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Vilniaus g. 41, Vilnius, Lithuania

Average food, but good atmoshere

12 Apr 2013

Balti Drambliai is probably the most known vegetarians place in town, and one of the oldest. It has been known for attracting creative folks, new age hippies, and just people who wanted to meditate at their veg meal under the vibes of relaxing music.
The food is not bad, but not extraordinary. I have been there many times, and I think they did better in their early years, but now they lost some kind of quality and genuine feeling of the preparation of their meals.
Vegan options marked separately, but check for honey, last time I was there it was included in one or two vegan options.
I also think they the portions are too small, and too pricy for their size.

Karljohans gatan 16, Gothenburg, Sweden

great alternative place

12 Apr 2013

I visit often there. A place has Brazilian roots, but not only South Americans visit this place, as it is open to every kind of initiative, so that now and then you can see some alternative band playing there, a meeting for some NGO or a lecture being held, etc. - this attracts activists and alternative folks, and all in all this place gets really good vibes, despite being so small and simple in their interior design.
The food is simple and good, often great vegan options on menu.

Katarina Bangata 17, Stockholm, Sweden

good but not perfect

12 Apr 2013

It is a popular vegetarian place in Stockholm, but I guess it is not so much because of the food but because of its location and cozy atmosphere. Food is not bad, but smth is missed always, would it be flavours or smth else. But they always have some vegan cakes on menu which do taste great.

Fleminggatan11, Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

Simple but good

10 Apr 2013

Very simple interior, small place, but with good vibes. Most stuff is vegan. The day I was there they had 4 types of different pierogies, all vegan. Nice staff, spoke English.

Skånegatan 92, Stockholm, Sweden

Wrong name. It should be named GREAT STORE

12 Apr 2013

To my knowledge, everything is vegan there. Including fantastic ice-creams. Great chocolate selection, fake meat and tofu, etc. But one can not do shopping there with average salary, unfortunately.

Folkungag. 68, Stockholm, Sweden

Great veg shopping place

12 Apr 2013

I am often there, either buying some fake meat, or organic washing powder, or non-animal tested tooth paste... They have everything for most basic needs.

Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm, Sweden

The best thing about the place is the view from it

12 Apr 2013

This is one of the most known vegetarian places in Stockholm. Maybe because of that, and because it lies in a good location, in the center and with a great view, it has become the place that attracts more upper-class folks. Therefore it is quite pricy there now. The food is relatively good, but vegan options are not marked, you have to ask every time.

Tjarhovsgatan 46, Stockholm, Sweden


12 Apr 2013

I like this place, because it is basically the only of its kind in Stockholm: punkishly alternative, with lots of free spirit, with a freebox for things to swap, cheap vegetarian food, etc. Miss some good vegan options though.

Sveavägen 105, Stockholm, Sweden

Nice tofu place

12 Apr 2013

All their vegetarian options are vegan. Many dishes are with their own tofu. The food tastes good, but after one has been to places like Lao Wai in Stockholm, Kokyo does not impress.

Luntmakargatan 74, Stockholm, Sweden

A number one vegan place to visit in Stckhlm

10 Apr 2013

Have been many times there, everytime it feels like I am having the best meal of my life.

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

interesting, but...

12 Apr 2013

I was the with a group of conference participants, we were smth like 30 people there with pre-booked tables, and we all got same meals (booked by our organizers). Maybe because it was a lot too handle for restaurant staff, the meal was very simple (smth with buckwheat or alike), and I didn't really get taste out of it. Then came desserts, they looked good, but tastes much less good. The staff though was friendly, and I believe if I was there alone and ordered a separate meal, it would have turned out better. But for now I can only say that the food is average and lack some flavours.

Hammarby Allé 87, Stockholm, Sweden

Great place for vegan pizzas

10 Apr 2013

To my knowledge, it is till the only pizza place in Stockholm that offers vegan pizzas on menu (and does it with great variety).
I visit this place often, and I am always satisfied with the food, whatver vegan pizza I choose.

Rehnsgatan 24, Stockholm, Sweden


12 Apr 2013

Good for a simple lunch, but definitely nothing extraordinary. Vegan options marked.

Varvsgatan 29, Hornstull, Stockholm, Sweden

Good vegetarian place

10 Apr 2013

Good place for vegans and vegetarians. Lot's of food to choose from, especially for vegetarians. Buffet is perfect for a really hungry person - eat as much as you like for a fixed price.

Medborgarplatsen 1-3, Stockholm, Sweden

Great burger place

12 Apr 2013

I eat there now and then, and it is always a pleasure to visit this small place with fantastic vegan burgers and other meals.

Wienerstrasse 19, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

yammy food in the heart of Kreuzberg

12 Apr 2013

I would probably come to this place very often if I lived in Berlin. Unfortunately, I was there only once, but my vegan fast-food needs were satisfied fully!

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