Escazu, Escazu, Costa Rica

I agree

25 Jul 2007

The food is inexpensive and was pretty good. The staff is friendly and worked really hard to try to understand my broken spainish. Great place to eat in Escazu--not many other options.

144 W 4th St, New York City, USA

Enjoyable Meal

11 Aug 2008

We took everyone's advice and tried the soul chicken. It was a little too much like chicken flesh for me, but my dining partner loved it. We also had the lemon "duck" and "BBQ Ribs". Had good flavor if you like meat substitutes, the staff is friendly and meals are served quickly.

downtown Montezuma, Montezuma, Costa Rica

Nice Place

05 Jul 2008

Friendly place, clean, good bread and movie night. This is a tiny town--and they have sushi!

395 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, USA

To Die For Desserts

17 Jul 2011

We ordered lots of choices to try as much as we could. As another reviewer said it was a little ' hit or miss'. But the hit was right on. The crepe, soup, eggplant and desserts were fabulous! A good, cheap, fresh meal.

608 Congress St, Portland, USA

Bit of an oasis in Portland

15 Aug 2015

We went on recommendation of a friend ( and Lad's was closed.) weren't sure what to expect, but the food was great. I had the Pineapple rice with the soy-meat. I've been to lots of great places all over with mock meats- so I was skeptical about ordering it. It turned out to be great.

52 State St, Montpelier, USA

Love Kismet

30 Aug 2014

Always have vegan options. The vegan Benedict would convert any omnivore. It's amazing. They take credit cards now too.

4403 Main St, Waitsfield, USA

Amazing Place!

30 Jul 2011

I've been to Mint about 6 times now and always have had a wonderful meal, and great service. The Cranberry Greens with beans and tofu sauce is so yummy!! The owners are nice, it got a great vibe to it for sure.

3141 W Roosevelt, Chicago, USA

They Need Our Support

26 Jun 2009

New Life is a beacon of hope in a neighborhood filled with fast food joints, and broken spirits. It is the only Vegan/Vegetarian place to eat in the Lawndale community.It has been around in the community for many years and is a family run operation. If you look past the exterior, go inside and talk to the folks that own it, spend time there, and enjoy healthy food there you will find great service, yummy food, and people who care about the Earth's inhabitants.They close early, so go for breakfast or lunch. The grits, fresh cut fires, and black eyed peas are great!

1 Mill St Ste 138, Burlington, USA

Great Place!

30 Aug 2014

I felt like I had to wait forever to get up to Pingala. It was worth making it happen. When I walked in it was pretty busy, but people were being served quickly. The menu is fully Vegan so I was overwhelmed! I'm not actually complaining about it!
I had the ELT and buffalo broccoli. Both superb! Can't wait to try the Taquitos and grilled cheese and kale.

9 Center St, Burlington, USA

Delightful and Amazing

15 Feb 2015

We made the long haul up to Burlington to check out Revolution Kitchen. It was well worth it. We read all these postings and see the major mixed reviews. My best guess could only tell me that people that were "hungry" after leaving or thought the food was average must not be vegan, over-eat or must not have taste buds. I was just starting a cold so without even feeling well and with a stuffed nose the food was still flavorful and perfection. We got the nachos, tempeh tacos and mushroom ravioli. Each was great. You can tell when the chef actually eats and enjoys the food. The service was top notch and the pace was packed at 9 pm. Burlington has had veg restaurants before ( I grew up here and know of 3 that didn't make it) but this place is special. It's full of caring, charismatic people and truly delectable food. Don't listen to the haters. I left full, happy and already making a plan to make the long trek again!

6970 McKinley St, Sebastopol, USA

Great Place

17 Jul 2011

We had a great meal, enjoyed the scene and had friendly service. The fries and tofu egg sald were the bomb. Can't go wrong eating here if you're veg or vegan

34 Elm St, Montpelier, USA

Tulsi is cozy

30 Aug 2014

A favorite place to bring friends for chai and vegan cookies. Very laid back. Sort of Macrobiotic type food. Not fancy, but cheery, friendly and cozy.

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