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"quiet and simple"
San Francisco, USA on 12 Jul 2011

"friendly and easy"
Wellington on 06 Sep 2014

"for a late lunch"
Beijing, China on 25 Aug 2013

"the best option in chinatown"
Central Singapore, Singapore on 05 Aug 2009

"as often as i can"
San Francisco, USA on 08 Aug 2009

"A very tasty Hut!"
Java, Indonesia on 14 Sep 2013

"quite a hike!"
Central Singapore, Singapore on 07 Aug 2009

"first visit"
San Jose, USA on 13 Jan 2013

"Well known in a crowded neighborhood"
San Jose, USA on 10 Oct 2013

"soy makers"
San Jose, USA on 13 Oct 2013

"only one drawback"
San Jose, USA on 05 Aug 2009

"Loving Hut is always welcome"
Santa Clara, USA on 01 Dec 2013

"go for breakfast"
Oakland, USA on 25 Jul 2015

"something for everyone"
Portland, USA on 24 Jul 2014

"lots to take away"
San Jose, USA on 05 Aug 2009

"on Meridian"
San Jose, USA on 23 May 2016

"It seemed vegan to me"
Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 14 Sep 2013

"quite nice"
Beijing, China on 25 Aug 2013

"every tuesday night"
San Jose, USA on 05 Aug 2009

"so happy to find this oasis"
Hamilton on 06 Sep 2014

"All you need"
Shanghai, China on 14 Sep 2013

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