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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

Nice food in functional surroundings

My wife, 2 year old daughter and I had a treat meal out at 222 which was very nice indeed. The creamy tomato soup was very warming after coming in from rainy streets; the shepherds pie had a nice rounded chilli kick (though the broccoli could have been cooked a tad longer); the burger was filling and smothered in sauces; the stroganoff really rather good. I had the pancake for pud, though I found it rather chewy my daughter appreciated the custard sauce. Overall a good eating experience. However, I think the restaurant could soften the decor a bit (having cushions on the chairs would be a nice start!) to match the quality of the food. Nevertheless keeping things informal was really appreciated once our daughter started running around squeeking at the other diners...

108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, England

Pleasantly bohemian

Bohemian atmosphere in decidedly 'funky' part of town made this an OK cafe experience, but not one for a particularly special meal. We all had burgers and chips. I quite liked mine, but my wife thought the burger under-cooked and an unnecessary amount of dressing on the salad. Our daughter laid into it all without complaint. I had emailed ahead to book an entire chocolate cake and THAT was very nice indeed, well recommended. The cooked meal selection seems rather limited but the cafe type snacks and drinks looked good and all was reasonably priced (though no bottled water available when we were there, very poor). The atmosphere was fairly groovy and decidedly laid back behind the serving counter. A pleasure to be in an all vegan establishment, but they could perk it up a little and still not lose their independent stylee.

2 North Parade Passage, Bath, England


A lovely friendly restaurant with a nice atmosphere and quite a few vegan options. Delicious food and reasonably priced. Definitely recommend.

59 Torquay Road, Paignton, England

Just a little bit like eating in a library

Took my exclusively vegan family here on a very wet day between Christmas and New Year and were the only clients. I hope that they are normally more busy because the food was good and the owner/chef very friendly. The food is cafe fair and we went for burgers, hot dogs and chips. You can choose from different types of patties and I chose the homemade tofu with chutney which was very tasty and filling. My kids wolfed the hot dogs and my wife the burger - junk food junkies to the core I suppose. The setting is a little strange, with the majority of the space being a second hand bookshop. I am a connoisseur of these and found this one rather disappointing in the depth of offerings but I suppose "holiday reading" matter is what really counts round these parts. Never mind, we went for the food and left very full and happy. Well worth the visit if you are in this neck of the woods and fancy a blow-out! PS all dishes are fully vegan - yahoo.

40-42 Slater Street, Liverpool, England

Funky foody place

Visited with wife & 2 kids on a Sunday lunchtime. Laid back bar/cafe style with attentive staff and plenty of listings magazines. Food more than adequate for vegans - wife had a lasagne which she really liked and I had a full on 'Sunday roast' which was excellent value as also included a glass of wine. Bit disappointing on vegan puds/cakes so passed on those. Overall though well worth a visit for the discerning vegan diner.

14 George Street, Bath, England

The Porter

Very disappointing experience. Staff did not know which meals were suitable for vegans and so had to order from limited items identified as vegan on the menu. Clearly the menu was not marked up thoroughly as a green salad was not vegan?? Had mushroom pie and mash and onion gravy. What actually arrived was a mash pie with a couple of mushroom pieces mixed in it on top of a bed of mash surrounded by onion gravy. No sign of any veg. Needed a big scoop of peas at the very least! And a pie with mushrooms in it and not mash. Mash pie and mash is a bit bland. And for £6+ not exactly good value. NO vegan dessert options. Overall very diappointing.

Glasshouse Level 3, Bristol, England

Good options from a chain restaurant

Tampopo is a chain restaurant in the mould of Wagamama, but I would put it a notch above that. I visited Bristol's branch on a wet February Monday evening and it was nicely busy - the open kitchen also provides noise and spectacle. Tampopo serves 'pan Asian' dishes, of course many of them are meat based. But they do have good veggie or vegan options and serve Asahi beer which is vegan. I had veggie Tempura, absolutely spot on crispy batter around meltingly soft choice of vegetables; followed by tofu ped makham with udon noodles, filling and delicious. A buzzing atmosphere and attentive service added to the experience. Not particularly cheap, but the portions could easily feed two! Particularly good I suppose if you want to share a meal with meat-eating friends.

18 Seamoor Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, England

Zuitably Zazzled at Zukini's

Welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Went for Sunday lunch and found the soups to be very nice and the puddings excellent (really nice sorbets with lovely vegan pannacotta or brownies). Let down however by the mains, all of which were overcooked and a bit burnt and a kid's burger was completely frazzled (though quickly replaced). Apart from singed and boring pastry, the mushroom and lentil pie was particularly nice. Kiddies' food could have done with a few veggies on side of 'burger and chips' too. Filling portions and genuine interest from owner made for a very pleasant experience despite these drawbacks.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 01, 2012

The Studio, Craigard Rd, Oban, Scotland

Not quite the Zen experience we were hoping for...

A strange place this. Very obviously family run, and charming for that, but because of it there are problems that undermine an interesting concept. Because all of the food is "home cooked" and eaten by the family, it is obviously fresh and authentic. However, though some of the food is very nice, some of it is not so good. For example the sushi was rather uninteresting and a soya-bean paste wrapped in green leaves was rather over salty; a pudding 'muffin' was dry and musty. On the other hand, highlights were the flavoursome rice, crispy pancakes and miso soup base to the udon noodles. Unfortunately the whole experience was let down by the ambience (over simple) and service (though charminly provided by granny and daughter of the family, it was very slipshod e.g. not clearing the table before serving desert). A whole sheet of alcoholic beveridges were promised but it turns out the place does not have a licence. So overall a disappointing experience from a place that with a bit more attention to ambience rather than total authenticity could be quite a hit. Nevertheless, as the only totally vegan place in Oban, you'd be mad not to try it!

