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Gran Via Diego Lopez Haro, 55, Bilbao, Spain

you will eat here because you have no other choice

17 May 2010

this place was a 'saving grace' -- it has a decent salad bar with vegan options AND it's open for dinner (most veg places in bilbao are only open for lunch). in fact, it's open through the evening -- i don't remember their hours precisely, but i do know it was open at 6pm and didn't close until midnight. not bad! yes, they also have animal products -- chicken, fish, dairy, etc.-- but there are enough vegan salad products (greens of different types, tomatoes, un-cheesed pastas, etc.) to fill up on. believe me, you will not have to chance it in one of your typical bilbao restaurants, where everything contains jamon or marisco or who knows what. go to fresc co and eat your veggies fresh, unadulterated, and un-meated. all-you-can-eat dinner costs around 10 euro.

Mazarredo 18, Vizcaya, Bilbao, Spain

good option for vegans

17 May 2010

ortua is located very close to the guggenheim-bilbao, occupying a spacious room filled with homey table settings. like most vegetarian places in bilbao, ortua is not vegan, but the waitress and kitchen had no problem accommodating me. for a starter i was given a simple salad -- nice because it was all fresh vegetables (not always the case in bilbao veg restaurants!). the second course was a pureed broccoli soup, and the final a paella. nothing phenomenal but all very pleasant. i skipped the dessert. total for lunch: 10.50 euros. ortua also has juices and teas. compared to my experience at garibolo, ortua is much, much better. nice light fare and very accommodating to vegans.

Cuesta del Realejo 10, Granada, Spain

Vegan's haven

20 Jul 2013

El Jergon "saved" me when I was in Granada on a Sunday. Most restaurants were closed, in fact the street the bar is on was pretty much completely quiet. Just a few guys hanging out in El Jergon drinking icy cerveza on a hot day. For a small cerveza, I got a nice selection of delicious, free vegan tapas: paella (the only paella I ate during my visit in meat-centric Spain) and a wonderful corn-filled crepe. Even thought it's "just" tapas, it filled me up like a full meal. The bartender--perhaps the owner?--was also super-nice, and the decor just awesome. My tapas "meal," plus beer, ended up being under 3 euro. For real. I'd hang out at El Jergon all the time if I lived in Granada.

Just to be clear--El Jergon is a BAR, not a restaurant. Don't expect a full menu or anything elaborate / formal.

Fernandez del Campo 7, Vizcaya, Bilbao, Spain

expected more from this veg restaurant

17 May 2010

first of all, this vegetarian restaurant uses a lot of egg and dairy. vegans should be very careful and communicate clearly with their waitress and the kitchen. for example, my salad starter came with chunks of egg whites. then again, when i explained that i didn't eat egg they were able to give me a different, egg-free salad, which was good. but! that salad featured canned peaches and pineapple. i was not impressed. for the second course, i chose the garlic soup (the only vegan option), which was probably the best dish i had there. pretty heavy, as is typical for basque/spanish cuisine, but tasty. my 'main' consisted of overcooked string beans (possibly canned or frozen) served over a potato puree. again, very heavy food and not very inspired. the only vegan dessert they had was fresh strawberries in orange juice. on a whole, i was not very impressed and probably would not go back, but then again it's pretty much the only veg gig open for lunch on the weekends in bilbao. this doesn't leave the traveling vegan with much choice. this may also explain why the place was packed, even though the food is so mediocre.

Av. Tulum Manzana 2 Lote 1 Local 2, Tulum, Mexico

Good enough

11 Jan 2013

Apparently Pachelle was previously known as Hungry Veggie; it is now under new management (owned, I believe, by Joseph, who is from another part of Mexico). I believe some of the mainstays from the Hungry Veggie remain, though, such as the veggie burger and falafel (the spaghetti is gone from the menu). You will also find soy tacos and a veg burrito. Overall, our experience was positive--we ended up eating here probably 4-5 times since we were staying nearby in Tulum. Being vegans, Pachelle really saved us. But I will say that the real highlights were the Mexican-themed items--the tacos and burrito, e.g. The salad also was fantastic. The falafel and hummus, however, lacked flavor and the right 'taste.' The french fries/chips also just didn't seem right. Still, I can't really fault them too much. Pachelle was our saviour in a meat/seafood-heavy town, and it's affordable, too. If you're staying in town, you'll definitely hit Pachelle more than once. Out on the beach, though, head to Restaurare for something _really_ special.

