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Calle 62 Unit 468A, Colonia Centro, Merida, Mexico

Nice decor, boring food

22 Nov 2013

I ate here twice, and was pretty underwhelmed by the food both times. It's a nice place to hang out, as they have a very nice courtyard and a nice book and gift store. However, the food is pretty bland (and that's saying a lot in Yucatan) and overpriced.

Drahtgasse 3, Vienna, Austria


08 Jan 2010

The restaurant is right in the center, true, but that is its own redeeming feature. The seats are uncomfortable, the service is slow, and the food is sub par and kind of expensive. Everything is really salty, vegan dishes all consist of seitan.

Kastanienallee 85, Berlin, Germany

Fun bar, great brunch

22 Nov 2013

The bar is nice to come to in the evenings for some drinks. You can hang out by yourself as well, use the computer of WiFi. It really does have a co-op feel. However, there will not be much food. They really might just have a hummus platter.

Weekend buffet brunch is great. The dishes are simple, but there are many of them, mostly vegan, with many very delicious vegan spreads. They price is flexible, and we were happy to pay the maximum, because we really were very satisfied.

Don't expect fast or friendly service here, but the people working the bar aren't mean. They're just keeping it cool and grungy.

Borsov 2, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

Beautiful and delicious

22 Nov 2013

You really have to make reservations to get into this place, as it's pretty small and usually busy, but if you come right at opening, you might get in before the the later reservations. We came twice without reservations, and were able to get dinner, though once we had to sit at the single table in the courtyard.

This is a sister restaurant of Maitrea, so the decor is also very beautiful and magical. The menu was better in some ways, because we found more vegan things to eat, and they were actually mostly different from what Maitrea serves. Too often this is not the case with restaurants with the same ownership. All the food was delicious, even simple things like grilled vegetables. I actually thought the service was pretty decent too, attentive and fast, if not smiley. The location is nice, just steps away from the river side promenade. It's also right next to some great bars, such as Hemingway.

8900 W Broad St Ste A, Richmond, USA


22 Nov 2013

God, this place is sooo sooo good! Thank you for opening in Richmond! I can bike to several restaurants in my neighborhood, but I make the drive out here at least once a month because the food is always great. When they say it's spicy, it's actually spicy. The ingredients are fresh and varied. The service is always very sweet. My favorite is Royal noodle soup (big enough for an entree) and orange soy protein. I actually crave this place.

Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany

too expensive

04 Oct 2013

Our dinner for two here cost 100 euros. In Berlin two people can eat dinner out for a week with that kind of money. It was absolutely not worth the money. Firstly, the service is not courteous, the iPad menus are superfluous and hard to use, and the open kitchen is not attractive. When it comes to the food, it is very, very average, from appetizer to dessert. Nothing had much flavor, nothing was particularly creative or gourmet. To charge this kind of money for vegetables you have to do something amazing with them. It's not enough for the food to be edible. I can tell you I've had much better and more interesting vegan and raw dinners in my life. After leaving this place I felt cheated out of my money - it just did not deliver.

Warschauer Strasse 33, Berlin, Germany

Great view, pizza needs work

22 Nov 2013

We found this restaurant by accident while visiting the East Side Gallery, and were so excited that we waited around until it opened for dinner to try it. The decor and especially the view are fantastic. It's a great setting for a romantic dinner.

For some reason, the menu comes as a stack of sheets on a clipboard. This is hard to flip through, especially because even though it was dinner time, they did not remove the pages for the lunch menu (isn't that the point?).

The wine and appetizers were tasty. We both got pizza for the main course, and it was extremely disappointing. Pizza is ALL ABOUT THE CRUST! It doesn't matter how good your toppings are if your crust is bad! And if your crust is great, you can get away with just about any topping. Unfortunately the chefs here don't know this. The crust was soggy and fell apart as you tried to pick up slices. Needless to say, it wasn't pleasant to eat. Also, the pizza did not come pre-cut, so it was even more challenging to deal with it. The real shame of it is, the sauce and toppings were actually quite good. But the wet crust ruined everything. I'm really confounded by this, because all pizza crust is actually vegan, and its quality really has nothing to do with dairy. It's flour and water. Please send someone to Italy for a short course, because this restaurant has some serious potential.

