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885 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Mexican Comfort Food

11 Feb 2012

Great vegan options and not just veggies. I love the seitan burrito with soy cheese & tofu sour cream. Huge. Satisfying.
The tofu-spinach burrito is great
Not a lot of space to sit down, but it's great to take out

212 N Long Beach Rd, Rockville Centre, USA

Full Vegan Menu

22 Feb 2010

I had a great experience at 3 Brothers Pizzeria today. They do have a traditional meat-based menu..but it's the full Vegan menu that was really great. I ordered the Oyster Mushroom Scampi, the Mozzarella Sticks and the Seitan Marsala. All three were delicious and worth it all. The Mozzarella Sticks were made out Daija Vegan cheese. my 1st experience with it. amazing! Great texture and taste.
I plan on going back soon to try the pizza and maybe the Cashew Ricotta Calzone. the couple next to me were having both and loved it. The people were friendly and the place is not pretentious at all. Prices were fair considering they have no competition and portions were huge. Everything seemed fresh.
The place was such a random location to have great "pizzeria" style fair that is Vegan. It's definitely worth a trip. We have very few authentic Vegan choices here on long island that is not Asian influenced. This is good NY-Italian soul food.

295 Grand St, Brooklyn, USA

American Comfort Food

07 Jul 2011

I was craving a Gyro one day and Googled "vegan Gyro NYC" and this place popped up. I was thrown back with all menu choices that were just plan, comfort food. I was not disappointed. The Gyro was great and just as authentic as you could ask for. The chicken wings were awesome as was the Chocolate Shake. I place to go back there and eat my way through the menu. It's great knowing we have these options in a vegan setting.
It's not a healthy-raw vegan establishment and they know it. I think it's silly to criticize them for having "greasy" type of comfort food. Go somewhere else. This type of food is fun, comforting and has spirit. It uniquely connects vegan dining with mainstream America. Worth a trip if you live in NYC. If you are visiting NY,..leave Manhattan for a couple of hours and try this place, you will be happy you did.

711 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, USA

vegan breakfast

23 Jul 2010

When I was in Baltimore I went here for breakfast and had the scrambled tofu with sausage. I was very happy with my choice and surprised by this very traditional, yet vegan, item on their menu.I felt I was not missing out on a hearty breakfast choice.
They even had soy milk for my coffee!

64-19 Fresh Pond Rd, Ridgewood, USA

Faux Meat Chinese Greatness

17 Jan 2014

I really love this place. Great Chinese food. All vegan, I believe. I think the only dairy is with the Bubble Tea. I've been there a bunch of times and find the food and service very consistently great. Large enough portions and reasonably priced.
The owner is really friendly. Never crowded, but I think it relies more on delivery and carry out service more than eating in

248 Sisson Ave, Hartford, USA

Jamaican Hoestyle

07 Jul 2011

I went for lunch one day on a Hartford trip. It's only a block or so down from the mark Twain House and Harriet Beecher Stowe Center. Friendly Chef and staff. Good, unique comfort food. They tell you what is spicy (if that's your concern) Also, had a refreshing hibiscus/ginger drink that was homemade. Plenty of tables and space to just relax and enjoy your food and no pressure to pay. Garlic greens (kale) was delicious. I especially liked the fact that it wasn't just "mock chicken" "mock beef", etc, but real food and vegetable dishes. Worth a trip if you are in Hartford. Parking available on street

1408 South St, Philadelphia, USA

casual comfort food

09 May 2010

I won't get into much detail about this place other than to say it was exactly what i wanted at the time. I was visiting Philly for the 1st time today and I wanted to experience "cheese steaks" as much as I could on a vegetarian diet. I had the "pepper steak" sandwich with "soy cheese"...maybe my only criticism was that that it was not "beefy" enough, but that's relative I guess lol.I liked it....They had an extensive sandwich menu with (veggie) sea food and other sandwiches. I'd definitely go again.

2299 Young Ave, Memphis, USA

Memphis BBQ

17 Jan 2014

I was on a road trip in August 2013 and I knew this place had to be one of the places I ate at (mainly because it was vegan and served Southern Comfort food.
Nice owner and comfortable place to eat. I wish i had more opportunities to eat here!
The Memphis BBQ Sandwich was great as was the Spinach dip

1627 Hillside Ave, New Hyde Park, USA

When in the neighborhood,,,

26 Jul 2010

My experience of this restaurant was by calling in an order for take-out. The friendly staff was happy I told them that I found out about them from this web-site. Although, I did do take-out, they told me that on week ends they have a buffet. I will have to try it sometime. This area of Queens and Nassau (Long Island) has it's share of Indian restaurants of many varieties and I found the food delicious and worth the trip.

135 N 9th St, Philadelphia, USA

Vegan Chinese

07 Jul 2011

I had a nice lunch here one day. Sweet & sour Soup, Kung Poa Chicken, Tea and a fortune cookie on a hot day at a great price. worth it. Nice environment as well.

