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85 Ferris St, Bridgeport, USA

Somewhat pricey but worth it!

09 Nov 2009

Bloodroot is within 5 minutes of my apartment so my fiance and I eat there whenever we can afford it! The food is almost always delicious, and it is obvious that the produce is fresh. In particular, the soups are wonderful - they always have a selection of at least 3 different soups and I've never had a bad one. The homemade bread is also delicious. If you want to keep the price down, order the soup/salad/bread combo. The entrees can get fairly pricey - usually between 13-20 bucks, and the portions aren't huge, so if you like to eat a lot, you may feel like you didn't get enough for your money. But they make up in quality for what they don't have in quantity. Almost every entree is vegan or can be, and the entrees change on a regular basis. The last time I went there I had quinoa with butternut squash and sauteed brussels sprouts. Delicious!! The portion was small, but I didn't mind because that meant room for dessert! I highly recommend the vegan Chocolate Devastation Cake, and their fall seasonal dessert, vegan apple pie. The ordering may seem a little confusing for a first time visiter - you go up to a desk and tell one of the owners what you would like to order, which you find off of a chalkboard above the kitchen area. Then she writes everything down, you pay, and bring the slip over to the kitchen. They call your name when your order is ready and you bring it to the table yourself, and when you're done you bus your own table. Some other reviewers have complained about this, but I think it adds to the charm of the restaurant - it makes it feel more like you're eating at a relative's house. The decor is perfect - various old photographs on the walls, knit blankets hanging from the rafters, antique mismatched tables and chairs. There is also a bookstore with an excellent selection of books pertaining to feminism, vegetarianism, and so on. The owners and employees are so friendly and accomodating. One more thing - they do brunch on Sundays, which I like even better than the dinner. The tofu scramble, home fries, and vegan pancakes are all amazing. Overall, this isn't a place most people can afford to eat at every day, but when you can afford it, you have to check it out.

520 Capitol Ave, Bridgeport, USA

Inexpensive and Delicious Vegan Food!!

10 Nov 2009

Shandal's is amazing. The restaurant is so small and seemingly out of place in downtown Bridgeport, you'd never guess the wonderful food that awaits you when you enter. Shandal is so friendly and helpful, and he's a mighty fine cook. Everything is vegan, and there are so many different choices. The prices have gone up to 8 bucks for a large tray and 6 bucks for a small tray, but it's still a great value. The first time I went I got the 8 dollar tray so I could try more foods and it was enough for 3 meals! I enjoyed everything, but my favorites were the BBQ tofu and the mashed potatoes. The BBQ tofu has an amazing flavor, not too sweet, not too spicy, and when you order it with the mashed potatoes he takes the BBQ "drippings" and pours them on the mashed potatoes like gravy. Soooo good!!!! And as some other reviewers have pointed out, you have to order the mashed potatoes not only because they are so creamy and tasty, but because Shandal has this super-cool way of scooping them into a little ball. You get 6 different items with the 8 dollar tray, so it's easy to try everything and figure out what you like best. He also gives good recommendations for what goes with what. The only complaint I have (and this isn't Shandal's fault at all) is that the place is so tiny - there are only a couple of small tables with chairs, so it's difficult to dine in. I hope enough people find out about this great food so he can open up in a larger location and have some more seating!! You will not be disappointed with Shandal's.

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