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624 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, USA

awesome vegan ice cream!

30 Jan 2008

ah, how has no one else review this place?!? its a worth a trip out here on a nice summer day. its a jamaican type of place and i think they usually have some real food prepared too, so get your ice cream and walk over to the nearby park and subway station. i also think there is a some sort of (maybe jamiacan) veg place across the street, maybe go there and have this for dessert, but totally make it out here for a wide variety of vegan ice cream... like pistachio!!! i have not had that for ice cream in like 10 years!!!!

1204 Av McGill College, Montreal, Canada

pay by weight buffet

29 Jan 2008

all vegetarian, a good bit vegan, increadible variety for the picky folks... its pay by weight so big eaters be careful, a nice atmosphere, awesome location, and food was pretty good, desserts too! they have a small selection of single serving wine and beer too!

129 N 11th St, Philadelphia, USA

dim sum.

30 Jan 2008

i have only been here for dim sum, so here we go. when you order the dim sum special they basically bring you out lots of little different things until you can not eat anymore, so it is a really good deal. but here is the warning: some of this food is so good and so filling and is probably about as bad for you as vegan food can get so be prepared (if you like good tasting filling fatty stuff) to bring the range of your palate to another level, a level you probably can not even imagine. you may leave thinking you will never come back, you may leave wanting to come about 36hrs later (probably the next time you will be hungry again) but you no matter what, in the end you will not be able to stop thinking about going back, but maybe it is just me... who knows.

912 E Johnson St, Madison, USA

great crust!

25 Jan 2009

so they dont have soy cheese so vegans go with just sauce and faux sausage, but their special vegan crust is the BEST ever, def choose the thick crust... cute atmosphere with some board games to choose from, so plan to sit down for a while and enjoy a game of chess! so if they just stocked up on some vegan soy cheese this place would be great. you should still go though.

59 Marchmont Street, Bloomsbury, London, England

a good local bet

30 Jan 2008

so there are no other reviews for here at the moment. i only went here once and it was a while ago. its not worth to travel to get here, but i remember it being okay and if your in the neighborhood its a good bet to check it out.

107 Highland St, Worcester, USA

good for vegans.

19 Jan 2008

good for veggies and non. not the most imaginative menu, its just grilled up ground tofu as a meat replacement, its just great and cool to be able to order all kinds of mexican dishes. the taco salad is really good, and the tofu buffalo wings are great (but just good fried tofu sticks with awesome sauce). nice atmosphere, good prices (7-9$ for most meals), BIG portions for the price, byob. free chips and salsa and very hot sauce (napalm something).
its the only mexican restaurant around with so many vegan variations as far as i know, defiantly more than just a burrito. go go go!

22 Krupnicza Str., Kraków, Małopolska, Krakow, Poland

what a treat!

30 Jan 2008

this is place is wonderful, romantic on the night i went there with my vegan sweetheart... dark with candle light. affordable, good selection. i have the best story about how i found out about this place, but i wont bore you here with it! just go eat here as much as you can if your visiting.

Melantrichova 15, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

long time gem

30 Jan 2008

ive been to this resaurant several times several years apart. it is a true gem in this city, its exciting to go... not as cheap as the rest of the city but still good. almost everything is really good, but a few things dry sitting out on the buffet heaters. definatly go here, grab a plate, load it up, cause in prauge there is nothing else like it... if your into this place check out at least the one other restaurant location in london (if its still there?)... there may be others too, for some reason its sort of a chain restaurant but they are linked together very poorly

2965 5th Ave, San Diego, USA

such nice staff.

27 Oct 2011

two things i got hooked on here... buffalo chicken tenders, and the soft serve. the soft serve portion is very generous... and the tenders... soo good. a great opportunity to get drive through then go picnic up in the park... although the semi-indoor seating area out back is really cute.

727 East Ave, Pawtucket, USA

good for being upscale(ish)

29 Jan 2008

they just recently with the new year (o8) have updated thier menu which could take some getting used to for me. for a veggie place i wish there were more vegan options. as far as taste, almost everything is really really good, but if your cheap and have a big appeatite (like me) expect to leave happy you ate something really tasty but wanting so much more of it. there are some original drink options my only expierence with that is a vegan white russian which left me questioning whether i was drinking an alcoholic drink or not, a few original beer and wine options too.

1408 South St, Philadelphia, USA

ice cream!!!