5027 Centre St, Niagara Falls, Canada

Great Choice

21 Jul 2010

In an area where descent vegetarian choices are limited, this place was very welcomed. Not far at all from the Canadian Falls and the Main Street.
My entrée was nicely seasoned with fresh vegetables. There are plenty of vegetarian options to choose from.

1504 Old Country Rd, Westbury, USA

Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps

31 Jul 2010

Although many upscale "chain" places nowadays have at least 1 vegan item offered on it's menu, PF Changs has a good variety. The main dish proteins are mostly tofu based, not serving any "faux meats"; but that's not a bad thing, because the way they prepare the tofu is excellent. I recommend the Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps (appetizer)which are pretty awesome and filling. The Coconut Curry Vegetables is tasty also. They also have a good selection of veggies on the "sides" section that are good. Standard rices dishes and noodles are on the menu as well. If you are concerned about eggs in the noodles, PF Changs offer a Gluten Free menu with noodles, which I'm assuming are rice noodles, which, I'll assume again, don't contain eggs. I'm sure you can substitute those for the egg noodles.

26 Niagara St, Niagara Falls, USA

great food, nice people

08 Aug 2010

I knew I was going to have a problem finding many vegetarian choices when I visited Niagara Falls for the 1st time last May. I was very pleased to find Punjabi Hut very close to my Hotel and close to the Rainbow Bridge connecting the USA with Canada. The owners were very friendly and answered all my questions about the food. I have to say that it was some of the best Indian Food I have ever tasted. They kept offering me Rotis, which were great. It was buffet style and out of all the options, only 1 contained meat. I think they change the menu around, so I don't know if that's always the case. It's simple dining with plastic silverware, which is not really an issue with the quality of homemade food you get for the right price. Next time I visit Niagara Falls, this place is on my list.

1106 Grand Ave, St Paul, USA

good food, friendly people

21 Jul 2010

I stopped by this place on the way to Minneapolis from the airport and I was very happy I did. I loved the menu and the owners suggested the BBQ Ribs. Good, mock meat chineese food. I had a smoothie and the owners even gave me a bubble tea w/ soy to try. Excellent!
Great place to go if you are in the area. The desserts looked good, also

255-07 Northern Blvd, Little Neck, USA

large vegan menu

08 Sep 2010

I was very glad I stumbled upon this place while driving past it on Northern Blvd. What's great is that the menu is almost all vegan, except for maybe a few easily avoidable choices. I had the veggie chicken and bacon wrap. I told them I was vegan and she said they could easily substitute the honey dressing for the ginger. That was definitely a plus, because that means that they know what they are preparing and what vegan means. The vegan baked goods that they are able to prepare are not always on display for immediate purchase, but she assured me that they were available if i call ahead ( retail for vegan items is not as quick and they want to make sure it's as fresh as possible) Check their website for a menu. Luckily they had a slice of chocolate cake when I visited them. Another plus about this place was that they had soy milk for my bubble tea! that alone is a reason to visit. The place was clean and full of light with many choices. It was nice to just eat in and enjoy the food. I had a full conversation with the owner and she told me that she would love to be able to sell more vegan items on a larger scale if there were more of a demand for it. I hope this reveiw encourages people to at least support this type of place that is more likely found in Manhattan.

520 Capitol Ave, Bridgeport, USA

Jamaican Homestyle

07 Jul 2011

Buffet style and unpretentious with a lot of character and personality. The Chef was friendly and explained all that they offered and even the people hanging outside were friendly.
Great food, I especially liked the Curry chicken & potatoes. The BBQ Tofu was delicious and prepared the tofu in a unique way that it had more texture similar to Seitan. Okra! Cash only. Parking available on street

1424 South St, Philadelphia, USA


07 Jul 2011

I was visiting Philly for the day and knew I had to try this place, especially since it's a half block away from Govinda's.
I had a great conversation with the owner. The choices were great and had a lot of variety. Everything I tried tasted really good and I was impressed. I don't have allergies, so it's not an issue, but this must be heaven to anyone who cannot eat dairy, soy, gluten, nuts, etc! The pastries are vegan, so having honey as a sweetening option for coffee or tea is NOT a sin. I'll say it's a little pricey, but since all the ingredients used are top quality and probably expensive, it's something that should be accepted for now

159-19 72nd Ave, Flushing, USA

great food, nice people

11 Sep 2010

There are so many choices on their menu that I wanted to try that I had a hard time choosing. What I did choose, the Souvlaki was really good. I also had the "Magic Mushrooms" which was a nice, simply flavored appetizer. All he flavors were fresh and clean and not too overpowering. My friend had the Thai Chicken Wrap, which I tried and it was delicious. Their menu is international, which is a treat when considering that many vegetarian options in the area tend to be Chinese or Indian in influence. The decor is bright, clean and calming. When it came to the prices i was very happy. The Entree averaged about $10.50 and Apps around $4. great prices! Lunch prices were even cheaper. I plan to go again and try other items, maybe even dessert. There are many Vegan items and some dishes that can be "veganized" are clearly marked.

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