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141 Bradford St, Provincetown, USA

Nice, mostly vegan buffet

31 Aug 2015

Hot bar today had 7 of 8 items vegan & two hot vegan soups, as well as vegan baked goods makes this the
most vegan-friendly place I've been in P-town. It was a nice, hearty, healthy meal (see pic I uploaded). There is a small seating area.

Taste-wise, I prefer Tiny's or Devon's, but this is a great option for a vegan/vegetarian group in the center of town. Also has groceries.

40 Pleasant St, Portsmouth, USA


27 Jul 2015

This place has a number of easily veganizeable entrées & know which dishes are vegan, though only a few specials are marked as vegan (nothing on their full menu is marked vegan, though they do have vegetarian section). I had the Jay Curry with veggies and tofu (see picture) which was moderately spicey & exactly what I was expecting/wanting. This place is non-veg so may smell a little fishy at times.

200 Park Point Dr, Rochester, USA

Terrible For Vegans

17 Dec 2014

I've eaten here twice about 4 years apart when visiting my dad. This is one of those Americanized Middle Eastern restaurants where they put dairy in nearly everything, even the hummus. There is precious little for vegans, really just baba ganoush (decent) & falafel (terrible). If you're eating with unadventurous omnivores, they may like this & you'll be able to tolerate it; otherwise, go elsewhere (Owl House in Rochester is much better). However, the atmosphere is nice (right on the canal).

115 Saint Paul St, Burlington, USA

Frenzied, not much for vegans

15 Dec 2015

Disclaimer: we went on a Saturday night (about 5:30 was when we put our name in) so it may be a lot better on non-weekends. Also, this was from a visit in October (late review).

This place was frenzied and completely disorganized. At first, they told us the wait for 3 of us was 30 minutes, but we should check back in 15 minutes, which we did and they told us the wait hadn't changed. Then when we came back after our original estimate, the place was completely mobbed with waiting people and we waited quite a while longer in the crowd, awkwardly moving around to let wait staff through. The seating people basically ignored us (no new time estimate), while frantically seating lots of other folks, including several large parties, some of whom seemed to have arrived later than we did.

I think we waited about 1hr and 15 minutes from the time we put our name in to finally getting seated. This wait would've been more tolerable if they would've just taken our phone number and called us when they were ready, so we could've enjoyed walking around town a bit more, rather than being crowded in their too-small waiting area.

When we were finally seated, things were OK, though it was still very loud & crowded and had more than it's share of running/yelling children.

Food-wise, there's not much for vegans, except that you can get several vegetable pizzas without cow-cheese (they don't have any vegan cheese). The soup of the day when we were there happened to be vegan, which was excellent, but the cheeseless pizza, though decent, in no way made up for the horrible wait time.

If you're vegan or child-free, I'd recommend going pretty much anywhere else. However, if it's a Saturday night, you might be in for a long wait anywhere in Burlington, so be prepared wherever you go (or reserve in advance).
Updated from previous review on Tuesday December 15, 2015

7633 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, USA

tasty vegan options

26 Jun 2014

Once I talked to a staff member and discovered that the majority of the buffet options were vegan, I was very happy. I tried everything [vegan] and was very happy. I am a big fan of South Indian food like this.

The place is medium sized, with a nice, but not exceptional ambiance. I got the impression that lunch (and possibly dinner) is buffet-only (only 9$!), FYI. Only a few things were marked as vegan, but many more things were vegan than were labeled as such - be sure to ask the staff.

I ate here on Friday, June 20 (lunch) with my partner and her friend [non-vegans]; we all enjoyed our meal.

248 Elm St, Somerville, USA

Davis hotspot

27 Aug 2012

Latest hotspot in Davis Square, this is quick, no nonsense falafel that is delicious. Now that college kids are back in town, seems to be always crowded, so seating is not always available.

4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

Amazing Brunch!