25 Apr 2008

i did not read another review that mentioned their ice cream. so here it goes... they have ice cream, and cookies (brownies, cake ect.) and a good number of varieties! all the normal food is really good, most of it is pretty original and is not prepared like most other places, so whether you love it or think its okay, its worth the experience, personally i love it.

1 N Beacon St, Allston, USA

THE boston vegan restaurant

30 Jan 2008

this place is the most popular veg place in boston. the menu is extensive, the service is off the wall fast, and the one woman who is almost always the waiter should win an award for the worlds best memory... i have seen her take appetizer, dinner and drink orders from 8 people without a blink of the eye or writing anything down. she sometimes forgets a little thing, but its very impressive. some of the dishes are quite normal but the key about grasshopper is totally getting one of the 'specials' a lot of people swear by the 'no-name' but i prefer the 'sweet and sour sensation' if you want to try both... just get the 'happy family'! be warned though... these portions for the specials are insane... you would have to be a very big appetite person who is very hungry to finish these (which is me) but i usually split it with a friend (almost everyone splits the specials with a friend, dont feel wierd for odering one meal for two people here!) but if you do split a meal definatly dabble in some appetizers, i recoment the seaweed salad (one of the best i have had) or the beloved CHICKEN FINGERS (a good deal for the portion and price as an appetizer). you can also get the chicken fingers as a meal (the 'sweet and sour tofu chicken fingers' #77) and that rules too. there is also cheesecake for dessert!
oh and for the benefit of visitors to boston, this should definatly be listed as boston, its only like 100 feet from the line of boston proper and not many visitors would know that allston is part of boston.

4955 Voltaire St, San Diego, USA

beach side gem!

27 Oct 2011

this is really the 'must go' spot in san diego. vegan options include taquitos, tacos, burritos, tamales, etc... made of stuff including soyrizo and tofu... the gauc is great... and there are some salsas and hot sauce too to add on. the prices are really cheap. the service is lightning fast... but this place is also a liquor/beer/wine store, but also has other convenience store stuff. there are a couple tables to sit on outside... but the beach is just a few mins walk away too.

2089 Atwood Ave, Madison, USA


25 Jan 2009

super awesome easy to know if vegan or veggie menu! hip AND friendly staff (both usually dont go hand in hand). lots and lots to choose from, everything is good. i visited on a weekday morning and there was a short wait, so this is the dinner to go to for those memorable and fun sunday breakfasts! this place is a must!

3 Beach St, Boston, USA

pretty good.

30 Jan 2008

they used to have a midweek lunch buffet, but i am not sure if they do anymore, that was great! if not the lunch special prices are pretty good. decent variety on the menu. i have never gone to a random vegan restaurant expecting it to be classy and spotless and the bathrooms or general cleanliness may not be perfect, but i have never found this place to be dirty at all. this place is your best bet if you are in straight up downtown.

372 Chandler St, Worcester, USA

OK for vegans, great for non.

21 Jan 2008

if you want to go to a very nice and higher end chinese food place and have a few good options once in a while, this is a good bet, a winner if your eating out with a die hard meat eater, as a normal restaurant they are great, the atmostphere is very nice. youll probably be eating a veggie/rice type of meal with a fake meat. not the cheapest but the atmosphere is almost worth it.

267 Thayer St, Providence, USA

tops vegan pizza.

29 Jan 2008

i feel silly writing the same stuff as folks before, but anyways. this plays rules vegan pizza. so many options and fake meats and stuff to add on. i have even just ordered a vegan slice for a snack once! not sure if they would cook a whole pie up all time for that though. and yes, sometimes they run out of vegan stuff, i have never expierenced them not having cheese but have been disappointed a couple times with my favorite fake meats not being around. a large whole pie gets a little pricey when you really load it up, but oh so good a treat!

3408 N Clark St, Chicago, USA

one of my chicago favs!

25 Jan 2009

this is on my top 3 list for vegan chicago, maybe number one! i way recommend to go for breakfast rather than other times cause you can still get normal diner stuff but there breakfast menu is really great! (but i am not sure, maybe you can breakfast it all day) the menu denotes between veg or vegan, lots to choose from. cool atmosphere, oh and yeah, cheap beer and pretty good coffee! my only BUT and its a big one, is that i would not recommend there vegan cheese fries personally, go to veggie bite for those... but maybe i was just there on an off night. oh and same thing for the vegan mac and cheese, go to the chicago diner for those. but past that i still think this place wins over the others in town! check it out!

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