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22 Chestnut St, Florence, USA


We loved, loved, loved this place so much, I was forced to use my own made-up word to heap praise upon it! And even then I fall shamefully short of doing Evolution Cafe the justice it so richly deserves. We traveled for two hours to get to this place and the long trip was definitely worth it! We had the Sunday brunch; I ordered the Lemon Corn Waffles with Blueberry Sauce -- even better than it sounds -- and tempeh "bacon," while my wife --are you ready? -- the Vegan Omelette! The flavor and texture of the latter, stuffed with vegan cheese, shitake mushrooms, peppers and onions, successfully mimicked the taste and mouth-feel of the omelettes made with you-know-what. And it came with fried potatoes and thick whole grain bread drenched with what probably was "buttery" Earth Balance. And we accompanied this enchanted meal with top-of-the-line, oh so flavorful teas. Alas, I did not save room for the tempting cupcakes, so I took home with me two chocolate chocolate-chip cupcakes, one with peanut butter frosting, the other, mint "cream cheese." My wife, who is diabetic, was able to take out a raspberry coconut spelt bar, sweetened with low-glycemic agave nectar. Everything was so indescribably delicious. Oh, how I love being vegan! Regarding atmosphere? Well, here is a restaurant on the cutting edge of vegan cooking and baking ingenuity which, unlike so many vegan restaurants and publications in these times, avoids the brash-glitzy-movie star-image, and instead maintains an ambience reminiscent of the down-to-earth, tie-dyed, '60s hippie culture. We're going back -- you'd better believe we will! -- and the next time we do, we shall partake of the full menu! Ah, Evolution, how we vegans have evolved!

Arasat Al Hindia St #929, Baghdad, Iraq

Hungry for Peace

This review is highly unusual. You see, we've never been to Coral Beach Restaurant in Baghdad and doubt we ever will. But what we found in this restaurant's blog moved us greatly. Here in America, we may freely visit and review so many wonderful vegetarian/vegan restaurants. But over in embattled Iraq there appears to be a very fine eatery located in an area too dangerous to visit. We have copied and pasted an excerpt from this restaurant's blog. (Excuse the grammar; English is not the writer's native language.) "Home Delivery Nowadays its safer and easier! not to come to us ! because we can came to you ! Now .....you just need to pick up your receiver and start dialing... just call, try us since you know is not safe boarding out ! if you haven't tried us before ! see how we can change your night at home from boring evening in to a delightful pleasant one ! thanks to the variety of food that meet your desire! Our Express Delivery Team will be waiting for your call any time ! don't rush we are there any day!" This warning made me very hungry -- for peace. I no longer will take for granted the joy and excitement I feel as I safely and freely explore the multitude of vegetarian restaurants in our country. We fervently hope that someday Coral Beach Restaurant, waterfall and all, will be visited and reviewed extensively in Happy Cow in a peaceful, vegan world!

379 Whalley Ave, New Haven, USA

What a find!

We had expected a small natural foods grocery. But we were pleasantly surprised to discover how big this store was when we drove in to the spacious parking lot. And once inside ... wow! The produce section was so well-stocked with many organic choices. And the grocery section ... wow again! So many natural food products crammed into this vegan shoppers' paradise! I even found Vitasoy chocolate banana soymilk -- a summer product discontinued -- and key lime flavor Tofutti Cuties, a brand new variety. The point is that the selection was as good as in stores many times its size! And the cafeteria and bakery! Vegan choices everywhere! Had we not filled up at the nearby vegan restaurant, Ahimsa, we would have partaken of the many tempting choices in the lunch buffet. But we did purchase a vegan chocolate raspberry cookie and vegan brownie to take home. All vegan choices were clearly labeled! And no flesh anywhere in the store. Bonus: we could feel good supporting a natural foods store that is not part of a mega-corporation. I have frequented veggie natural food stores for over two decades and of them all, this is one of the best!

606 Main St, Middletown, USA

It's Only Delish!

My review for It's Only Natural is long overdue. My wife and I have been enjoying this restaurant for over 20 years and its quality has always been excellent. It's got an award-winning vegan chef and mostly vegan choices all beautifully presented and very delicious. There are comforting staples here we always crave: sweet potato French fries with smoky ketchup, Cajun tempeh cutlets with red pepper sauce, and their famous carrot spread with homemade bread. (The tempeh cutlets come as strips when topping the delcious "Caesar" salad.) The soups are out of this world and can be a meal in themselves with bread. We are especially fond of the cauliflower bisque with diced apples. And I vow never to leave this fantastic restaurant without ordering the teasecake -- a dairy-free cheesecake. Sometimes it's flavored and, when it isn't, they'll artfully drizzle a ymmuy raspberry sauce on the plate. The servers are very friendly and knowledgeable. And during the warmer weather, we enjoy eating outside on the deck. We recommend It's Only Natural.

520 Capitol Ave, Bridgeport, USA

well worth the trip

The food here is some of the best we've ever had at any vegan or vegetarian restaurant anywhere --and we've been to quite a few by now. It's a really small place but the owner and chef has a heart that's many times his restaurant's size! The owner is so helpful and friendly; he helped us choose from his 100 percent vegan choices, which is difficult because there were so many from which to choose. We loved the barbecue tofu and the sunshine tofu was spectacular. We also enjoyed the shells and tempeh and the "chicken" with red peppers and onions. And a previous poster was right: he was very skillful at scooping up his fantastic mashed potatoes! We accompanied our meal with a spicy ginger drink that he made himself. He gave us small enough portions of each of his meals so that we were able to sample all 12 on two plates -- all for only $7 a plate! The clientele was unusually friendly, too, which made the eating experience even more enjoyable. It is more than an hour trip for us, but it was worth every mile and we plan to return.

749 Saybrook Rd, Middletown, USA

Best Indian Cuisine Anywhere

This 100 percent vegetarian south Indian cuisine is incredibly delicious. We especially love Chana Batura (curried chickpeas served with a gigantic hollow bread), mixed vegetable pakora (potatoes, cauliflower, onion, eggplant and chillies, deep fried with spices), and masala dosa (crispy crepes filled with perfectly seasoned potatoes and onions). Everything, in fact, is so delicious that there really isn't the space here to list them all. Most of the yummy choices are vegan and the friendly and knowledgable folks behind the counter will glady advise you. The prices are extremely reasonable, making this a fantastic value. Almost all of the clientele are Indian, who are as friendly as the staff, and many of the women diners stroll in wrapped in colorful saris, drenching it in authentic Indian atmosphere; we often feel as if we are eating in India!

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