30 Oct 2014

My (non-veg) partner & I went for brunch the first Saturday of October. I was very hungry but did not realize how huge the portions were & we could not eat it all. We split crepes & the polenta (so much more than polenta) & could barely touch the side of greens I unwisely ordered. I loved this place & would happily go again (but order less food).
It was a diner atmosphere & we were quickly seated. My partner enjoyed it also

5022 Lawai Rd, Koloa, USA

The Kaua'i Dining Experience

24 Mar 2015

Our table was 30 feet from the ocean & we could see a crescent moon through 2 palm trees. It was like some movie romantic date. Much of the restaurant is open to the breeze & ocean sound/view & there are beautiful & non-boring tropical paintings on the wall side.
I had Mango Mama for a drink (like a mango piña colada) - a delicious pre-dinner dessert; watermelon salad (healthy & tasty); grilled tofu, thai curry & black rice for entree (tasty w/ great presentation). See photos attached to the happycow entry.
The service was good. Salad & drinks were priced OK (10$ each), but my entree was overpriced (32$) considering it was only lightly grilled, but the sauces & accoutrements were quite good.
The vegan menu had 2 salads, 3 entrées & 1 side on it when I went (just a few hours ago)

11 Bow St, Somerville, USA

Not vegan-friendly

27 Jul 2016

As far as coffee shops go, the options are sparse. They can accommodate a vegan, but none of their menu items (including salads) are vegan by default. They do have soy milk & plenty of animal-free drink options, but foodwise, there's not much; other coffee shops do better. They have bagels, some modifiable salads/sandwiches & occasionally a vegan soup.
For just drinks & hanging out, this place is grand, but for food, you're better off elsewhere (e.g., the Thai place a block away, Sweet Ginger or similar).

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Solidly Good

20 Jun 2014

I went here for brunch on April 27th (sorry, late review) with my partner and sister and we enjoyed it.

I had a vegan bacon cheeseburger which was enjoyable, but I didn't find my food exceptional. The menu was rather typical (for Americana style vegan places) - nothing really grabbed me & made me excited to try it, but no real complaints. The service and decor were nice.

Whatever kind of ice cream they had was fantastic, however (small portion, but perfect after a big meal). Black Rasberry (which I have seldom had done write in vegan version) and Maple Bourbon Walnut (which I can also get locally in Boston, but quite good here too).

Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

A fine meal

22 Jun 2012

Bolhoed was an interesting experience. I loved the neighborhood and charming atmosphere inside (including some contemporary graffiti-style paintings), but the staff was a bit intimidating. Not a huge deal, but this was the least English-friendly place we went in Amsterdam - the waitress began speaking to us in Dutch every interaction, even though we'd told her we only spoke English. Also, fewer vegan options than I'd expect for a vegetarian restaurant (less than half of options). However, what I got, which was a sampling of various things, salad, beets, beans and more was absolutely delicious except for the bland white asparagus, which central Europeans seem to like for some reason - saw it everywhere on our trip. For vegan options, this is a step up from De Waaghals; however, my girlfriend, an omnivore, liked De Waaghals much better.

407 San Francisco Street, Old San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Few, but Tasty

09 Dec 2013

There are a decent number of dishes (at least 6 entrees) in the Vegetarian section of the menu, but some elements may be non-vegan - you'll have to ask. Fortunately, my waiters on both visits were fluent in English and understood "vegan" so was able to identify these for me.

I enjoyed their dinner and lunch (once each) - would've eaten there more, but was staying out on a resort near Luquillo, a bit far from Old San Juan.

If you want to try vegan versions of traditional Puerto Rican foods (e.g., mofongo), this is the place for you. I had a Veggie Guava loaf and one of the tofu dishes (I forget which), which were both tasty, along with at least one substitute for non-vegan side. The atmosphere is nice, kinda artsy & relaxed, and it's near the center of town, including a square that features frequent performances.

FYI, if you're vegan and you want to eat out (especially if your Spanish is bad), this is a great option to have, as the island is not very vegan-friendly.

Note: this is from my visit in September, 2013 (getting to this review late).

22 Chestnut St, Florence, USA

Delicious baked goods!

25 Aug 2013

I've only been here twice (most recently in mid-August) since I live in Boston, but have enjoyed it both times. I really like the artsy / laid-back atmosphere. They have a very limited menu, but what they have are mostly healthy comforting and good tasting foods. I recall loving my first entree experience, but my 2nd (red bean cakes, salad and harvest soup) was good but not great (cakes were too dry and soup had lots of mushrooms, not the chefs fault, but I don't like mushrooms). Where they really shine is their baked goods, which I got a bunch of to go both times I went. Delicious scones, cupcakes and more. If you end up near Northampton, definitely check them out.

One word of caution, their whole wheat bread may contain honey (it tasted like it did, but I didn't ask).

197 Meserole St, Brooklyn, USA

They are Champs!

24 Jun 2013

Though "Champs" is apt, the name "family bakery" initially made me think it was primarily a bakery not a restaurant (so I almost didn't click name to learn more). Actually, this place is primarily a diner/restaurant which also has fresh baked goods. This place is amazing!

I went there on Sunday (June 23, 2013) with a few friends for brunch. I loved the character of this place, artsy kitsch, and the food was excellent. I got the breakfast enchilladas which I LOVED and also the Buenos Dias salad, which I had very little room to eat (but what I tried was great) due to the large portions. Both of my friends got the Drunken Cowgirl which they liked (and I tried - it was good). The menu really blew me away with so many options, including some "combo" dishes where you can get something sweet AND something savory (e.g., french toast and tofu scramble). Compared with the many other vegan brunches I've been to, this place had the most options (and included healthy options).

My friends tried the cream cheese brownies, which they said were excellent.

It is small, so you may have to wait if you're going at a popular time (e.g., Sunday brunch @ 10:30am, we waited 25 minutes to be seated).

Note: Their online menu is out of date as of today (some different options in person), but their website says new menu is coming soon: http://www.champsdiner.com/

2055 Rue. Bishop, Montreal, Canada

Casual Delight

30 Oct 2014

I went here the first weekend in October with my mom & was pleasantly surprised. It has a casual/indie/artsy atmosphere I am quite comfy with & the menu is very vegan-friendly as all items can be veganized (with reasonable & free substitutions like guacamole).
My mom was annoyed because her quesadilla was unintentionally veganized, but my burrito was as ordered & tasty. Location is great, near St. Catherine street downtown (& 2 blocks from our hotel). English-friendly (as is most of Montreal)

525 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, USA


30 May 2014

This place has a funky decor, except what is with the hipster Native American statue with [apparently] real feathers in its headdress? I generally do not expect animal parts as decor in a vegan place!

Other than the discomfitting statue, the service was fine, there is a nice outdoor patio, the food came reasonably fast and the brunch/regular menu options were interesting and atypical.

Taste-wise, I had one of the savory MOBs which was a little like a pizza (cashew cheese) and my partner had the grits with shitake sausage [see picture attached to this listing]. She was not fond of hers (too much smoke flavor), but I thought it was OK. The MOB I had was tasty but didn't blow me away.

I would give this 4 stars for food, but the hipster statue (native appropriation + animal use) deducts one star for me.

[For the record, I ate here for Saturday brunch on Apr. 26th - late review]

Warschauer Str.47, Berlin, Germany


03 Jul 2012

I agree with the previous review and would also add that they make the falafel fresh while you wait. This was a great little place, all vegan, delicious food and toppings and nice waitstaff.

3200 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, USA

Great Desserts (& Juice)

28 Feb 2014

While I was not impressed withe the vegan savory food menu (which I did not try), I was very impressed with their huge selection of vega desserts (nearly everything they have) - see picture I uploaded. The cinnamon swirl cake I had was rich & delish! I also enjoyed several green juices on visits to the mall from my nearby hotel.

I went several times around Feb 9 weekend & my rating is based on desserts & Juice only.

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