Rua da Mae D'Agua, 3, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Speedy service and reasonable food

This is quite a large restuarant, pretty quiet at 8pm but full and buzzing by 9pm (the Portuguese like to eat late). All dishes veggie or vegan and clearly marked. We started on the rolls and olives that come as standard and moved on to chilli made with soya mince and plenty of peppers - quite a kick but over salty for my taste. Followed by a rather rubbery pancake overflowing with syrup and a 'gelatinous' cheese cake for my friend. All washed down with a good sized and reasonably priced beer each. I'd rate the food as "reasonable" but nothing special... entirely servicable for a no frills meal (came to 20 euros each with tip). The speed of service was, however, remarkable!

88-90 Lark Lane, Liverpool, England

Just ask for the Vegan menu!

This cafe bar is in the, err, 'iconic' big black glass building fronting onto the Museum of Liverpool at the dockside. It's got a rustic feel inside and was pretty empty on a Monday lunchtime when I visited with family in tow. Brasco have a totally separate vegan menu (and one for gluten free too), which is very commendable, though the choice is not too wide (hey, at least they try!). My daughter and I had the 'all day breakfast', which had some very dry falafel balls in it otherwise was OK. Wife had a falafel and sweet potato burger which she said was OK but lacked a bun(!). Son had beans on toast so he was happy. Pencils and colouring sheets for the kids were welcome and generally a useful place to keep in mind, though the cooking was a little uninspiring.

89 St Mark's Rd, Easton, Bristol, England

Relaxed cafe experience

Took the (exclusively vegan) family here for brunch and we all had the all-day breakfast. This disappeared down our greedy gullets at a great rate of knots, with our 18-month old loving the beans on toast of course. Perhaps I should have insisted we tried some of the wider lunch offerings, but this was just right for us - very tasty. A relaxed cafe in a groovy area with suitably bohemian staff and clientele. Well worth visiting for a chillout if you are a local, though maybe not a 90 mile round trip like we took (though free parking on street was appreciated)!

5912 College Ave, Oakland, USA

Really impressed

My wife and I went to Millenium accompanied by our one-year old daughter for her birthday. The food was excellent and the staff could not have been nicer. Really good to see a vegan restaurant so busy: its trick is not to to be smart enough to attract anyone wanting a bit of a special night out. It was a real treat for us!
Updated from previous review on Monday October 27, 2008

15 King St, Bristol, England

Stonking Pizza

Totally awesome, totally vegan pizza made by real Italians with the proper Italian crust. Very yummy and very filling. A little pizza heaven in Bristol. What more can I say except EAT THERE.

Hendersons Yard, Bell Close, Cumbria, Keswick, England

Good portions overcome price concerns

Wholesome veggie/vegan cafe and bar which was nice and full on a weekday lunchtime visited with family and non-veggie friends. Very tasty and chunky chilli with nachos filled me right up, wife had beany burger, daughter loved the soup and boy had beans on toast (again!). Friends tucked in to similar fare and no complaints from them. I was initially sceptical about price points for main meals but the portion sizes swayed me a little. We all had cakes, ice cream or, in my case, a huge portion of crumble afterwards and needed a very good walk to burn it all off. Well worth a visit for the discerning vegan.

2 Quay St, Bristol, England

Right-on eating experience

Roll for Soul is a very right-on eating experience, being a totally vegetarian cafe / restaurant and bike activist group and repair shop. I was there on a cold February Wednesday evening and it was pretty quiet. But that did not detract from the food which was filling and tasty: I had a lentil and nut burger, salad and stonking hot chips (covered in deelicious Aspall vinegar), followed by a slice of coffee and almond cake. Plus a fantastic Southville Hop pale ale by the Bristol Beer Factory: strong and flavoursome. Good honest and pretty cheap food, well worth seeking out and patronising - fully veggie places need the support. And don't forget your bike!
Updated from previous review on Saturday February 22, 2014

Rua da Palmeira, 15, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Prepare to be FULL and very satisfied!

Terra give a great deal - the famous buffet is just too tempting to resist going back again and again (15 euro each, bargain!). Add to that a couple of bottles of 6.1% ice cold Super Bock beer and you have a really contented diner. The range of dishes available to try is really stunning and there's no limit on going back again. My only small complaint is that they are not clearly marked as vegan or veggie, though it was usually clear which ones had cheese in. Sorry to say we were so full we didn't try the puddings, but all made in house and looked good. The cashier even took the trouble to come out onto the street to direct us to a nearby bar to continue our drinking. I really recommend Terra!

16-18 Newington, 2F, Liverpool, England

Scrummy cakes

Visited Egg Cafe just for cakes as MelloMello not so good for vegan puds. Had a bit of a job finding it as not clear what street it's on from description. Up two flights of steep stairs so not very accessible for buggies/less able people. Rustic type ambience, fair choice of food available. I bought sticky banana cake and millionaires shortbread, both of which were very nice and came in large portions and kept us going for 2 days!

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