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23 Caoyuan Hutong, Beijing, China

Great authentic vegetarian restaurant

This restaurant is one of the best in Beijing, but you really need to know what to order.

My suggestion would be to stay away from the fake pork and chicken, the fake beef however is a very good choice.

I really recommend this place for tourists as well as a place you would bring a date to, however the staff speaks no english so be warned that you will need to use sign language.

2787 Longhua Rd, Shanghai, China

Very upscale vegetarian buddhist restaurant

This is the most upscale vegetarian restaurant I have ever seen, by far, for 158 cny (a bit pricey), you can have all you can eat vegetarian of pretty much any vegetarian food known to the chinese, the buffet is complete to say the least, and what's even better is that you pay a set fee and you get everything, I mean everything...
Here are some things you can have (unlimited):veggie sushi, dumplings, hagen das ice cream, handmade chocolates.
They have about 10 different soups, and maybe like 100 different dishes that you choose from. The cold stuffs are on dry ice. All in all I would say they 20 dollars is a bargain per person because you feel like your dining at a 3 star restaurant.
Just be warned, eat everything on your plate, the place is run by monks and waste is very bad to them.
PS: the temple is 10 RMB per person with no hidden fees like some other temples in china, it's worth the visit, keep it mind it closes at 4:30 and the restaurant opens at 5:30 even though you can show up a little early).

Qi Xing 2nd Street, Lijiang, China


Easy to find, very close to the police station, a block away from the Lijiang international hotel, says vegetarian on a sing.
Just came from there, the food was excellent, there's no English menu, but a lot of items have pictures, not all though, but more than enough, even though there is some mock meat, what I really liked is that this place didn't revolve around it like many other places I have been to in china, the vegetables were fresh and excellent, not to much oil was used in the food, and everything tasted great. All in all I am very happy with the place. Be warned though it's really a small place, I only saw 4 tables? with 2 outside. Maybe there's another room in the back.

445 Nanjing Rd West, Shanghai, China

eat noodles here

the food here was ok, but I must admit the chicken I had really looked a little too much like chicken for me to appreciate, I could tell it wasn't, but the lengths they went through to get it to look like that kinda put me off, however I found the noodles to be really good, and I think a few other people have the same experience I had, I would actually have to say that the noodles I had were almost the best I had in a while, BUT that may be because I disliked the rest of the food.

11 Daliubukou St, Xi Rong Xian Hutong, Beijing, China

Good setting, horrible price/value ratio

If you are visiting the forbidden city as a tourist this place is really convenient because of the location. I would even suggest it because of the proximity. But be warned it's really expensive.

Because of the price/value I would give this place 3.5 stars.

But some dishes have oyster sauce, and because of that I'm only giving 2 stars, it's my worst review ever. I got really upset about that, when you go to a vegetarian restaurant you expect no oyster sauce.

In my opinion only go here if you are in a hurry and visiting Beijing.

Petrokoan Graha Tuban Kav 6, Jalan Bypass, Gusti Ngurah Rai 88 C, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Excellent find

This restaurant is pretty amazing, they have a very impressive menu. It's also quite inexpensive. They don't speak English though, so it's pretty much a guessing game on what food you are getting. The menu has pictures though so all is good :). The waitresses are also cute :P

4F, 27 Qing Long Jie Qing Yang Qu, Chengdu, China

nice modern restaurant, exceptional service

Well I can't really review the food, I was recovering from a hefty night of drinking. And with having a hangover, well all I could take in where dumplings and noodles. I ate about 1/3 of the food and I didn't even order much. One thing I need to say though is that the service was exceptional, almost the best I have gotten in china.

77 Songshan Rd, Luwan, Shanghai, China

Good food

I went here already expecting a treat, and what I got was a nice experience. The food is pretty good, and I was able to finish all the food even though I had ordered a lot. The tofu pancake I really liked even though it is extremely oily :S, be warned :) . The noodles I ordered were perfect, and the veggie steak had a great taste to it, but I didn't enjoy the texture because it was a little too much like meat. I found this place to be about 10-20% more expensive than it's rivals in Shanghai but I think it's worth it.

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