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Schanzenstra├če 111, Hamburg, Germany

falafel dreams come true

17 Sep 2012

I can't say enough good things about Falafelstern! My husband and I wandered in there and were met with a friendly staff that were not only great to us but seemed on friendly terms with every one of their customers. And the food! Clearly labeled vegetarian and vegan items and they were able to talk me through what was vegan as well. We went right back again the next day, it was so good. I would give them 5 stars if I could!!!!

Hackenstrasse 2, Munich, Germany

Almost hilariously bad service

24 Sep 2012

I will start out by saying the food here is really good and I found the vegan options to be enough to satisfy. Overpriced, but still good. The service however was BAD. So bad we laughed about it at first, as the waitstaff repeatedly ignored us and we saw people who came in after us sitting in different sections get their food before we did. Was it everyone's first day of working here? Did they only hire people with crippling social skills? After awhile we just asked for the bill (which also took a really long time to get) and didn't even care that they charged us for bread we didn't even get. We paid for it just to get out of there!

Klenzestr. 53, Munich, Germany

I wish I could eat here every day

24 Sep 2012

Delicious food and amazing vegan kuchen! They also have Rishi tea, my favorite brand of tea that I didn't even know you could get in Europe. The staff spoke English well enough to explain the menu to us and were very friendly. I wish I could take whole place back to America with me so I could eat there every day.

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