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2555 S Archibald Ave, Ontario, USA

fantastic vegan drive thru food

13 Aug 2012

Just clarify no cheese and such.
You can get taco burgers, tacos hard or ate soft shell, beef burritos, or just a boca burger. A great alternative for late night snacking.

9819-F Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, USA

used to be amazing vegan food in the I E

28 May 2015

I've been going here since it opened. I usually just order a few of the appetizers because I'm simple. I'm happy I don't have to drive 30+ miles to get good vegan food anymore.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday November 23, 2011
Everything seemed to have changed there. I couldn't even eat my dish. It had the looks and smell of a can of alpo dog food. I tried dumping the chili sauce on it, soy sauce, even salt and pepper. And I would think as a server or chef, you would be concerned when your customers don't eat but a couple bites of the dish. Nope, just I paid my bill and left. I don't think I'll ever be going back here. Sucks to not want to support a vegan establishment. But I can't allow that to cloud my judgement. I later went to bakers drive thru and was more than satisfied.
Updated from previous review on Saturday August 11, 2012
Went back here again and it was good again.

6810 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, USA

Soyrizo In The Veg Burrito Now

20 Dec 2013

Just had one today. And it was good. This gives a good option for a place to eat at when out for an errand or something. Or a decent work lunch.

10000 Coors Bypass Ste 217, Albuquerque, USA

My favorite restaurant in New Mexico

20 Jan 2013

I've been going here for quite some time. Just never had the chance to give it a review here.
The portions are big. Maybe the only asian restaurant I've ever been to, and been full at the end of my dish.
The sauces are all made fresh. So if you want extra sauce on your dish, which I always do, you're going to have a wait a few minutes for them to make it. And it is worth the wait.
While it's not totally vegan, the substitue right now is just Tofu. Either fried or steamed. The owner is working on creating his own fake meats.
Until then, I go to this place about every other week at least. The prices are reasonable. Usually about $9-10 a dish. But you don't really need an appetizer. I will order 2 dishes at some of these other vegan restaurants, and still be hungry afterwards. My favorite dish is the Teriyaki pepper tofu. It is amazing. I don't even try to make tofu at home anymore because of this place. So once they start making the fake meats...

2114 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, USA

all vegan now

09 Sep 2012

I had the seitan and jalepeno chicken. The seitan wasn't all that great. The jalepeno chicken was freaking amazing. It was fresh jalepenos, fresh red bell peppers, and a fried veg chicken. It was so good. And cheap. The seitan was only like $2.75 and the chicken dish was $4.95. They really have finally showed that just because its vegan food, it doesn't have to be expensive. I can't wait to go back and take friends there. Just for the jalepeno chicken.

9456 Roberds St, Rancho Cucamonga, USA

bad ass

21 Nov 2011

Having an all vegan grocery store is amazing. And they're always super nice there. They also have vegan shoes and bags and other clothes.

3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, USA

Very Very Good. Good Portion Too.

09 Nov 2013

I went here with the sole purpose of getting a double double. I mean, i haven't had the opportunity to order double burger in over 18 years. So I was super stoked. Can't say i was excited about the chocolate shake or fries, but i was stuffed when I was all done. The burgers were great. Like what i remember a burger should be. It was fairly expensive, but not anything more than any other item in these restaurants. So I didn't feel like I was being taxed for being vegan. Overall, it was great meal and I think I'm gonna go there again tonight.

4632 S Maryland Pkwy Unit 17, Las Vegas, USA

nothing for me there

02 Nov 2012

They had 3 choices on the menu. And it was just tofu.

453 S Main St, Cedar City, USA

best salsa, great food, amazing service

07 Aug 2012

It was great. Service was great. I saw a review stating it was your standard california style mexican food. So I was like, you mean it's like the most awesome place on earth. And it was awesome. Ask for no cheese and no sour cream on your food. Maybe specify you don't do cheese. And the salsa was the best salsa I've ever had. I even got me some to go because it was so good.

903 W Foothill Blvd Ste B, Upland, USA

The original and still the best vegan in the I.E.

11 Aug 2012

They've been through 3 name changes and it's stll absolutely amazing. Crazy scottie's chickenless is the best. They got chili dogs burgers desserts asian dishes and even pasta dishes. Even pizza now.

817 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, USA

they use regular cheese there

28 May 2015

At least they aren't lying about it anymore. But with as many vegan restaurants around, I see no reason to go here anymore. I did like the Philly steak. But you have had to ask about the cheese being vegan. Makes me doubt everything they have now. I'm wondering about the soft serve now. They seem to jump around that question.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 20, 2012I'm sick of this place's inconsistency. You never know if it's going to be open or not. I remember it closed a couple years ago. I would have figured they'd learn a thing or two from closing down. But nope, I just tried to go here tonight, a little over 5 minutes till closing, and the guy waves me off from inside. I can see the clock inside is saying exactly what my phone says. Just complete laziness or they simply just don't care. But this is the last time I'll ever try to go here.

