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23 Caoyuan Hutong, Beijing, China

Nice food, quiet environment

This place might be a bit difficult to find if you don't have someone to speak mandarin to the taxi driver, it's down a backstreet in quite an odd location. It was quite busy when i was there on a Sunday lunchtime- not too busy- just pleasantly so. The food was decent but not spectacular. Similar to lots of places I've eaten in Beijing. Price is reasonable and menu is quite large. I had the pancakes which are a bit boring- some spicy eggplant which was nice and some soup dumplings which were decent. It has quite a pleasant, quiet atmosphere.

BTW- The branch in the SUMMER PALACE CLOSED DOWN- according to the owners of this restaurant.

Cook & Phillip Park CRN, Sydney

Great location, good food but could try harder

I've been going to Bodhi for about 10 years. It's a fantastic location in a peaceful park in the middle of sydney CBD. It makes for an excellent lunch break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The yum cha here is more interesting than most vege yum cha places. Less spring rolls and more innovative dishes. I particularly like the desserts including the donuts which are a rare treat for vegans.

Now for the bad. I find the staff have always been a bit useless here. I'm probably being a bit harsh but I find that often dishes are not hot enough, drinks take a very long time to come and if you turn down a few dishes the wait staff stop coming to you quite quickly. I still enjoy the meal but I think it could be better. One thing I think they need to improve is the speed at which things get to the table as you can't have fried food being anyting other than hot and fresh or it's becomes soggy and unappetizing. This only happens occasionally but it's not normally a problem in yum cha places so I'm sure they can improve it. It's expensive for yum cha so I don't feel too bad being fussy.

All in all definitely worth a visit for the interesting dishes and fantastic location.

6 O'Connell Street, Newtown

Brilliant vegan breakfast

Visited Naked for brunch Feb 10. Such a treat to have so much choice for a vegan breakfast. I had the big breakfast (cant remember the actual name) which was sausages, rashers, mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns, toast, beans etc etc. Everything was very good and very generous helping. Only slight complaint was that it didnt all come at once but minor moan. Finished with the custard slice which is more decadent and well presented that you'd expect. Was extremely good though.

They take their coffee very seriously and as a result its very good. Each cup is a double pour so nice and strong and very nice flavour. I'd come for the coffee even if I wasnt eating which is extremely rare for a restaurant, particularly a vege one.

The owners were very friendly, helpful and generally nice. I was given a pie to try which I felt obliged to stuff down before my brunch. Definitely one of the best vegan pies I've had so it seems everything here is good!

All in all it's by far the best vegan breakfast place in Sydney and it's definitely good enough to bring your non-vege friends to.

Corner of Dunlop and Serangoon Streets, Little India, Central Singapore, Singapore

Excellent restaurant with huge menu.

This is a great place. It's probably the nicest vege indian eatery I've been to in Little India. The menu is very large and has an excellent variety of dishes including more North Indian things than you find in other places. I find most of the other Little India restaurants are serving very similar, predominantly south indian, dishes and Chella has a much more varied cuisine. It's also a nicer environment as it's upstairs away from the road. Everything I tried was excellent and very cheap. We had about 4 dishes with a couple of soft drinks and paid less than $25. I loved the garlic and ginger gobi aloo (potato). Highly reccomend this place!

89 Rangoon Rd 01-04 Urban Lofts, Central Singapore, Singapore

Great food and lovely people

I've eaten here probably about 20 times. It's not near to my work but I make the effort to go there at lunch because the environment is pleasant and relaxed, the staff/owners are very friendly and of course the food is worth travelling for.

They have a range of Asian and western dishes. Personally I prefer the Asian dishes. It's predominantly chinese I think but there are some Indian/Indo dishes as well. The Gado Gado is very good with interesting textures and good sauce. The burger (special) is excellent, nice bun, nice burger, good salad, good dressing! Salads are also good value for the quality of the ingredients. Much better than most salads you get at the vege places in Singapore. Masala paratha with pickle (special) is very tasty and the pickle and dhal have great flavour.

Their western dishes are pretty good too, particularly for vegan versions of things that would definitely normally require eggs and dairy. For example the quiche and lasagne are both good.

Their desserts are also extremely good here. They always have a vegan cake on offer, walnut, choc banana, choc raspberry and others I can't remember. These are great and don't have the cloying oily texture that so often ruins vegan sponge cakes. The creamy 'moussey' things are good too. Can't remember what they're called but they're basically like a mousse flavoured with chocolate, avocado or black sesame. I only have black sesame which is nice and v different.

Lastly, the staff are lovely and make you feel that you have to keep supporting this place to ensure it will stick around. It's pretty hard for vege places so we should do whatever we can to support nice ones like this!

