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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

great vegan food

21 Jun 2008

went to 222 during my trip to london. this is a vegan restaurant, which is a big plus. it is a bit of a walk from the west kensington tube station. i had the special at the time, which is a creamy mushroom risotto. never thought vegan creamy risotto could be so delicious. well done! the place was quite busy when i went on a friday night. the waiter did seem a little overwhelmed. the dining experience might have been better during quieter time.

10844 82nd Ave, Edmonton, Canada

good breakfast

03 Jan 2008

taking the advice of previous reviews, we came in on a weekday for breakfast to avoid the crowds. it is a cool little restaurant. the service was quite good. the menu was small, but the food was innovative and very good. we recommend the "cowgirl" breakfast dish. it was excellent.

340 E 4th St, Long Beach, USA

come for the food

15 Jan 2009

we were in the long beach area for a conference, but hesitated going to zephyr because of some not so great reviews. we finally visited the restaurant, and we were glad we did. the previous reviews are correct. the people working there, who are not the designated server, will not acknowledge your presence. but once the server was out to greet us, she was very friendly. it did take them a while to prepare the food, but it was very good. most of the food items are vegan. in fact, i don't think it would be very hard for them to go completely vegan. the food was healthy, fresh and delicious. we also have to give them credit for our two-year-old son ordering and nearly finishing his own dish for the first time.

3667 West Broadway, Vancouver, Canada

great restaurant

29 May 2008

we make sure to stop by dharma every time we are in vancouver. the food is wonderful (we love the tempeh and coconut gravy). the service is excellent. and the restaurant itself is beautiful in a peaceful setting. best of all, it's all vegan! it is by far our favorite restaurant in vancouver.

38, Sec. 2, Xinsheng North Rd, Taipei, Taiwan

best veggie buffet in taipei

21 Jun 2008

this is probably the best vegetarian buffet restaurant in taipei. that is saying a lot, because there are so many of them. we actually had our wedding banquet here. but the banquet food is nothing compare to the choices you get at the buffet. it will probably take you a couple of trips to sample all the food. they even freshly prepare some dishes for you, because these are no good sitting at a tray for a long time. they also provide a variety of drinks, a salad bar and a full dessert bar. this restaurant is expensive. it is also very popular and does get very crowded on weekends. if you are afraid of crowds in taipei, consider going at a quieter time. i have seen foreigners getting literally stranded in the middle of a crowd here.

110 S Woodward Ave, Tallahassee, USA

Healthy food on campus

09 Mar 2016

It's hard to believe you can find a place like this at FSU, when most of the food you can find on campus is dominated by chain restaurants. The food at Krishna lunch is simple, and yet fresh, delicious and healthy. And the portions are quite big while the price is kept low. It's by far my favorite place to eat on campus.

Lautaro 841, La Serena, Chile


15 Jul 2012

This is a great hidden gem. It is literally hidden behind a locked door. You have to ring the bell to get in. Great, cheap, simple, healthy food. Very nice outdoor seating area. They also sell frozen veggie burger patties, nuggets, etc. Friendly staff.

Shop 6, 3120 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

great restaurant

04 Nov 2008

we've been to surfer's paradise and cavill mall many times, not knowing this place existed. thanks to happycow, we had a chance to try it. this is not your ordinary mall food. they are tucked away in a quiet corner of the mall. not a great place for business, but excellent if you're looking for a quiet place to eat in the midst this bustling area. in the great govinda tradition, the food is delicious and the service is very friendly. the ingredients are fresh. it's always a good sign when you see the cook chopping the fresh veggies. (don't miss their excellent salads.) the price is also very reasonable for the portion. we got the largest combo. the food was literally oozing out of the large plate. the two of us could barely finish it. overall a surprisingly good vegetarian restaurant, in a mall!

5-560 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada

not great

03 Jan 2008

me and my wife (both vegetarians) lived here in victoria for 5 years and rarely visit this restaurant. we agree with previous reviews that it is overpriced, even with student discount. the food is not particularly good. we even found the restaurant a bit dirty sometimes. i think their heart is at the right place, but this restaurant is just not up to par compared to other vegetarian restaurants from around the world.

