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Klong Dao Beach, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Best salad and summer rolls in Koh Lanta

21 May 2016

Asylum has a great vegan menu with salads and curries. My favourite was mango salad. All the salads include good vinaigrettes, they are big and tasty.

Asylum serves also good coffee and has a good location by the beach. The owner is a great person, speaks good English and understands veganism.

65 Moonmuang Road / Mun Mueang Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Great thai salads

29 Mar 2014

I had a great salad made of mushrooms and my spouse had salad with eg. green eggplant (they weren not those small thai eggplants, more like European dark eggplant). Both salads tasted great. They were thai-style and well seasoned.

25 Rue des Ursulines, Brussels, Belgium

Nice place, good service and curry

03 Jul 2014

I liked the service a lot of, it was easy and friendly with no effort or superficial kindness. I wanted to check which dishes are vegan and it seemed to be a usual task for the waiter to check it from the chef to make sure.

I had a spicy vegetarian curry and it was good and my sister had an Indian vegetarian curry. They had two different curries that day and they tasted different from each other.

I visited this in the end of June 2014.

Ratchadamnoen Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nice cafe, good sandwich

29 Mar 2014

This is a nice cafe situated in a park-like yard surrounded by many small restaurants.

The pesto is vegan (at least when I asked) and I had sandwich with pesto, avocado and tomato. It was good and came with a bit of salad with pineapple dressing. I did not check if the bread was vegan, as toasts usually are not in Thailand.

I would be even nicer if vegan foods would be marked in the menu :)

11 Le Loi, Hue, Vietnam

Good location, average food

09 Mar 2014

The restaurant is well located by the bank of Perfume River and Le Loi street. I you walk from the railway station to the touristy area, the restaurant will be on the way there.

The food was okay. I had fried jackfruit and tofu. Jackfruit seems to be shredded raw jackfruit in vietnamese dishes. I didn´t taste much anything.

We also had fried tofu in tomato sauce - very good
and somekind of mock chicken - okay

The service was good when we were there in March 2014.

488/800 Bobae Tower, Damrongrak Rd, Klong Mahanak, Bangkok, Thailand

Very plain thai vegetarian jay food in food court

26 Dec 2013

I visited here today. They have a small menu at the counter, but I chose to have readily available green curry. My rice and curry were almost cold. I saw some mock meat and pointed it and the person behind the counter added some tofu and vegetarian balls.

The food was not very good. It was cheap, all this costed 35 bahts. Maybe this was a strict kind of thai jay -food place so the food was plain.

You pay with coupons that you buy from a different counter. You can return unused coupons and get you money back.

Uus 32/43, Tallinn, Estonia

cheap and okay food in nice surroundings

27 Jun 2013

I usually go to this restaurant when I visit Tallinn. It is close to the ferry terminals in the old town. It has a nice roof terrace and food is cheap comparing to restaurant prices in Finland.

The food is not great, but it has soya protein in some dishes. And I like this kind of food more than eg traditional Estonian food.

Sala Dan Pier, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Great falafel plate

21 May 2016

The falafel plate includes ingredients for two pita falafels. I would like there to be more salad (the salad has nice vinaigrette) and the pita falafels need more moisture, some tomato sauce would be great (eg. chopped tomatoes and parsley and spices). Now I sometimes ruined my portion with ketchup because the pitas with falafel, hummus and salad tasted dry.

I once ordered a pita falafel that was too dry (needed more salad and sauce), but otherwise great.

The location is great, the restaurant in on a pier above the sea. There is a bookshop attached and they have lots of cats.

Thanon Song Wat, Samphanthawong, Bangkok, Thailand

mayonese topped, plain tasting, but a curiosity

26 Dec 2013

It came as a surprise that my ebi temaki (mock shrimp and cabbage wrapped in nori) and mock shrimps contained mayonese. I don´t know if it was vegan or not (the waiter did not speak much any english) and anyway there was too much of it on the shrimps.

I got only one temaki and it costed 50 baht. Four mock shrimps costed 150 bahts. So it expensive compared to eg May Kaidee´s. The portions were so small.

The restaurant is easy to find: walk along Thanon Songwat and it will be on Soi between the river and Thanon Songwat. There is lots of yellow chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling on the soi.

I would rather have cheaper sushi in some ordinary Japanese sushi restaurant in Bangkok. But I think I will visit this again, give it one more chance. And try not to have anything with mayo.

I visited this same restaurant 8 years ago when it was in the Sukhumvit area. Now the text " Located on the 2nd floor of Fifty-Fifth Plaza" should be removed from the description.

