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386 Coldharbour Ln, Brixton, South West London, England

Incredible and unique vegan options

If you are not familiar with the cuisines of East Africa then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Firstly because it's easy to find vegan options, and secondly, because they're AMAZING!

Asmara is an Eritrean restaurant. Alas it primarily serves meat.
Though if I'm honest this does not deter me, as I'm the only herbivore in my omnivore social circle so it's somewhere we can all eat.

The most sensible way to eat East African is through set menus as the food is a shareable platter of dishes presented on a large sour dough pancake (injera).
The vegan set menu is clear and unambiguous, and the place understands the difference between veggie and vegan as there are ovo/lacto dishes separate from the set menu.

Dishes are generally simple but highly flavoured. For example milled chickpea stew, kind of like the best humus you've ever tasted, but warm and spicy! Or other various lentil, pulse, fried green and vegetable dishes.

The platter is £30 for 2 then £8 for each additional person, so £15 pp for 2, £11.50 pp for 4 etc...

I want to go again!!!

Green building, Phonxay Village, Main Street / Highway 17A/3A, Luang Namtha, Laos

Great food, but isn't local.

This place is a veggie haven. I only wish it could provide local cuisine to the quality of it's western dishes. Something Lao is lacking in general outside Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, England

Good all round veggie cafe!

I quite enjoyed the look and feel of this place, there's something honest and un-hip about it. (No clichéd psychedelia or hippy junk!).
Though really it's the food and service one should be concerned with, and both are on par here! The staff will make recommendations if you want, and the menu changes frequently to keep things interesting for the regulars.
I give it 4/5 only because there is scope to do something a bit more exuberant than what is on offer.

8 Rue de la Grange aux Belles, Paris, France

Cute little place with nice food

I really enjoyed going here.
You wouldn't know it's there if you weren't looking for it as from the outside it looks like (and is) a boutique fashion shop.
The choice is limited but I like that sometimes as it can make things so much easier.
And the food was really nice, quite simple and lentil/protein based. I'm not really into that side of vegan food but it was good for what it was and I'd happily go back there again.
Really nice lady who runs it too.

250 Camden High St, Camden, North West London, England

Vegan heaven in Camden

The real pulling power of this place for me is the range and the location. It's always slightly different and never ceases to surprise. The staff are lovely, despite it always being quite busy the times I've been.
The drink and dessert options are good, and there are some interesting vegan trinkets such as boutique chocolates.

Manuela Malasana 3, Madrid, Spain

Amazing food, reflected in cost!

Although the vegan options are limited (a common them in Madrid's veggie eateries), those that exist are amazing. Really amazing.
My friend and I shared the following. A Zanzibar salad, a jungle burger, and a Spanish noodley thing.
It really was fantastic food and it's a shame we couldn't finish it.
The decor is nice, it feels like a very established restaurant.

3 Plender Street, Camden, North West London, England

Good food, no-nonsense restaurant

Loving Hut restaurants have saved my life from time to time when I'm in some obscure part of the world. And it's nice to know there are a fair few of them knocking about the UK too for good measure.
If you ignore the guilt-inducing TV (preaching to the converted really, seems pointless, but each to their own) then everything about this place is neat, clean and efficient.
The range of items is good, lots of no-nonsense burger and chip combos, plus some sharing platters and starter type dishes. The hot almond milk is a MUST, and the cakes are great too.

I always over eat when I go there, this is not a bad thing! :D

152-154 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London, England

Excellent but expensive

Some very unique vegan items are available, and the quality is superb.
However as the restaurant sells itself on image and presentation the portions aren't astounding.

100 Vauxhall Walk, London, South East London, England

Does the trick!

I'll be honest, it's better for veggies than vegans.
The time I went the only real vegan option was a Mediterranean/middle eastern platter medley, this was great! But other than that it's really just backed potatoes in a basic cafeteria.
It's a good place to bring people, and the staff are lovely!

Costanilla de San Andrés 16, Madrid, Spain

Wow! It's like a better, cheaper Tibits (London).

