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14 Fellbrigg Road, South East London, England


24 Sep 2012

Today was our third visit to the Blue Brick Cafe.
The first time we were put off by the lack of vegan options, ending up with rather greasy and slightly dull spaghetti. The basic main menu for vegans seems to be spaghetti, curry and salads with things left off. Also lack of vegan desserts.
Second time (we reluctantly tried again), we hit late breakfast time and had a great breakfast, home made baked beans, mushrooms which were excellent, homemade veggie sausages, tomatoes, spinach and toast with good coffee. Couldn't fault it and we were offered vegan cake too!
Today we went again, especially for breakfast, no baked beans they'd run out, so they gave us two sausages instead, one of us doesn't eat mushrooms so they offered extra tomatoes but didn't follow through.Ended up a rather mediocre breakfast which could have been improved by a tin of shop baked beans, we'd still have been disappointed but it would have been more substantial.
So in conclusion, wouldn't go for lunch or dinner if vegan probably okay if veggie (lots of cheese), good for vegan breakfasts on their day but inconsistent, overall average but nice to have another veg place in South London.

71 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, South East London, England

Modern Indian

15 Apr 2011

Great, modern Indian, typical restaurant for East Dulwich. Nice decor, food was good, they are clearly going for an original style with food served as courses rather than more traditionally. The food was great, slightly on the spicy side. The owner is super friendly and was keen to become more vegan considering soya lassis and vegan desserts (Vegans go here and persaude him). Downside was no vegan desserts right now, thankfully we were full anyway. Wine and menu on the other hand were very clearly labelled for vegans.

188 Upper Tooting Rd, London, UK, South West London, England

Great place

04 May 2010

We eat here a lot and the menu gets boring after a time despite the rotating specials but the food is great. The vegetable curry of the day is always nice. Gujarati Thali means you can try and variety of different things (and all vegan) and chilli banana curry is great (though not on every day). They are a bit funny if you don't book at busy times though. However we have always got a table.

1547 London Road, Norbury, South West London, England

Great takeaway

15 Apr 2011

We haven't made it to the restaurant yet but have got great takeaway from here and you can order online from hungry house. The menu clearly states what is vegan and we had very friendly service.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 04, 2010

We have now made it to the restaurant! Average Indian food, not terribly friendly service but fine. Reasonable cost. Just a perfectly average, nice enough veg Indian restaurant who do at least understand what vegans are.

4 Erskine Rd, Primrose Hill, North West London, England


24 Sep 2012

What's up with Manna these days? Once Manna was excellent, truly excellent, not quite world class but pretty good, certainly the best in London. Then it started getting worse so I wrote a bad review on here and then removed it after a good experience and now been back again and not so sure I wasn't right the first time.
So our recent experience with Manna
Menu- really is getting more boring each time for main courses, starters they are more adventurous with and we'll get to desserts later. One special a day does not do it.
Staff: friendly enough but seem to have less autonomy than they used to.
Food: Starters- portions have got smaller and smaller, had satay and was markedly worse than ever before, soggy,little flavour
Main course. DH had the special and was excellent, old Manna standard definitely, good food. I had Chef's salad, it is not as good as it used to be, small portions of the tasty stuff and too many leaves but still good enough
Dessert: we got unlucky here. Now why go to Manna and not to somewhere like Amico Bio which serves great simple fresh food? It is because Manna is one of the few places which does decent vegan desserts. Having had a fab experience of their Knickerbocker Glory in the past, we opted for the Banana Split. Bad choice! three scoops of Swedish glace (we can buy that in the shops, why homemade ice cream for everything else but not the Banana split), a halved banana, a teaspoon literally of sauce and squirty cream. Now I'm sorry but that is way below standard. So we complained.
Apologies and you can have it off the bill, okay, we were pleased with that, we hadn't intended for them to take it off the bill, just wanted to let them know that perhaps they could reconsider how they made their banana splits
two minutes later "no we can't take it off the bill"
well fine but why tell us you can.
£100 bill as usual and left feeling disappointed.
This is our Manna problem at the moment,you leave disappointed, don't go back for a while and eat in other places and then get tempted back by the great sounding menu and fond memories of the past, you go back hopeful and leave disappointed. It is a vicious circle. The question is can we break it. Is it possible to have a great experience at Manna now or will we eventually realize that our hope is misplaced, that the best we will get will be okay.
I am giving them four cows because comparing to other veg places they are still above average but will they continue their downward slide or improve?

294 Cabot St, Beverly, USA

Much better than expected

06 May 2008

We went here having read all the negative reviews and we only decided to go because it was our only local option. However it was fine, the food was decent, the corn chowder was lovely, we had tasty sandwiches and cakes and a smoothie each and it wasn't particularly expensive either.

10438 National Blvd, Los Angeles, USA


04 May 2008

We went here for breakfast while in LA,the pancakes were great and we enjoyed the smoothies but the breakfast burrito wasn't so good and the place didn't open until 11 which is possibly a bit late for breakfast. Service was pretty average, not especially friendly but fine.

1 Shubbery Road, Streatham, London, UK, South West London, England

Well it is the only veg place in Streatham

04 May 2010

Haven't met a vegetarian in real life who likes this place yet. There is a vegan choice everyday but it is limited and they are obsessed with cheese and can't seem to figure out how to make vegan cakes or desserts.
Everything is cooked in advance and reheated in a microwave. Some days you get lucky and get one of their two good meals (Nut burgers and Nut crumble probably the best) otherwise it is veggie stew or curry and it tastes the same everytime. The soup is mostly vegan and they make their own bread. It isn't cheap either.
Staff are friendly but mostly not veggie and since they do the cooking it may be the reason for the unimaginative food. There are better non veg places to eat locally which do veg food so I would personally only eat here if a)you refuse to eat in non veg restaurants or b)you haven't eaten here before and you like pretty basic stew/soup/salad sort of food or c) you aren't vegan or d) you can't be bothered to cook and live pretty close and want a healthy takeaway.

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