Rua Latino Coelho, 89, Lisbon, Portugal

Life's essentials

20 Jul 2013

Great place to stock up on fruit, nuts, cereal, soy yogurt, you name it. Also carry a range of locally made vegan savory turnovers towards the front of the store--these are great to keep for snacks. I only ate in the small cafe once, and even though I "just" had a salad, it was one of the better salads I'd had in a very long time: greens, roasted nuts, quinoa--a delicious combination of flavors. Not all of the dishes offered in the cafe are vegan--make sure to ask.

Rua Marques de Sa da Bandeira 76, Lisbon, Portugal

Good food, great value

20 Jul 2013

During lunch, which is the only time I visited, Oasis offers around 4 dishes to choose from--you can try combinations of them or just have a lunch with one of the 4 dishes. When I was there, 2 out of the 4 options were vegan, so I went with the two-dish combo, which also came with a delicious group of vegetable salads. Of the 2 vegan dishes, one was a kind of seitan curry, the other, if I remember correctly, was a bean dish. Both were great. It was nice to get such a filling meal which wasn't just a pile of pasta or bread. Service is fast and friendly. Food and juices are CHEAP. It's worth it to venture to this neighborhood for this restaurant alone; if you're in the area to visit the Gulbenkian Museum, then definitely go to Oasis. [edit by staff]

Avenida Barbosa du Bocage 107C, Lisbon, Portugal

Convenient, but average quality

20 Jul 2013

I'm grateful that Paladar Zen exists. For around 8 euro, you can indulge in the all-you-can-eat buffet (when I was there about 3/4 of the offerings were vegan), plus waiters are friendly and service fast. Even still, I just wasn't that excited about the food itself. A tofu dish I tried actually had a strange fishy flavor, and other dishes were just sort of mediocre. Don't get me wrong--I might eat there again [edit by staff- see tos].

Km 4 Carr Tulum Boca Paila, Tulum, Mexico

Above and beyond

11 Jan 2013

Delicious, affordable (moderate, not expensive) food and juices. Has two menus--breakfast/brunch and dinner. We ate there twice for lunch, once for dinner; highlights included the amazing chaya tacos, lasagna, tofu scramble, oyster mushroom ceviche, and the mole. The tamarind, ginger, and habanero juice is a must-try (tart sweetness with a kick!). Service is impeccable--food and everything else will be brought to you by the ever-smiling Roberto. The chef--I think her name is Martina--also came out for a visit. After traveling around meat-heavy Yucatan for 2 weeks, we felt like we had found paradise at Restaurare. Highly recommended. Oh, and only minutes from the beautiful beach.

Beco do Jasmim 18, Lisbon, Portugal

Great food, great neighborhood

20 Jul 2013

Unlike some other reviewers, I didn't find the neighborhood to feel unsafe at all. It is definitely a residential area with an ethnically and socio-economically diverse population, but that doesn't make it 'dangerous'. I also found the restaurant without any problems whatsoever. Yes, it's located in a small (and lovely square) a few twists off the main street, but as long as you're following a map you'll be fine. It's also an easy walk from the main center (Chiado) of town.

Onto the food--I imagine the menu changes daily, it's also limited to a single main entree, a small selection of tapas, a soup, and deserts. I don't mind the small selection at all; everything I ate--in this case, I tried the three tapas, which was enough food for me--was delicious. These included a really nice soba noodle dish, a small slice of incredible pizza, and a slice of savory mushroom pie. My only complaint at all would be that the tapas dishes were very starch-heavy. I'd have enjoyed having a dish that was more heavily vegetable and / or protein focused for one of the three tapas. But that's a small complaint. For dessert I had cheesecake (remember: everything is vegan!), which very much met my expectations--creamy goodness very reminiscent of New York cheesecake.

Updated from previous review on Saturday July 20, 2013

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