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Renmin Road, Dali, China

Excellent food, vegan options

15 May 2013

I visited here four times. Loved the atmosphere (usually there were hardly any other people there when I was there but that's ok) - one day I just relaxed there with a book and a kombucha for a few hours. Their soups are very good - tried a tomato/veg soup one day and another day a carrot and ginger soup - both excellent. Their vegan burger was so good I had to go back and have it again. It appears they make the bread for the burger themselves. The patty itself is made of veggies and beans and is very tasty. Note that the menu calls it a vegan burger but you have the option of different sauces, one of which is mayonnaise. But they should ask you which one you want (however one of the times I visited the waiter/cook couldn't speak any english, however hopefully they don't put in mayonnaise in by default). The vegan burger is served with 'tuber chips' which is not quite what I expected (not the kind of vege chips you'd eat with ketchup, instead different kinds of root veges cut thinly and served more like crisps than fries). At 25RMB for the vegan burger and tuber chips it's a decent price (though some menus say the burger is 30RMB). The 5RMB soup at 12-1pm and 5-6pm is excellent value.
The menu isn't huge but everything I tried was excellent so I highly recommend this place.

Renmin Road, Dali, China

nice little place to eat a chinese-style meal

15 May 2013

I only went here once but the food was excellent and it was nice to eat a vegan local-style meal with the locals! When I was there the guy had invited 4 friends and I was the only tourist. Only he could speak some english. The food included purple rice (healthier than white rice), eggplant with two kinds of tasty sauces, beans, very tasty mushrooms and soup with tomato and green veges. All were cooked and flavoured to perfection. It was great value at just 15RMB.
I forgot to ask the guy if he minded if I list it on Happy Cow but I forgot, oops! As I said above, the shop is small so they probably can't handle a big group showing up and anyway they'd want to know in advance to know how much to cook. But if just one or two people you should be able to show up just before 7pm to get a meal.

Lot 8-9, Ground Floor, Blk 15, Bandar Baru Penampang, Batu 5, Jl. Penampang 5, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Great Chinese vegetarian food

15 Aug 2013

This restaurant is actually a few hundred metres behind and to the right of the hypermarket, in one of the rows of buildings. The restaurant is green and the large sign clearly says 'vegetarian' (but with a Chinese name rather than "Green Garden"). Initially we thought we could walk there but the bus is the best option (bus 13) as it is quite far from the city. Be warned though, that the buses appear to finish early in the evening (one local thought around 7.30pm).

The food was great and very affordable (most dishes were RM 8-12 and you have a choice of small, medium or large for most dishes). We ordered four small dishes plus rice which was a lot of food (even the small sizes are of a decent size) and it only cost RM 42. They have many veggie meat dishes of all kinds, tofu dishes, vegetable dishes, rice dishes, ironplate and claypot dishes, you name it. We're looking forward to going back!

230 Bui Vien Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCMC , Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nice atmosphere, good food

22 Dec 2012

I ate here a couple of times and thought it was a nice place to eat. One dish was coconut rice (fried rice served inside a coconut!) which was very good. Very handy to the tourist area too. Definately check this one out!

Lot 24, Jalan Tugu, Kampung Air, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Small vegetarian buffet, but good

01 Sep 2013

There is no mention of the place being vegetarian on the outside sign, or on the inside from what I could see, but I checked and the owner said yes and that she is Buddhist and a vegetarian, and the food is all vegetarian.

There were about 6 dishes in the trays to choose from - mock meats, tofu and vegetables).

There is less choice than other vegetarian buffets around town but the food was tasty and cheap.

It seems they can also make some dishes on order like nasi goreng and mee goreng.

Maenamkwai Rd, Muang Kanchanaburi, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Great little restaurant

21 Dec 2012

I ate there last night and this morning and thought it was a great little place. Miss On is a lovely lady and the food was very tasty. Today I even requested if she could cook me some tofu and veges with her peanut sauce and she was quite happy to oblige. Her peanut sauce is excellent. The food prices are very reasonable and the serving sizes are decent. The location is fantastic too - right on the tourist strip. Definately check this place out when you go to Kanchanaburi!

G17, Jalan Tun Razak, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Nice friendly little place

01 Sep 2013

I finally managed to find this place open after visiting on many occasions (in the evening - I didn't know then they closed at 5 or 6pm) and was happy to find the owner to be very friendly and the food to be excellent.

I had the Braised Mushroom and Bean Curd Skin Rice, and also got the assam fish as an added extra, all for RM11 (two pieces of the fish was RM3; the main dish was RM8). The mushrooms were fat and juicy shiitake mushrooms which I love! The bean curd and fish (with a nice tomato/chilli sauce) was good too.

It's amazing they manage in such a tiny place (the 'kitchen' is in the same one room as the eating space for guests, though there are a few tables outside too - though I actually enjoyed watching them prepare the food as you don't often get to see that!).

I look forward to visiting again.

Sisavath Street, Vientiane, Laos

Good food, nice owner

22 Dec 2012

A nice little vegan restaurant about 15 minutes walk from the main tourist area of Vientiane. The owner was very friendly and happy to chat. There was a large selection of food, a lot of it Lao-style with fresh greens etc that you add to noodles, but there were quite a few cooked vegetable dishes to eat with rice, some deep fried vegetables (yum) and a dessert. Very good value being all you can eat for 25,000 kip.

Central Town Road, Vang Vieng, Laos

Excellent restaurant

21 Dec 2012

I ate here just about every meal while I was in Vang Vieng (for 5 days). I especially enjoyed the burgers especially the pumpkin burger. And the soy sausage was great (a little spicy but very tasty) as I was lucky enough to try it. It was a lovely place with some tables where you could sit cross-legged (some tables with chairs also) and some veg-friendly artwork on the walls. The prices were a little more than I was paying for other meals in Laos but it was well worth it for the great food, the lovely staff and since it was the only veg restaurant in Vang Vieng it was nice to support them. Highly recommended!

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