18/5 Ratchawithin Rd, T. Sriphom A, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Some foods are great, some are not

29 Mar 2014

I had great sichuan (?) tofu here, it was silken tofu pieces which had well seasoned glass noodle salad on them. I was a beautiful portion and tasted great.

My spouse doesn´t want to go there again, he had russian salad, which was just cucumber, tomate, lettuce and onion (and perhaps corn and carrot). I was too plain. Then he also had fried tofu and it was tasteless tofu inside a fried batter with a dip sauce. There should be some taste in the tofu or batter also, but no.

Chang Moi Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Not many vegan options, but well made

29 Mar 2014

The location in the Happy Cow Map was wrong on 29th March. The restaurant is easy to find, it is near the corner of Chayapoom road and Chang Moi road just out of the old town and canal.

There were not many vegan food in the menu. There was many foods made of egg. In the burger there is egg inside.

I chose tofu satay with peanut sauce, it was good. Then I also had stickyrice mango. My spouse got tau fou hou -salad which was not something you have in mind when you order salad with tofu. It was innovative, but the tofu was minced in small pieces and fried in oil and perhaps batter. You did not feel like eating tofu.

The foods are a bit unusual, which is fun when so many vegetarian thai food restaurants are so much the same. The food is well prepared. But not probably my thing as a vegan.

576/5 Third Rd, Pattaya, Thailand

Good and cheap soup

25 Dec 2013

I had twice their soup that costed only 35 baht. Great clear broth with vegetables and at least 3 different kinds of mock meats.

There is also a buffet if you come early enough.

This is not too far from Walking Street or Pattaya South Road.

I visited on December 2013.

2901 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, USA

Moderate priced food in the expensive street

23 Apr 2015

This is an Indian food stall in the food court of Riviera Casino and Hotel alond the Strip. You will find it easiest if you use the southest entrance of the Hotel, from there you will enter straight to the food court.

They have the usual South Indian snack foods (dosas, uttapam, idli), samosas, a vegetarian plate (thali). And they tasted good (I´ve had a masala dosa, uttapam and idlies), came with coconut chutney, sambar and a third sauce with a little bit of chili.

The next stall serves a veggie burger, but I didn´t ask if the patty is vegan. Anyway it needs to be asked without cheese, my vegetarian spouse had one. There are better veggie burgers on the menu in the same hotel in the Wicked restaurant.

Rua do Poço Novo, 180, Cascais, Portugal

Good looking cafe that has vegan cakes

10 Aug 2016

Lovely cafe and a lovely Brazilian owner. One night a bought take away vegan apple cake and next day I had a cappucino and raw avocado cake.

Inside the cafe there is a small vegan food shop and next door there is a vegan shoe and clothes shop Sapato Verde.

116 moo 5, Kantieng Beach, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Lovely restaurant worth riding from far

21 May 2016

Drunken Sailors is one of my favourite restaurants in Koh Lanta, worth the ride from other parts in the island. The atmosphere is great even though they are located by the main road. The place looks great and they have the best samosas, crispy and tasty. Other dishes are not that special, but good anyway and sometimes it´s nice to have their veggie burger and coconut soup.

I always order ice latte with mocha or cinnamon.

They also sell some books and nice bags and t-shirts.

Carrer Sant Miquel, 41, Barcelona, Spain

Great ice cream, but milk shake too liquidy and tasteless

10 Aug 2016

I tasted anona (or guanabana or soursop) vegan ice cream and loved it. Unfortunaly I ordered a milk shake with it and got immediately disappointed because it was too liquidy and tasted only like soy milk (or was it almond milk), there just wasn´t enough of ice cream in the milk shake. 5 euros was too much of a cup of soy milk...

313/37 Moo 10, South Pattaya Rd, Pattaya, Thailand

Great restaurant with a wide menu

25 Dec 2013

Amazing restaurant with a wide menu. It was possible to get vegetarian versions of those thai foods that you couldn´t have otherwise.

There were several fried mock meat portions, several noodle soups, curries, salads, fried vegetables etc.

I had a noodle soup with three different kinds of mock meats, and fried mock duck. Both were excellent.

I visited on December 2013.

116 Maneenoparat Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nice little cafe, good salad

28 Mar 2014

I ate tea leaf salad and it was well spiced (not with chili) and good. There was only little bit of fermented tea leaves for taste.

I also had vegan key lime pie, which was not so tasty. It was still frozen.

My spouse had porridge (named warm oats of something) that was supposed to be with coconut milk, but it did not taste like coconut at all. Still it was good.

Nice atmosphere, not too far from any places inside the old town.

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