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1926 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Nice place

22 Mar 2010

The place was very clean and had a nice, modern look. It's a small restaurant (maximum occupancy 20), but there are comfortable tables where you can sit and eat with friends. It is well ventilated--even though they're cooking up fries, it does not smell greasy in there.

I had just an order of fries to go--only a couple of bucks got me tasty skinny fries tossed in spicy jerk seasoning. They had some good-looking hummus and baba ganoush take-out containers in their deli section. Next time I'll get a falafel sandwich, too.

Wish this place had been there a couple of years ago when I lived in Berkeley and was going to school there--it's very close to campus.

5511 N Figueroa St, Highland Park, USA

great Thanksgiving dinner

04 Dec 2009

I actually won a free vegan Thanksgiving takeout dinner for two from Cinnamon Vegetarian this year. So now they own my soul.

The food was great--hearty and traditional. The "turkey" cutlets looked like Tofurky, but were much better--very tender.

I haven't tried their other stuff yet (I don't live in L.A.). I heard good things about them from other customers, as I waited to pick up my order.

310 E 6th St, Austin, USA


13 Mar 2016

French fried beets! They're one-inch cubes, maybe slightly breaded but in a barely detectable way. Tasty.

The sprouts were very nice - deep fried to softness and served over fresh cilantro and red onion, with thin/runny sauce in a cup (in my take-out order, anyway).

Not spicy that I noticed.

My friend tried the rice and liked it.

I was careful to mention that I wanted my stuff made vegan - I think one of those dishes can be made vegetarian, instead.

1823 Solano Ave, Berkeley, USA

Good food, wide selection

22 Mar 2010

Had a very nice meal there: the sun-dried tomato pesto burger on whole wheat and a smoothie. It was delicious. The service was fast and friendly.

There are a lot of other things on the menu that I'd like to try--like the breakfast burritos that are served all day, their raw cashew and carrot appetizer, and their house-made doughnuts and kale chips.

It's not really a sit-down-with-friends kind of place, though there is a row of stools along a counter, and there are some cushioned window seats (without tables).

612-B E 6th St, