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1800 Granby St, Norfolk, USA

Would try again in a pinch

I went only once, for breakfast. It was a tiny place, and it was obviously a local favorite, because it was crowded. I ordered soy sausage and hashbrowns, and the portions were decently sized, but not terribly good to eat. A heads up - I noticed that meat was being cooked next to eggs and soy sausage, on the same grill. The service was great for having such a packed house, nothing was expensive, and it the whole place had a really great diner setup. Since it was crowded, I can't help but wonder if maybe my bad meal was just a fluke. In any case, there wasn't enough variety for me to choose to go there again.

153 College Ave, Blacksburg, USA

A good meal with entertainment

Good, hearty food with a number of vegan options, and there's typically a vegan daily special, soup, and dessert. Huge portions. They don't usually have organic food, but they do serve food from local farms from time to time.

There is often live entertainment at night, and there is some outdoor seating available. The atmosphere is friendly. There is a reasonably good variety of beers and wines.

Gillie's is known for its brunch, which is served Saturdays and Sundays (and some holidays) from 8 AM - 2 PM. Be forewarned: Gillie's has a tiny kitchen, and when it is busy in the restaurant, food can take awhile to come out.
Updated from previous review on Friday May 06, 2011

1702 Grand Ave, St Paul, USA

Good Food, Perfectly Prepared

Went to Indochin for a late lunch and we ordered vegetarian spring rolls as an appetizer. They were okay. There were a few items available as a combination lunch special, but we ordered from the full menu. The entrées we ordered, though, were delicious. We got Hot and Spicy Tofu, which was a pile of perfectly cooked tofu (crispy on the outside) on crisp, perfectly stir fried carrots, broccoli, onions, snow peas, and cabbage. The sauce was spicy and sweet and fantastic. The other dish we got was Kung Pao Mock Duck. The mock duck had a great texture; it wasn't rubbery like mock duck can sometimes be. It was stir fried with carrots, celery, baby corn, carrots, red bell pepper, peanuts, and other veggies in a delicious sauce. Both dishes were served with a bowl of white rice. The portions were substantial. We brought most of the food home in take-out boxes.

525 State Rd 16 Ste 106, St Augustine, USA

Delicious food!

I have had a tofu breakfast burrito and a soba noodle bowl at the Manatee Cafe. I think I paid about $7 or $8 for each dish, and both were very good. Breakfast is served all day.

This is a small, dimly lit place in a strip mall, with murals of manatees and mermaids painted on the walls. It is not a fancy place, but I loved the atmosphere.

1912 Granby St, Norfolk, USA

Good products. Everything else not so good.

There are two other Organic Depots in the area - one in Portsmouth and one in Virginia Beach - and they are fantastic! The Norfolk Organic Depot, however, has a much smaller selection than the other two, they are frequently out of stock when it comes to common things like tofu, and the staff is consistently unhelpful.

It has always taken me awhile to track one of the staff members down, and then it's not worth the effort because they have no idea where their products are or what they are for anyway, and they seem a bit annoyed that I have interrupted them. I have actually had a man come up to me and start asking me questions while I was shopping there, because I was the only other person he could find in the store so he assumed I was working there.

The prices there are pretty high. You can order food online from Organic Depot, and you can request to split a case of something with other Organic Depot members in the area, which gives you a cheaper price. However, in order to do this, there must be enough members in the area ordering that product to make it worth it for the store to order the case. In other words, if you want three boxes of tea out of a case of twelve, nine other boxes of the same exact tea must be ordered by other Organic Depot members at the same time in order to make this happen. This has never worked out for me. After about six months of trying, I stopped trying to order groceries online.

That being said, the products that they do have in stock are pricey but great. I would definitely choose to go to one of the other two locations if possible, though.

235 N Main St, Blacksburg, USA

A few good options

There are a few good options here. I usually get the foul medames wrap and salad with house dressing. The hummus is also really good. The food is good and filling and inexpensive. There is a lot of seating available.

475 St Peter St, St Paul, USA

Best Thai Food in Saint Paul

That's what I was told when I moved here a little over a year ago, at least - and they may have been right. My first time there, I ordered a green curry with seitan and it was amazing. After trying a few other Thai places in the area that have vegetarian options, Ruam Mit is still my favorite. Not only that - when they ask if you want your food hot-spicy, they mean it, which I love.

72 Spanish St, St Augustine, USA

One of the best vegan meals I have ever had.

I went to The Floridian for dinner and ordered the tofu and dumplings. It is not a vegan dish, but it was easy enough for the kitchen staff to make it vegan for me, and it seemed like it was not an unusual request.

The tofu and dumplings were served with a salad of mixed greens, and the server suggested a rich, vegan, curry-tasting dressing which I savored. The main dish was marinated tofu and small, doughy dumplings in a creamy sauce. The biscuits it usually comes with are not vegan, so I was given toasted baguette instead, and it was filling and great, and one of the best vegan dishes I have ever eaten that I have not cooked myself.

I could not finish my whole meal. There was a vegan chocolate mousse cupcake dessert option, but I did not order it.

224 W King St, St Augustine, USA

An amazing meal!

This is a raw foods restaurant, and the food is FANTASTIC! I had an appetizer, a main dinner course, and a dessert. The server was very helpful. It took awhile for the food to come out (it was crowded while I was there), but it was well worth the wait. The food was so well prepared and so beautifully plated that I was surprised it did not take longer.

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