5500 San Mateo Blvd NE Unit 101, Albuquerque, USA

Very good on taste

20 Jan 2013

But I felt as though my dish was an appetizer. The fake beef was not very good. The sauce was amazing. After I finished my take out order. I took the left over sauce home, and made myself some morning star chicken strips with it. Then, I was finally full. But for $10 and not being filled up at all, I was a little disappointed. It's the main reason my friends never want to even go to these vegan places.

4201 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, USA

best vegan dish I've had in new mexico, but

14 Jul 2012

I was going into this place expecting to be disappointed. But it was really good. The dish was flavourful and the texture was good. The soda was ridiculously priced. $2 for a warm can of DrPeepper and no refills was a little much. Thankfully, the food was really good.
To follow up on this. The whole got to get there before 8 so you don't have an issue with them closing at 9 is annoying. I saw a few people turneed away the other night. They should just list that they close at 8. And the food has not been that good the last few times. Socal still has the market cornered on vegan restaurants in my opinion
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 08, 2012

5505 Osuna Rd NE, Albuquerque, USA

It's vegan

11 Dec 2012

I keep on going back here like beat up spouse crawling back because you think that's the only option here.
I just bought 2 dishes of the garlic beef. They always screw it up. This was just bad. It was as if they took the amount of soy beef for 1 dish and split it up for 2 dishes. It was like a snack. So they messed up the dish, and there wasn't even substance with it. I got a box full of everything I requested not to be in it. I'm done with this place. No more. Never again.
I've been here about a dozen times or more. I just felt as though I should support vegan restaurants. I am happy it seems most people do like this restaurant. But after my last time there, I decided it's just not for me. I spent a little over $20 on just me for take out. I emphasized no mushrooms. This is because every time they keep on putting mushrooms when I ask them not to. Sure enough my dishes had mushrooms. So after eating my dishes at my shop I was still hungry. The del taco bean burrito was more satisfying then any dish I've got from here. I know it sounds mean but I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way. We just don't want a vegan restaurant to go away. But I still do not have a good vegan restaurant here. I look forward to anytime I go to LA, Phoenix, or Denver, just to eat good vegan food.
Updated from previous review on Saturday October 22, 2011

3804 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, USA

They made it right and then some

23 Feb 2013

I went to Thai Vegan again yesterday. They got my order wrong. And this time I went back. I called them and explained about the order. They were very apologetic. But apologetic aint going to make me full. When I get there the chef comes out and apologizes. He made the trip worth it and then some. The dish came out perfect and they treated me right. For this, I will continually go there over and over again. Thanks for giving me a great vegan restaurant, that even my meat eater friends love.

I stopped going to the original Thai vegan because they would never get the order right. I order the same thing every time, and they've got it right about 3 out of 10 times on average. I wanted my dish as it appears on the menu. But I know they put mushrooms, carrots, and celery in it. So I make it clear to not put those in the dish. I want the dish as it appears on the menu. And they still get it wrong. And I would have to order 2 orders so I can at least get filled up. I decided I would give the new location a try. But same thing. Guess there's just no vegan restaurant for me here. But it appears a lot of people here do like it. So its probably just me.
Updated from previous review on Sunday January 27, 2013

12022 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, USA

really good

28 May 2015

I was amazed at how good this place was. I had a vegan pepperoni pizza and chili fries.

3504 Wynn Rd, Las Vegas, USA

Not Good For Me At All And Very Expensive

12 Aug 2013

I ordered 2 sandwiches, because I'm used to asian restaurants have small portions, my wife ordered a sandwich and some specialty tea of sorts. It was $37. While $40 isn't incredibly expensive, but the quality and portion size did not seem proper. The vegan options were also a $1 extra on all the items. And this is a veggie restaurant? That didn't exactly make sense. I wish i would've just gone to taco bell or del taco or even 7 eleven instead of here. Man, I know I'm being mean, but I've been paying extra for all these vegan specialty restaurant, and they kind of suck. Oh, I couldn't even eat my second sandwich. I just threw it away. It was that bad.

5115 Spring Mountain Rd Unit 203, Las Vegas, USA

Great And Refreshing

01 Aug 2014

I had roast pork and bbq beef. The pork was great. It was difficult to find the place. It's on the second floor on top of an Asian supermarket.
The bbq beef was alright. It was just an appetizer. Still pretty good.

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