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3500 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, USA

You'll get your money's worth

30 Mar 2008

This tiny restaurant has a nice selection of dishes, is neat and tidy and the service is quick and friendly. The prices are very reasonable, and the lunch special is a major bargin. It's not a fancy place, but you will feel welcomed and comfortable. Au Lac has one restroom, which is large and well stocked. The restaurant's only drawback is the location; its not in the greatest part of town. It's certainly safe during the daytime, though, and there is a parking lot in the back with a rear entrance into the building.

2217 NE Alberta St, Portland, USA

This place will make your sweet tooth ecstatic

12 Oct 2011

If you love sweets, Back to Eden will not disappoint. You'll find scrumptious cakes, oookies, pies, cupcakes, and so on along with ice cream and candy. If your not in the mood for a sugary treat, they also offer bagels, quiche, calzone and several other items, and both hot and cold drinks. While very small (seats 14), this place is quiet and clean, and free WIFI is offered. Its a great place to treat yourself to a yummy while doing some reading, homework, etc. Check out the small, but good selection of vegan cookbooks for sale.

1713 NE 15th Ave, Portland, USA

upscale vegan resturant

12 Oct 2011

Most vegan eateries are very casual, but The Blossoming Lotus, while casual, has some added touches that make it a step above the rest; cloth napkins, nice tableware, candles on the tables, etc. The food is excellent and well presented. Prices are fair as are the portions. There are several appetizers and salads, a soup, and 8 entrees on the dinner menu. The interior is tasteful but modestly decorated. There is seating for 50, and it has two large, clean restrooms.

135 Argall Way, Nevada City, USA

great store and restaurant

29 Oct 2011

California Organics is both a restaurant and grocery store. The grocery part of it has a bit of everything from fresh fruit and veggies to canned goods to beauty supplies to supplements, and so on. All fruit and veggies in the store are organic, and the selection is quite good. The bulk section, as well, has a good amount of offerings. Breads and pastries are made in-store. The restaurant has a large indoor seating area and a sizable outdoor one. It is clean, service is quick and the servers are accommodating and knowledgeable. They do serve meat, but their vegetarian and vegan options are plentiful and they can make several of the meat dishes with tofu instead. They had the front door open the day I was there, and a few flies had made their way inside. The restroom serves both the store and restaurant and was clean and well stocked. No problems parking here as the lot is large.

2647 Cameron Park Dr, Cameron Park, USA

great staff but lousy brownies

04 Jul 2010

I'm a brownie lover, so when I stopped in Azna Gluten Free Bakery last year, I thought I discovered heaven. Not so. The brownie had about as much flavor as cardboard. It was so tasteless that I tossed it away after a few bites. Forward to two weeks ago when I decided to give Azna another try. Unfortunately, I once again tossed a partially eaten brownie away. The worst part was, the brownie was 4 bucks! On the positive side, the staff is about as friendly as people can possibly get, and the cute little shop is a neat as a pin. I haven't tried their other pastries, so I'm willing to go there again, but not for brownies.

4768 SE Division St, Portland, USA

Large portions of tasty food

25 May 2012

Bay Leaf offers a varied menu of appetizers, soups, salads, 18 entrees and desserts. Plus there's a beverage bar that serves a vast variety of teas. Entrees are large, tasty, well presented and have great sauces. Service is friendly, and food is served in a reasonable amount of time. Bay Leaf seats 62 in the main dining area, and has two side rooms; one for large parties that seats 16 and one consisting of 6 two place tables. The restaurant is clean and uncluttered, with a somewhat spartan interior, which doesn't do anything to soften the noise level. With 1/3 of the tables occupied, the noise level was acceptable, but could become uncomfortable with a full house. The restrooms are large and well supplied. Bay Leaf has its own parking lot, along with street parking.

7300 W Sunset Blvd Ste A, Los Angeles, USA

never again

19 Jul 2011

Went there with a party of 5, and everyone ordered something different. The consensus: pretty darned tasteless. The food was presented well, but it seriously lacked seasonings. The dishes didn't all come out at the same time; from first to last was a 5 minute difference. The restaurant itself needs a major sprucing up, as it's tired looking and needs a good cleaning. Most of the seats of the booths were ripped. With people dropping food and spilling drinks, it makes me wonder what's living in the cushions. The only bathroom was large, but dirty. [edit by staff - see ToS]

5 Station Rise, Tulse Hill, South East London, England

comfy cafe with great food

29 May 2015

Greenz is small (seats 12), simply but nicely decorated and spotlessly clean. It offers 6 appetizers, 7 entrees, several sides, many hot and cold drinks and 8 desserts. Everything spouse and I had was tasty and well presented. The portions are of average size and prices are fair. The owner is very welcoming and has put her heart into Greenz, and it shows! It has an open kitchen, and since we were there at an off time, she chatted with us as she prepared our food. There are separate ladies and men's rooms which are clean and well stocked. The restaurant is quite simple to find as it's just a stone's throw down a side street from the #68 bus line in the south part of London.

1011 Kami-Hatsuishi, Nikko, Japan

One of a kind restaurant

27 Nov 2010

Hippari Tako is a unique restaurant to say the least. Although its small in size (3 tables), its big on hospitality. You'll be warmly greeting upon arriving, and will be given an English menu. (Other languages are also available.) The six veggie noodle dishes are simple but ample and satisfying, and at 700 yen, the price is right. There are a few soft drinks available along with beer.Although there is not a restroom, there are sanitizing hand wipes on the tables. The walls and ceiling are covered with messages from diners, so be sure to leave a message tacked up anywhere you can find the space.

