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2 Harakeke St, Riccarton, Christchurch

BUddhist Temple

I really liked this place. It is located inside the BUddhist Temple in Riccarton but itt gets quite a good buisness and the food is very tasty. The atmosphere is the best of almost any vegetarian restaurant I've reviewed so far and vegans, like myself, are very catered to.

602 Colombo Street, Christchurch

Govinda's on Columba St.

Govinda's is a very popular Hare Krishna Vegetarian restaurant on Columbo St. in downtown. Govinda's, I have to say, caters more for vegetarian than vegans because the lunch special is NOT vegan but only vegetarian. Vegetarians can get a large, tasty meal at a cheap price, while vegans are left ordering from what's already prepared. My complaint is that the vegan things are pre-made and dropped up by a buisness. I did not think my food was very fresh because I had to order the vegan burger from the cabinet and it had not been made at the reatuarnt. My meal, since I am vegan, was also nowhere near as filling or as cheap as the vegetarian buffet offered.

397 Ilam Rd, Christchurch

Bodhi Tree = Small portions.

The Bodhi Tree specializes in delicate Burmese Cuisine and is best if you go with a group and plan to share a bunch of small dishes. I'd say don't come here with a large appetite or you could end up spending A LOT of money.

363 St Asaph St, Christchurch

Lotus Heart in the heart of town

This is the new LOtus Heart, iot was renovated this year and is much more asthetically pleasing than their other restaurant located on Columba St. and only open MOn - Fri. There is a buffet offered at the Cathedral Lotus Heart on Sundays and it also offers an extensive menu for dinner from 6pm daily. There are all sorts of cuisines offered at dinner time - Italian, Japanese, etc, etc. The menu is literally pages and you can view it by walking into the downstairs of the old post ofice building (outside Starbucks) during the day.
The food at Lotus Herat is quite satisfying but most importantly it is undeniably healthy and they use the most delicate ingredients. This is why, I guess, their prices are a bit high for my taste and one can end up spending 20 dollars on a lunch meal if they order off of the menu and additionally get a smoothie. The portions, for my taste, are small and expensive but it's nice to know they care so much about our health and guess that doesn't come for free. I highly reccommend the smoothies with wheatgrass etc, they have an entire smoothie menu and smoothies that specialize for sertain things e.g immunity, sore muscles, concentration, etc. Also, if you would like a shot of wheatgrass, go to the food court on top of the bus depot on Columbo St. and wheat grass shots are made fresh when you order.

2 Wharenui Rd, Riccarton, Christchurch

Welcome Chinese Vegetarian in Riccarton

Everyone else pretty much tells you most things. The menu is extensive, 85% of it is vegan, and the owner is very friendly. I do however have a couple of complaints. The food is almost all fried (predominantly deep fried) and the restaurant is located kind of in a strip mall so it lacks ambience. I think the deep-frying is just a result of it being Chinese cuisine and the ambience cannot be helped, for if more people were into Vegan food we wouldn't have to deal with it.

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