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7 Trubarjeva, Ljubljana, Slovenia

very satisfied

12 Oct 2010

The old centre needed a place like this. It's set in a small atrium and the interior is pleasant as well. I love the variety of legumes, nuts, seeds, soya produce, fresh veg and garnish in the salad bar - most of these I would otherwise not take the time to make at home in small quantities. One can choose between plenty of menu combinations. Not that many cooked main course choices, but all tasty, and some really nice deserts and fresh juices. Staff is friendly and patient.

Slovenska cesta 38, Ljubljana, Slovenia

very useful, wish there were more

14 Oct 2010

Perfect location, handy for when you're in a hurry. Efficient and friendly staff, fresh looking interior design. Every city needs a couple of these. Smartly constructed menu with a good variety of tastes and humorous names. It's just too bad they serve drinks in disposable plastic - bring your own bottle/container and ask if they can fill it up. They take student coupons, otherwise a bit expensive for a student budget. The loyalty card offers a free drink on your birthday and everytime after a fixed number of purchases (I forget how many), there is also an electronic version as a gift coupon.

Igriška ulica 5, Ljubljana, Slovenia

expected a lot more

12 Oct 2010

While I understand the concept of student-geared fast food, I expected a lot more; namely more, better and fresher food choices, bigger portions, friendlier, faster and more involved staff with better attitude, environmentally friendly packaging, a more comfortable interior and a more reasonable price. I will most likely not be coming back unless I hear the place has changed.

Smartinska 152, BTC hala 9, Ljubljana, Slovenia

good one-stop shop, hard to afford everyday

12 Oct 2010

The shop has been extended a bit, has a pleasant interior and a good selection of grain, sweet food, cleansers, cosmetics etc., as well as brochures on healthy, eco living and related organisations. The fresh fruit and veg disappoint me a bit, some look/feel hydroponic (though I'm not 100 % on that), there is not much variety and whenever I visited, there were only small quantities left (to be fair, that just might mean people buy them up quickly). Much merch is still in plastic or just redundant packaging, and there could be more wholesale containers. Again, I can't just blame the store - they support local producers, rightly so of course, and many of those still use plastic. The prices are quite high, but we're going to have to come to terms with the fact that good food is just not as cheap as empty calorie food (if the price breaks down fairly so that the producer gets enough!). The loyalty card could, however, offer more. Considering everything, this is for me still the best one-stop environmentally friendly shop in my vicinity due to the variety of products, but as the eco market in Slovenia develops, I hope to see further improvements and more competition.

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