709 N Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, USA

another happy customer

21 Jun 2008

just to echo the other reviewers, this is a great restaurant. despite the generic name, the food is fantastic. the service was very friendly. we came in at around 4 or 5pm, expecting to have dinner. our host gave us the lunch deal without us asking. they really go out of their way to please to customers. we were very happy with our experience.

3456 S Glenmark Dr, Hacienda Heights, USA

cheap, delicious buffet food

15 Jan 2009

we have been to a few of the buddhist light temples around the world, and usually go to their cafes with made to order food. this is the first time we have been to the hsi lai temple, a branch of the buddhist light based in taiwan. their buffet lunch serves a huge number of people. the lineup can be long, but they are pretty efficient at keeping the trays filled with hot food. at first sight, the food really does not look very appetizing, but it really tastes better then it looks. there isn't a huge selection. they take a few dishes which work and make huge quantities. we were only planning to stay for a light lunch, but ended up going back to fill our plates for the second, and third time. at 7 per person (they did not charge for our two-year-old son), it is obviously a steal.

9, Lane 31, Yung Kang Street, Da-an District, Taipei, Taiwan

tranquil setting and fresh food

22 Jun 2008

we go to hui liu every time we are in taipei. the restaurant setting is tranquil and beautiful. it is right next to a small park. this makes outdoor dining possible, which is rare in taipei. it is truly an oasis in a bustling city. we recommend the pocket salad and the sesame noodles. the food is always fresh and a lot healthier than food served at most other vegetarian restaurants in taipei.

18, SiWei Rd, Da-an District, Taipei, Taiwan

unique dining experience

21 Jun 2008

this is a very special restaurant. it focuses on dishes that used to be served to chinese emperors. it wasn't always a vegetarian restaurant. as most of us know, there was no way any chinese emperors were vegetarians. but the owner of this place converted to buddhism and subsequently converted his restaurant to vegetarian only. this has caused considerable decline to his business, but is great news for us vegetarians. the dishes still preserves the original ideals and can fool any meat-eaters. they are quite delicious and unique. the portions are quite small, but this allows you to sample more dishes. it is quite expensive, but i think is well worth it. the waitresses sometimes can be quite pushy, but looking past that, this is an overall excellent restaurant.

617 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada

best vegetarian restaurant in victoria

21 Oct 2007

there is not much competition in victoria. out of the 2 true vegetarian restaurants, we prefer this one. the lunch buffet selection is limited, but the half price deal from 2.30 to 3pm makes it worth while. their menu has much greater selections.

Frederiks Alle 96, Aarhus, Denmark

Best Veg Place in Aarhus

12 Jun 2016

Mikuna is by far the best veg place you can find in Aarhus (in Denmark for that matter). It is difficult to find good veg food in Denmark in general. So Mikuna is certainly a great surprise. We have been loyal customers since 2014, and their food just kept on getting yummier. Note that this is a very popular place, rightly so. So be prepare to wait for seats, or go during off-peak hours.

554 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, Canada

good breakfast/lunch

28 Jun 2009

the restaurant is not completely vegetarian, but has quite a few vegan options on the breakfast and lunch menus. we have tried the various breakfast tofu scrambles, coconut curry for lunch. and our son has tried the vegan pesto pasta on the kids' menu. the dishes are all quite good. it does get quite busy on weekends, so we tend to go on weekdays to avoid the crowd. by the way, do not go for dinner here: it is overpriced, and the food is not as good as their breakfast/lunch. although, i think they have recently stopped serving dinner here altogether.

10740-101 Street, Edmonton, Canada

great food, great atmosphere

03 Jan 2008

this place is very popular. we went to the neighbouring vegetarian restaurant, oriental veggie house, on a saturday night, we were the only table. the next day we came in padmanadi, it was jam packed. we breathed a sigh of relief as we made reservation earlier. this place has great atmosphere. everybody seemed to having a good time. even though it was crowded, the service was very friendly and prompt. the food was delicious. we ordered 3 dishes and 2 appetizers, and they were all good. this is overall an excellent restaurant. one of the best vegetarian restaurants we have been around the world. well done!

1571 N 6th St, Grants Pass, USA

authentic thai cuisine

07 Aug 2009

i'm not thai, but i am pretty sure i heard thai spoken in the kitchen, always a comforting sound when you are at a thai restaurant. the food is great with lots of vegan options. great place to stop along the I5.

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