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140 Public Square, Cleveland, USA

Great location, good food

01 Feb 2014

Cool spot for vegan food on the Public Square. They have a small seating area, and no frills inside. Only dining there once, the food was good. I had a TLT: Tempeh, Lettuce, and Tomato. The servers were friendly. It'd be nice to see more variety, or recipe risk-taking, with the food options. The theme is homemade, but many items are pre-processed (albeit in excellent taste). I'll happily eat there again, but not before trying the other restaurants in town.

607 E Main St, Abingdon, USA

Great meal!

30 Jan 2014

Uncanny surprise travelling through this smaller town. They make their own bread and vegan doughnuts. Every menu item had a vegan option, if it wasn't already. The meatball sub was very good. The locaton was a little easy to miss, driving by for the first time. I'll gladly try them again the next time I'm in town.

2007 Commonwealth Ave, Charlotte, USA

C'mon, it's The Common Market!

02 Feb 2014

I'm not sure why there aren't 100 reviews of this place. I think the locals don't want to share. The Common Market is an awesome kinda dive-y sandwich shop / bar / convenience store / music venue / cultural center that does nothing by the book. Eclectic, diverse, anyone? The best vegan breakfast item is the Vegan Dawn. It's not on the menu. It doesn't matter. Just ask for it - or whatever you want. Vegan Reuben -- it's not even on the menu, you just need to ask. For vegetarians, the Common Market won an award for best pimento cheese sandwich in town. The Fancy Pants -- not even on the menu. Order one anyway. They make the vegan 1000 Island for you from scratch when you order. Can't decide? Ask for something vegan and it's guaranteed to be good. The place has been around much longer than I've been in town, and is likely to be a great meeting spot for some time to come.

1515 S Tryon ST Unit 100, Charlotte, USA

Great place to relax and lunch

05 Jan 2013

Common Market South End (not to be confused with the on Commonwealth) is a great place to stop by anytime for a sandwich, or some creative brunch on Sunday. There are only some vegetarian items on the menu, but they'll happily modify an item for you. Cool daily lunch specials. They don't always have the freshest, local ingredients - but sometimes they do! Prices are fair, and the courtyard patio is probably the areas most relaxing one in the afternoon and lively one at night. Nice beer and wine selection, with rotating taps. Tip: place your order at the counter in the back, then take your receipt to the front to pay. They'll call your number.

829 Fleming St, Key West, USA

Hip Vibe

16 Nov 2009

This place definitely had more going on than any of the shops off of Duval Street. The menu was exciting and it seems like the people who own it care to make a difference in food service - more of the outdoor linear space seemed dedicated to composting than consuming. The wrap I tried was alright, though the price seemed high. Everything does cost a little bit more in the Keys due to land values & transportation costs. I will definitely be back.

2000 South Blvd, Charlotte, USA

Fresh Creative Quality

14 Jan 2011

I've visited a few times since the business reopened as "Luna's" and everything has been the epitome of fresh. The folks who run the place are genuinely happy to provide you with the best, and they demonstrate it with the quality and presentation of their fare. The price may be a little high for Charlotte's low cost of living, and sometimes I've had to wait a little long, but it's always been worth it. The menu is exciting and creative. The city is lucky to have them!

917 Simonton St, Key West, USA


25 Nov 2009

They do have a sign that says "vegan kitchen" on the wall, but I didn't investigate. A couple of barstools are the only seats. Tasty smoothies!

509 Southard St, Key West, USA

Cafe The

25 Nov 2009

I've eaten here a few times over the last few years and I must say that this is the best, albeit semi-, vegetarian restaurant in the Keys. We've always had great food and service. I imagine the restaurant thrives off of tourists, and having fish on the menu helps bring them in. They serve beer - including from my favourite brewery: Dogfish Head. Although, I'm sure, most of the ingredients have to be trucked in from the mainland, I'm told that they do make their own seitan. Bravo!

1811 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, USA


25 Nov 2009

The Place perhaps functions better as a coffee shop than a destination for a good meal. Good service every time I've been, though. Good coffee is its strong suit. No one will hassle you if you sit for a few hours -- so the seats may fill up.

1601 Central Ave, Charlotte, USA

Great place for vegetarian breakfast

02 Feb 2014

Zada Jane's was one of the best places in Charlotte for breakfast -- vegetarian or not. Not to worry -- they have different ranges to keep the meat stuff separated -- so I hear. They also seem to use quality ingredients. It'd be great to see some more vegan options on the menu, but folks who dig eggs and cheese will be in hog heaven.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday October 28, 2009

7945 N Tryon St Unit 110, Charlotte, USA


29 Oct 2009

Only place for veggie comfort food in Charlotte. Lots of mock meat options. The only reason we won't be here daily is because of the loaction.

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