My friend and I chanced upon this branch of Viva La Vida quite by accident after leaving El Elstragon (disappointed). I wish we'd gone here instead then. I have since been here twice and loved it both times. The Buffet has an amazing range of Spanish vegan items, hot and cold. The price is according to weight, so unlike a greasy typical buffet, you are not penalised for being a light eater. There are copious amounts of drinks and desserts too, and ample seating.
VEGAN SUSHI ROLLS too, need I say more?

Calle de las Huertas 57, Madrid, Spain

Good range, good prices

I had some small bites on the go, it was nice to have some actual vegan Spanish food! The shop has a great range of chilled, fresh and frozen veggie goods too. The lady serving spoke excellent English to boot!

Plaza de la Paja, 10, Madrid, Spain

Hugely over-rated and expensive

Billed as the veggie restaurant to bring your non-veggie friends to, El Estragon serves only to perpetuate meat-eating stereotypes of vegetarian food. My party had several of the few vegan options and found them rather lackluster. If you're from the UK you'd find similar food as the generic veggie options in places like Weatherspoons or other ghastly chain restaurants. I'm glad this place exists as the more options there are the better. And perhaps some dishes are better than others for non-vegans.

Th Sisavangvong, Luang Prabang, Laos

Cheap, literally and figuratively

There isn't really much to say about this stand at the night market.
The food is vegan.
The food is cheap.
The food is uninspiring.

139 King's Cross Rd, London, England

Best Japanese food I've ever had!

I can't recommend this place enough.
The range of food here and quality of it is astounding.
I have been to hundreds of restaurants in Japan and I genuinely think the food here is beyond almost all of them.
Yes it's a bit pricey (though they do tastecard discounts), but you really get what you pay for.
Bring non-veggie friends here, they will really open their minds...

3 Amor de Dios, Madrid, Spain

Very useful store

I only made use of the store, but the deli items did look interesting.
The range of produce was brilliant, some very hard to find things indeed such as specific grains, vegetables and Asian products.

18 Rue de la Bucherie, Paris, France

Lovely place, amazing wine, okay food, insane pric

I heard about this place because it's been listed as one of the top vegetarian restaurants in the world.
But I don't like to have my impressions tainted by preconceptions so went in without assuming it would blow my mind.
The place itself is very nice, quite cramped but I don't mind that as it feels livelier than it otherwise might.
Staff are welcoming and accommodating so I only have praise for them!
The wine, though a little pricey, was fantastic. Finding vegetarian wine in France is difficult at the best of times so I'm happy to pay a premium, and here it is worth it.
I just wasn't impressed with the food though, my friends and I had a range which I sampled too so it wasn't just one lacklustre dish. There was nothing wrong with the food, it was all just a bit bland and uninspiring. If it had been half the cost I'd still have that criticism, but at the rates they were charging I felt especially hard done by.
There are many great veggie options around Paris. Don't buy the hype of this place.
It's fine but not for the money.

Calle de los Reyes, 11, Madrid, Spain

A very good Loving Hut with interesting options

There are a wealth of interesting Asian and European options on this menu. Some with fake-meat, some just good stand alone veggie dishes.
The best thing though is the desserts! :D

PO Box 253 Vang Vieng, Phoudindaeng, Laos

Improved rapidly, really nice place

To clarify, this review is about the Organic Farm itself and not the Organic Farm cafe in town.
I stayed on the farm, as I suggest ANYONE visiting Vang Vieng also does. Seriously, do not stay in town, you will hate it. The farm is lovely and the restaurant attached is great, perhaps the only place in the entire region for the discerning veg*n in fact.
The options are interesting and unique. There are veggie as well as vegan items you will not find elsewhere in Vang Vieng, or Laos for that matter! But please note, you should ASK and not assume that a dish not listing meat/fish/milk/eggs will not contain it. The staff do understand these requests, but they do need to be made!
Lao Bamboo soup is one of the best vegan dishes I had in the country. SPICY as hell though (not a bad thing ;)

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