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401 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, USA

burst of vegan sunshine

19 Oct 2013

They KNOW their stuff here. The guys who run this are kind, informed, and make GREAT food. Top notch customer service, fresh food, great drinks. Nice atmosphere too! We will be going back for more.....
Updated from previous review on Saturday October 19, 2013

1000 S Main St Unit 100, Salt Lake City, USA

Great baked goods!

15 Apr 2014

We stop here EVERY time we're in Salt Lake City. Staff is always friendly and knowledgable about there menu and bakery counter. It's not often you can have a vegan CINNAMON ROLL. Even our non vegan friends salivate over these baked items. TOP NOTCH - get here... You'll love it.

107 E Charleston Blvd Ste 155, Las Vegas, USA

Great meal here....

19 Oct 2013

The menu here clearly states what's vegan.....YAY! Great food, great service, super cute place. They offer vegan cheese too - we had a vegan pizza that was great. AND a vegan dessert! DESSERT! THAT'S a real pleasure because that is difficult to find. A nice chocolate explosion!

8125 W Sahara Ste 170, Las Vegas, USA


29 Sep 2014

The manager and staff at this VEGAN friendly pizzeria/bistro were concerned only with our satisfaction - 100%. While they offer a vast menu of items, look for the section of the menu titled VEGAN. The owner is vegan, so she assures items offered are tasty. AND, assures that items cooked in the kitchen are NOT mingled in pots/pans/machines used for cooking meats or dairy! Awesome right? All pasta - breads - doughs are made fresh in house - cut and cooked when ordered. Ask which are vegan, most are. We had a vegan Pesto dish that was the best I've had. Garlic bread was made vegan to order just for us. SO ACCOMMODATING. The manager, Joe, kept creating vegan dishes for us to try! The "Potato Bomb" was my favorite! Give this place your business, support their vegan menu and enjoy the papmpering. Dash was our waiter and was superb. This place set the bar for customer service. That the food was all fresh ingredients, created on machines imported from Italy, and the owner is a vegan is all bonus. We had their vegan salad, vegan sausage, vegan pesto pasta, a potato bomb, a complimentary side of wheat pasta cut then cooked right there on the spot with tomatoes, garlic and basil and both garlic bread and focaccia bread...then tried to lift ourselves from the table rolled out the door happy vegan campers.....ahhhh.....

1236 Western Ave, Las Vegas, USA

stick with it....be patient

19 Oct 2013

The best VEGAN food in Las Vegas hands down. We've been here many many times and it doesn't get any better as far as flavor, portions, presentation,variety. NOW - having said that be prepared for - 1. a dizzying array of menus/options (too much in my opinion - they need to be concise and clear, and IT'S NOT) 2. a wait for a table 3. a wait for your food. ALL WORTH IT. I swear. It's a charming atmosphere...so just chilll and sit back, and get ready for the good stuff coming. Check the hours and days (that they're open) too...sometimes it's odd.

area markets, Las Vegas, USA

wherever they are BE THERE!!!!

19 Oct 2013

This is hands down the best vegan food EVER! I've encountered them ONLY at farmer's markets and vegan events...THAT'S a bummer...they could have a successful location NO PROBLEM - their food is THAT good. Each time you visit they've come up with something even more yummy. YOU CAN'T BELIEVE it's VEGAN it is SO good.

234 West 900 South, Salt Lake City, USA

Great food... Great new interior... FRIENDLY

15 Apr 2014

Great ALL vegan menu!! This restaurant is a sister location to our favorite Vegan place The Vertical Diner, yet the menus are each original a diverse. A MUST for Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free folks. Carnivores - DON'T BE AFRAID OR SISSYS! It's great food - period. We had the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich and Alfredo Pasta. The sandwich was our favorite. Topped it off with a Brownie Sundae. They make their own Seitan, a great silky vegan aioli, and crisp fresh french fries and super cool custom beverages. We will always visit when in SLC. The staff is SUPER knowledgable about the menu (Janet was our server).

2027 13th St, Boulder, USA

Nice Vibe...GREAT food

26 Nov 2013

This place is such a cool place to eat......it's very apparent they cater to healthy eaters and dietary needs. They use FRESH ingredients and organic. Local too. They have plenty of Vegan options...and JUST ASK if something can be adjusted for your needs. SUCH GOOD FOOD. Our waiter was on it every second and the food came out hot and looking beautiful, and TASTING GREAT. The decor and vibe here is awesome...you won't regret your moments spent at SHINE all around.....

616 E Carson Ave Ste 120, Las Vegas, USA

First visit - they DELIVERED - top notch

17 Oct 2015

My first visit.... SUPER great food, service, people, atmosphere. The chocolate dessert tacos were amazing (but tiny - ok size by dessert time). The sweet potato quesadilla was SO tasty. Great concise menu - not overwhelming. What really stood out was the great vibe of EVERYONE working there - team players of joy. Ambiance is chill too! Way to go downtown Vegas!

2280 South West Temple, Salt Lake City, USA

what a selection - YAY!

26 Nov 2013

This place ROCKS. The menu is extensive, including anytime breakfast! Took 3 carnivore friends and they ALL loved their meals (including a Reuben, a Burrito, a huge diverse salad, and Chicken Biscuit Pie). We had a shared appetizer of buffalo wings. Shared a dessert of a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. ALL OF IT WAS SERVED AND PREPARED PERFECTLY. Service was top notch too...the waiter helped my friends make a selection they were super pleased with and patiently explained, when asked, "what is.....??"
This place is a gem and you should get there....I am absolutely going back for more!!

8560 W Desert Inn Rd Ste D5, Las Vegas, USA

Good, original menu

17 Oct 2015

I have eaten here a few times since the day it opened. Love the meals. Love the style of the restaraunt and its design. BUT, there are a couple of things that have a constant problem each visit - every visit. So it's pretty tough to determine going for the great eats and overlooking these problems.

1. They are ALWAYS out of something... The poor waitresses have to preface their intro with what they are OUT of on the menu

2. They do their juices n smoothies out in the customer area - NOISY! That belongs in the kitchen - period.

3. To many "chiefs". Seems owners or managers are floating around all the time. Some helpful, some not so much. In fact one man "in charge" there was berating a waitress in the kitchen, SO loudly, it was super uncomfortable. Disrespectful all the way around.

Those three things are regular occurances at this establishment. Food, btw, takes forever too.

So, I only rate this place because I like their food - BUT with other major players, like Vegenation, delivering top notch in all areas - it's difficult justifying a return to Viollette's and tolerating that regular lack of professionalism.

3121 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, USA

excellent-ALL locations here VEGAN options

19 Oct 2013

Get to ANY Wynn owned property and EVERY restaurant in it will offer you a VEGAN delights. ASK FOR THE VEGAN MENU at any of the locations and you will get it. The food is top notch tasty. You won't find any other hotel on the strip that will cater to VEGANS like Steve Wynn properties. GO THERE.

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