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157 Belmont St, Worcester, USA

Vegan Worcester in Jamaica

22 Aug 2009

As Worcester vegans with HIGH standards, we were thrilled to find this place. Excellent food, extremely friendly people, very clean, very reasonably priced. Just a couple of small tables, but ideal for takeout. As others have noted, there's a large menu, but what is actually available changes daily. When we were there, we had soy pepper steak, soy chicken curry, a really extraordinary soy fish (don't know how they did that!), and a lovely vegetable stew with white beans, all on a lot of rice. Oh yeah, and two excellent patties (vegetable and 'krust'). We got the medium combo entree ($8.50) and split it, and it filled both us hungry people up. We'll definitely be back!

487 Cambridge St, Allston, USA

Great Vegan Pizza in Boston

07 Feb 2010

Peace O' Pie is absolutely first-rate in all areas. It occupies the space where TJ Scallywaggles (also a vegan pizzeria) used to be, and it's far superior. A great range of combo pizzas, some with (very good) fake meat, some not. Or, you can design your own. The default cheese is Daiya, my personal favorite, for that great gooey mozzarella feel. Delicious crust as well. We had a large white pizza, very cheesy and delicious. You can also buy Daiya there, $5 a half pound, which is what you'll pay anywhere else. Very friendly staff, and they deliver! I got takeout and drove home to Worcester - I had a hell of a time not eating it while driving.

727 East Ave, Pawtucket, USA

Good Veggie/Vegan in RI

12 Aug 2008

An excellent dining experience for vegans and vegetarians in Pawtucket. As for ambience, I loved the combination of earnest hippie vegetarian restaurant and nice upscale restaurant. The food was uniformly excellent: we had the tempeh spring rolls, vegetarian pad thai, and (most spectacular) a BBQ seitan that unfortunately I don't see on their current web menu. Nice drinks, friendly and efficient service, and a reasonable price for the food. I'm very grateful to have such a great restaurant in the area!

415 Chandler St, Worcester, USA

Good Vegan in Worcester

19 Aug 2008

Excellent vegan Chinese food, friendly people, very reasonable prices. Zero atmosphere - I recommend takeout!

4559 Hurontario St Blk A Unit 12B, Mississauga, Canada

Excellent South Indian Food

04 Aug 2008

Can't believe I'm the first one to write a review of this extraordinary South Indian place. The best South Indian I've had (and there's plenty of good stuff in and around Toronto). Everything is great: crispy dosa, idli, vada, and those fascinating condiments. All very fresh, and just spicy enough for my taste. Perfect for vegans: everything is cooked in oil, not ghee, and anything dairy is pretty obvious (raita, yogurt rice, curd, lassi, creamy desserts). The "tomato omelette" is made with chickpea flour, not eggs: try it and blow your mind. If you're not familiar with this type of food, this place will spoil you forever! Part of a chain that has branches around Toronto, Vancouver, NYC, Atlanta, and LA, and in UK, UAE, Oman, India, Malaysia, and Singapore.

12-14 Heddon Street, London, England

Vegan Heaven

21 Jun 2009

Just went there yesterday, guided by the Happy Cow review. Huge buffet, you get whatever you like and then weigh it. I loaded my plate pretty high and paid 9.50. Good value for money, considering it's London. There weren't that many non-vegan things on the buffet, and they were easy to identify. I'm not really a sweets person, so there may have been more milky/creamy things in that section. Lovely selection of drinks as well, and in nice weather you can sit outside in the Heddon St yard. Go there!

1153 Broadway, Somerville, USA

Excellent Brunch

28 Nov 2010

Went to True Bistro for Sunday brunch in its third week of operation. Really excellent - my gf had tofu benedict (lovely light saffrony sauce, on delicious biscuits), and I had a tofu scramble with house-made chevre and herbs. Yummy. Good Bloody Marys, very friendly service, the place was doing a good business. We'll be back for dinner!

378 Maple Ave, Shrewsbury, USA

Great South Indian

09 Aug 2008

Really excellent South Indian food. Great dosas, idli, vada, and all the usual fascinating condiments. No atmosphere whatsoever - bright fluorescent lights and blank walls. Next time I'll get takeout. But this is certainly the best Indian food for some miles around.

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