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Nikis 30, Athens, Greece

nice find...

I just stumbled across the place in the Syntagma/Plaka area, and got an avocado shake. It was bright, clean, friendly, and not overpriced... my only regret is that I am only visiting so can't return soon.

888 S Rte 59, Naperville, USA

friendly, informal

Located in a mall, it is a very inexpensive, surprisingly roomy veg place. The spicy stuff was sufficiently spicy, the food was flavorful. Not a place to impress a date but a great value!

1034 Lake St, Oak Park, USA

Top Quality

Great diner experience.

1123 N California Ave, Chicago, USA

Great Atmosphere, Uneven Food!

As others have pointed out, this is a hipster haven and although I am not a hipster, I love to come here to sit and write while nibbling on breakfast or lunch. Certain of their items are truly top-notch -- the vegetarian/vegan chili, for example, or their home-made granola come to mind. On the other hand, some of their sandwiches are a bit lackluster. My biggest gripe is the fact that their green salad is obviously from a package, and they don't bother to remove the few wilted or wet pieces of lettuce that invariably are present. The coffee is Metropolis roasted to a somewhat burnt taste. There is usually parking on the street nearby. Overall, I consider this place a mainstay and would recommend it to couples for a weekend brunch -- but find your own favorites and stick to them!

5221A W Broward Blvd, Plantation, USA

hard to find, but worth the look

Bright, clean, airy little cafe. Service is quick and friendly, and the food came almost instantly. I had green goddess salad, cream of broccoli soup (warm, not cold) and almond milk cappucino. The salad was 10/10 - fresh, not chilled, every item perfect.

68 Mott St, New York City, USA

No Frills Diner Food

What you see is what you get. Simple, satisfying. No gourmet experience but I am totally satisfied.

2235 N Western Ave, Chicago, USA

tasty and excellent value

Just another little Mexican hole in the wall, friendly, relaxed, casual. I got a steak quesadilla [it was made with what appeared to be a whole wheat tortilla]and a horchata. Portions were generous and the accompanying salsa had the right zing and flavor. Half the patrons were Mexican, half were gringos.

Ben Yehuda St 43, Tel Aviv, Israel

Nice Surprise

I come from Chicago which has numerous raw, vegan and vegetarian restaurants ranging from gourmet to fast-food and even soul-food. I ran across this place on Ben Yehuda St. just before closing time, and it compares favorably to any of the places in Chicago. Selection, price, quality and quantity of the food were just right. I did not feel rushed, either, and the service was friendly and knowledgeable. I had an eggplant casserole and cabbage salad, plus a peanut butter shake, each was excellent and flavorful.

2115 St-Denis, Montreal, Canada

what a pleasant dinner!

I just had dinner at Yuan, which has an unusual all-you-can-eat format [a buffet but you order from a sheet and they bring it to you]. Mostly vegan, lots of fake-meat dishes. Everything I tried had good flavor and spicing -- the Imperial Yuan sushi, the edamame [though they did not give me a plate for the discards], General Tao eggplant, tempura and Singapore noodles. Dessert was green tea ice cream [not vegan]. Service was perfect, the place was clean, bright and clean -- I am amazed it only has 4 stars out of 5 on Happy Cow?!

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