630 G St, Davis, USA

Not a vegan or even vegan friendly place.

26 May 2014

I don't know why this place is on Happy Cow. I've went there three times for either lunch or dinner, and walked out all three times. When I told them I was vegan, they looked at me strangely and said "we can make you a salad or a veggie sandwich". Denny's can do that much and I certainly wouldn't consider them vegan, vegetarian, or even veggie friendly. Besides, a salad or veggie sandwich at Denny's would be a heck of a lot cheaper than at Monticello.

1457 Beach Park Blvd, Foster City, USA

Tasty food in a pleasant setting

17 Oct 2011

Tucked away in a strip mall, Basil Cha Cha is a modern, nicely decorated and clean restaurant with a mainly vegan menu. There are 12 entrees to choose from, along with soup, salads, fried rice and noodle dishes. There are also 7 "Chef's Suggestions" items on the menu. The restaurant seats 36 and has some outdoor seating. The soft Thai music was a welcomed relief from the loud, often obnoxious music of so many eateries. It has one restroom that is well stocked and clean. The waitstaff is efficient and knowledgeable. All four people in our group were happy with their dinners, and all dinners were beautifully presented. There is one area that Basil Cha Cha needs to work on, and that's getting the entire table's food out at the same time. From the first dinner that was brought to our table, till the last arrived, was a 10 minute difference. We were there at an off time, so it wasn't due to a full house. If they correct that problem, this nice Thai eatery will be worthy of the fifth cow.

6-20 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Parashion Shibuya Bldg Ste102, Tokyo, Japan

Good food, not so good interior

29 Nov 2008

This easy to find restaurant seats 16 and has a friendly English speaking staff. We had the spaghetti and tempeh sausage, both of which were tasty. The portions were of a good size. The interior could use a fresh coat of paint, as areas of the walls that are touched a lot, are grimy. The tiny bathroom was smelly, like those in train stations.

846 Texas St, Fairfield, USA

Well worth a visit

17 May 2013

This little casual restaurant is a great place for a sandwich, salad or ice cream. Spouse and I each had a different burger, and were both happy with our tasty selections. The menu isn't large, but it definately has something for everyone, and the prices are fair. The couple who runs Vegan Paradice, are about the warmest, friendly and helpful people you could ever hope to meet. You get the feeling that they are truly happy that you've come into their restaurant. The restaurant is clean and modern with an equally clean unisex restroom. The only complaint: they're closed on Friday's and Saturday's. They would have gotten 5 cows, if it wasn't for the abbreviated hours.

1290 W 7th Ave, Eugene, USA

A terrific vegan diner

12 Oct 2011

Walk through the door, and you'll feel like you're in a diner, complete with the comfy feeling and down home waitstaff you'd expect from such a place. This restaurant is decorated in a bright and cheery manner and is very clean with fantastic service. Everything on the menu is vegan and prices are reasonable. They offer a "build your own meal" option, where you choose one item from each of 3 categories. For the lighter appetite, there's a "small plates" section on the menu. Or if you want a sandwich and side, they can do that as well. Their desserts are ever changing and are not on the menu, but just ask your server what they've got. The restaurant seats a little over 50 people at both booths and the counter. It has two unisex restrooms, which are clean and tidy. However, they have cloth towels on a roll, which even though they're probably better for the environment, I don't like them, as you then have to touch the door handle to get out. But if you're not a germaphobic, then that won't matter much to you. The food is excellent, and the staff is so friendly and chatty that you'll feel like you're a regular on your first visit.

19 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Ireland

One of the very best restaurants

28 May 2015

It would be hard not to love Cornucopia. The food is great, the place is very clean and the service is friendly. There's a number of breakfast selections and usually 5 lunch/dinner entrees offered (which vary day to day) along with several desserts. The restaurant appears smallish at first, but there is a 2nd floor. On some evenings, there is live entertainment, such as a harp player. Restrooms are sizable and clean. Several reviewers have complained about the prices, and while they are a tad high, the amount of food you get is enormous. In fact, I wish they would cut portion sizes and lower prices to match. Cornucopia is very easy to find and is in a popular area of Dublin.

Lille Strandstraede 13, Kgs., Copenhagen, Denmark

cavernous like restaurant

04 Sep 2009

Estin is truly a hole in the wall. The entire customer section consists of a small counter with a deli-style setup and one tiny table that seats 2. The food is good, but there wasn't anyplace comfortable to eat it, and no restroom, which meant eating with unwashed hands.

183 Holloway Rd, North London, England

casual place worth visiting

29 May 2015

This is a nice restaurant with good, filling food that is well presented. It's small (22 seats), and very casual with an open kitchen. Food is ordered at the counter and is then delivered to your table. The portions are average sized and prices are fair. The staff is well organized, attentive, and efficient. There is one restroom labeled "Interview Room" and is clean and well stocked. EZ and Moss is on a well traveled street and is easy to find. It's a short walk south on Holloway from the Holloway tube station on the Victoria line.

south side of Marutamachi-dori , east of Kawaramachi-dori, Kyoto, Japan

Beautiful organic produce

06 Oct 2014

This store is nowhere as large as major supermarkets in Kyoto, but it definitely outshines the others when it comes to organic products. The produce area has a nice variety of veggies and everything is beautiful and very fresh. Farmer's also carries organic shelf foods, household products and personal care items and also has a bakery area. This is the only place I've been able to find organic soy milk in Kyoto. I paid 348 yen for 1000ml (a little over a US quart) which I thought was a fair price. Farmer's is easy to find: It's on Marutamachi St. which is the street on the south side of the Imperial Palace, and just east of Kawaramachi St.

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