Shop 9A/26 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Great fried and burgers

Hand cut, fries with the skin left on. Loads of different sauces to choose from. I had the Aussie (ketchup and vinegar) which is nice. They're beautiful fries whether you're vegan or not. The burgers also very good- I had the vegan option with vegan mayo, mustard, cheese, pickle etc. Really good.

99 East Coast Road, East Singapore, Singapore

Very good food, quite expensive.

The food here is excellent. Good range of interesting and very well made dishes. I'm not an expert but I'd say most dishes are Chinese, Malay or uniquely singaporean. There are a few thai things. Soups are very good, the miso and the tom yum are excellent. Mains are quite small but incredibly flavoursome. I find some of the monkey head mushroom dishes are a bit bland and prefer the more heavily sauced dishes. Having said that some of them are superb and as good as you'll find in Singapore. Particularly good are the rendang, black and white, battered oyster mushrooms, little red riding hood (crunchy nuggets in a sweet and sour sauce), fried noodles, curry and kungfu tofu.

it's quite expensive for a vege place but the quality of the food and presentation is such that you can understand why. It's also a nice ambience, quite cool decor makes it a better dinner location than most Chinese vege places. For 2 people eating a lot you'll be in for approx $50 including a soft drink.

I've never tried the desserts so no comment on these.

Blk 409 Sin Ming Ave, 02-01, North Singapore, Singapore

Good food- great place for vegetarians

This is a pretty unusual place- a coffeeshop with all vegetarian stalls. I noted a yong tau foo, Mixed veg rice shop, fruit/drinks, sweets/fried puffs stall, a-la carte asian , prata (not open in the evening- at least not when I was there). So good selection of stuff.

I tried the a-la carte and it was pretty much the same as the other branches such as the bukit permai place (which I've been several times). Some of the dishes are great- mee goreng, gong bao chicken and some not so great- sambal kang kong, hotplate tofu. Big portions though, the smallest size (around $6) was plenty big enough for two to share. We had 2 mains, 1 noodle, 1 vegetable and rice and it was too much for two people. I know from visits to the bukit permaai branch that there are plenty of other good things on the menu. They're also happy to take out egg if required. Total cost $22 so very reasonable as well.

Decent place, well worth visiting if you want a selection of vege chinese/singaporean food. It was very quiet for 8pm on a thursday night so hopefully it does more business at other times of day.

I've given 4 cows as it has good vege food in foodcentre/coffeeshop terms. The food wouldnt be as good as restaurant (like say Ling Zhi) but it costs half as much so fair enough.

18-4 Dafosi Dongjie, Beijing, China

Nice food- pleasant location

The location here is a little hard to find, it's down a few backstreets but is a very pleasant spot when you get there. Restaurant is small but nice. The menu is quite large- lots of things to choose from. Theres a special 'wild' menu which i think might mean organic or maybe actually means wild as in not cultivated. Either way the food is very good and lots of variety.

I had lots of stuff that i can hardly remember- yam in sweet sauce in stone bowl (very nice), battered leaves of some kind (tempura style- very tasty but quite oily), peking duck with the pancakes etc (i've had better duck but the taste was still nice), some mushroom dishes (v good) and some soup (not bad) and some amazing dumplings where they come stuck together with a sheet of batter from the bottom of the pan. Very tasty. All in all a good place. I've been to their other branch up north a bit, nearish to beijing north railway station and didnt enjoy it as much- maybe i just ordered badly plus that place is v cold in winter.

26-1 Guozijian Dajie, Hutong, Beijing, China

Amazing selection in vege buffet

I've been here about 10 times. it's a cool place opp the confucian temple. very large dining room and quite pleasant atmosphere. The a-la-carte menu is very good but the buffet is sensational value and allows you to get into the cakes as well.

If you like hotpot (where you cook anything you want in a choice of broths) then definitely go for the buffet. This way you can have lots of fresh food and also enjoy the large range of cakes, sushi, cold dishes, fruit, soft drinks, coffee, ice cream etc. Buffet is about 68rmb per person which is ridiculous value. There are also lots of pre-prepared hot dishes but these are much better if you're there early in the night as later on they get colder and less appetizing.

Be careful with the cakes if you're vegan. They label egg free but they're less sure on dairy. I asked several times and got different answers from different people. To be sure you need the chef to come out and even then they seem unsure. In the end they guaranteed about 3 different things were ok. They were one of the chocolate mousse cakes which was great and jellies and some rumballs and a couple of other things. Much more than you normally get so no complaints. The fresh made noodles with chilli, celery and nuts are fantastic- ask at the hotpot counter for a bowl of these.

All in all a great place... can be very busy on weekend lunchtimes and you'll probably need to wait in the coffee shop attached for a while.