309 N Laurel St, Richmond, USA

Vegetarian platter FTW

22 Nov 2013

I come here on a regular basis, both on dates and with friends. Meat eaters can get meat, but if you're vegetarian or vegan, they have multiple options for you, and they're all vegan. On certain days they have chickpea cakes, but it's rare. Usually I get the vegetarian combination platter, which gives you a sampling of 5 dishes. I've been to several Ethiopian places in DC, and this place is totally on the level. The food is absolutely delicious. The service is always, always friendly, no matter who it is - they always look genuinely happy to see you.

As an extra bonus, they sometimes have Afro-beat dance parties here, which are absolutely awesome. People bring drums to play, and you can dance barefoot if you want.
Updated from previous review on Friday November 22, 2013

2620 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, USA

A pleasant surprise

14 Jul 2014

It was getting late, everything was closing, and we were really hungry. We came in here with low expectations, hoping to score some beans and rice and maybe guacamole, because by the look of it you would never know that this place completely accommodates vegans. Every single entree on the menu could be made with one of several vegan meats, including Gardein, as well as with vegan cheese! We both got enchiladas with Daya cheese, and they were actually amazing! FYI margaritas were pretty low on alcohol.

Nostitzstr. 33, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Tiny but tasty

22 Nov 2013

Had dinner here after shopping in Kreuzberg. The place is very, very small, and only a few items are available for food. For example, the day I was there, they had one soup, one panini and maybe one or two other things. The soup was delicious, and the panini pretty good as well. However, when it comes to drinks and dessers, this place hits it out of the park. They make many different coffees, and they also make ginger tea from fresh ginger to order, cutting the ginger right in front of you. They have a glass case with several prepackaged vegan desserts. I had the tiramisu, which was probably the best I've ever tried - creating a good vegan tiramisu is a huge accomplishment. The best thing about this little cafe is the extremely friendly and kind service. The girls who work here actually seem to care about their customers. I paid for everything right away, but asked to have my tea after the meal, and they just said "Sure, just let us know when you want us to make it!" A really refreshing experience.

22 S Addison St, Richmond, USA

An inspired kitchen!

08 Jan 2011

This place just opened a month ago, and I've already been there twice. Just great! The cafe is light (big windows), friendly, and warm, always crowded. A dinner for two was 26 dollars, lunch for two - 18 dollars. They use almond milk for their espresso drinks. There're tons of vegan options (almost everything can be made vegan), and everything I've had so far has been flavorful without being too salty. The soups are fantastic. My non-vegetarian bf has loved everything as well, including a pizza with veggie chorizo. They have a small brick oven, in which they bake pizza, rolls, and homemade pita. The pizzas are small enough for an individual portion, but big enough for two people that want to have a light meal. I highly recommend this to anyone visiting Richmond, especially because it's cheaper than Ipanema, more attractive inside, and less hipstery (you can take you parents or kids here, the crowd is of mixed ages).

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany

Quick and tasty

22 Nov 2013

I ate here a few times because I lived nearby. The coffees are very good, as are the bagel sandwiches and soups. I got a smoothie here one time, and it was excellent. The other time I wanted a green smoothie, and they told me they were out of spinach, which is just funny, because you can easily buy organic spinach in several stores on that street. Beware that they tend to run out of most soup options after lunch. The vegan soft-serve ice cream is to die for - really, much better than you would expect. I also got prepared salads out of the fridge several times, and they were all really good, with creative combinations of grains, vegetables, and fruits. The cafe has free WiFi, and the staff is fairly friendly. They have extra seating in another part of the building, but going there is a bit awkward if you're ordering food here.

Franz Josef Strasse 3, Salzburg, Austria

Friendly and Delicious

08 Jan 2010

Heart of Joy is close to the train station and the old city. It was the first place I ate after a long trip from the States. It is a family business, and the staff is extremely friendly and caring. They menu comes in German, English, and even Russian. They have fresh juices, 3 kinds of vegan milk, a full espresso bar. When I said that I was vegan, the owner said "It's not on the menu, but my mom can make you buckwheat with vegetables." Definitely try it if you have the chance - it's delicious!

917 W Grace St, Richmond, USA

Hit or miss, but still a favorite

22 Nov 2013

This place used to be a bit of a gamble, mostly with seasonal dishes. The mainstays are always good, but something new could be pretty bad - too salty, overcooked, too sour, or just way too many ingredients. However, I feel that lately they have gotten more consistent, and my last two meals here were great. They have also turned down the music during dinner, which is much appreciated. The service is always very nice here, despite the hipstery clientele. I also enjoy just coming here to drink or listen to music, as their bartenders are usually professional and the wine selection is excellent.

The desserts deserve a separate mention because they are superb, with several vegan options. I often get a salad and a pie for dinner.

Ahornergasse 4, Vienna, Austria

Delicious and friendly

08 Jan 2010

There is no English menu here and only one person speaks English. However, you can get "menu" or plate of the day without much German. It's big and delicious, and usually vegan (if you ask, vegan is vegan in German :). They have a delicious hemp beer (Hanfbier), and the desserts are great, especially the blueberry pie with almonds MMMMM (also vegan). The food leans towards Indian, but also has some traditional Austrian things like fried onion. They will make almost anything vegan here. It's also affordable. Plate of the day with a beer and a dessert runs you only 12 euro (pretty cheap in Vienna).

Neue Blumenstrasse 5, Mitte, Berlin, Germany

The hardest place to find

22 Nov 2013

This restaurant was nearly impossible to find. It sits in a small building in the midst of high rise apartment buildings, so street names and numbers are not of much help here. We biked around forever, and eventually had to call them to get a better description of where they might be. So it wasn't really surprising that when we got there, the place was quite empty. It was also very quiet. I found this to be a welcome respite from the activity of Mitte, but my partner found it awkward. However, the restaurant is part of a meditation center, so the remote location and quiet atmosphere make sense to me.

The menu is only a couple of dishes, but I enjoyed all the food extremely. The pumpkin soup and the entree (salad, side, and protein on a plate) were both well balanced, healthy, and delicious. The portions are very generous - you can easily have the soup as your dinner. The tea was also very nice.

Not everything on the menu is vegan, and the employees seemed to be confused on what contained dairy. That just seems funny when you have only 3 dishes.
Nevertheless, I think the service was very nice and friendly. Actually, I felt bad for the man and young girl who served the food, because I saw the woman who cooks the food yelling at them in front of us. It might be a family thing, but this seemed a bit out of place in a meditation center.

Since I already know where it is, I would come here again for a healthy dinner if I was near Alexanderplatz.

Tynska ulicka 6, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

No super vegan, but delicious and beautiful

22 Nov 2013

The latest review is right - there actually aren't that many vegan options here. But my boyfriend and I ate here 3 times during our time in Prague, and we managed to find stuff to eat each time. The food was delicious, and the portions were generous. I especially enjoyed the sausage with onions appetizer and the vegetarian goulash. I didn't like the fresh squeezed juice because it had too much pulp in it, and the "special" coffee they serve here is actually pretty terrible. However, the lemonade really was great. The desserts were not very memorable. The service is not great, but you have to remember that you're in Prague, where friendly service is not a well known concept, so keeping that in mind, they actually do pretty well at this restaurant. Also, the decor is so absolutely beautiful, both upstairs and downstairs, that it's worth it to come here just for that.

Fleischmarkt 16 im Hof, Vienna, Austria

A gem

08 Jan 2010

This restaurant is hard to find - it is inside a courtyard to the right of a steakhouse actually - there is a whole complex of stores, a spa, and a restaurant called Mandalahof.

There is only one "plate" every day, you choose small or large, with or without soup. You sit at a large table. It is also a health food store, and the merchandise is along the walls.

You can get a whole thermos of tea for 1.5 euro
Espresso with vegan milks is 2-2.5 euro
Vegan cake and delicious vegan apfelstrudel
Affordable - I got a thermos of tea, a soup, a large plate of food, and 3 slices of apfelstrudel to take home - everything cost 16 euros.

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