Shop 2, 144-148 Glenayr Ave, Bondi Beach, Bondi

The ultimate vege pies and more.

Went to funky pies in Feb 10 on recommendation of a friend in Sydney. The pies are absolutely superb. They're pretty big with a huge crispy flaky pastry top and loads of filling. Had the funky chunky which is the meat pie equivalent. Also tried the cheesy chicken which I was less keen on but it's my friends favourite so each to their own. The mash, mushy peas and gravy are must haves for the ultimate aussie experience.

I also went for the vegan brownie which was the best I've had anywhere and I've tried lots in Australia,UK and Asia. Moist and mudlike in the middle but dryer and more crumbly on the outside, couldnt be better. The apple pie was also superb. The only thing I wasnt keen on was the sausage roll. I found the herbs (rosemary predominantly I think) a bit overpowering.

The staff here are very friendly. I arrived just as they were closing and the owner (angie I think) wouldnt let me pay for the pies which was very generous as I was more than happy to pay. I reciprocated by buying the brownie and apple pie which was a great hardship.

All in all this is a fantastic place and hopefully they'll be able to open up more branches in the future. There's got to be room for more places like this with friendly owners, great products and food that you know what it is and how it's made. I'll definitely be visiting every time I'm in Sydney.

Tongguang Bldg, 12 Nongzhanguan Nanlu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Amazing venue- decent food

Main thing about this place is just the venue/atmosphere. There really arent many vege places you can go that make you feel youre somewhere special or where you'd go for a special occasion. Pure lotus definitely fits the bill in this respect. The decor is v cool- loungey chairs, eclectic mismatched furniture with curtains around some of the tables reminiscent of arabian tents. Lighting is subdued and they play old films on a large screen. The staff are dressed in all manner of strange clothing inspired by monks outfits and various other buddhist style stuff. All in all a very cool atmosphere for a vege place.

Menus are ridiculous, they probably weight over 5kg. Biggest you've ever seen- guaranteed. The food descriptions can be very confusing so it's difficult to order well. I've had some quite boring dishes but also some great ones so it pays to order carefully. The Peking/Beijing roast duck is one of the best I've ever had. great duck, nice pancakes. The potato wedges or chips (or however they describe them) are actually with blackpepper steaks and a extremely nice. I never normaly order this sort of weestern food from a chinese place but it's lovely. There is another dish called black pepper steak on the menu but it cost about 3 times as much and must surely be the exact same dish but much bigger. the 45 rmb dish is enough for 2 easily.

They give you free fruit and some other snacks so you may not need many dishes but there are dessert options if you need something. I had a vegan chocolate cake once that was good but havent tried any others i dont think.

All in all this is a fantastic place to come- the food is good if not quite amazing, but the whole theatre makes a great occasion of coming here.

20 Ju'er Hutong, Beijing, China

Cool place- great location- good vege menu

I've been to this place lots of times on trips to Beijing. Partly because almost all of the vege places in BJ serve chinese food and after a while I want something different. The food here is Korean and they have several pages of vegetarian menu in the main menu (at the back). There are lots of korean favourites like bibimbap (not sure how to spell) thick rice noodles (more like tubes), stone pot rice dishes, noodles etc. Kim Chee comes up in many dishes so if you dont like it then be careful what you order.

The staff speak korean, mandarin and decent english. They understand vegetarian so you can ask questions- Im vegan so i had to confirm egg etc in some dishes.

I've eaten quite a few dishes and I do find lots of them a bit similar. Maybe because I tend to avoid vegetarian mock seafood which is in many of the dishes. I enjoyed the potato cakes a lot (have them every time), the glass/vermicelli noodles and the pork in stone pot.

The locaiton in nan luo go xiang is really good and nice for a night out where you want to browse some shops, go to a bar or cafe and have a meal in a place that closes much later than most of the vege places. It's more like a normal restaurant than other vege ones, bit cooler and a bit more upmarket feeling.

76 Peck Seah St, Central Singapore, Singapore

Excellent food, nice venue.

I found The Whole Earth to be a a bit nicer than most of the Chinese Vegetarian eateries in Singapore. The venue is pleasant and modern if not special and the menu is more varied than other places. They specialize in Peranakan dishes as well as several Thai options. We had the Nonya curry, pretty good, pretty hot, the pad thai, simple but nice, the sambal brinjal (eggplant), very good, beatiful flavour and texture and the yam paste dessert which was lovely and very creamy. We also had the crispy fish/seaweed which is provided at the start of the meal- very interesting and unusual taste.

Prices are slightly higher than average but the quality of food justified it. We paid $48 for 3 dishes, 1 dessert and 2 drinks. I will definitely come here again.

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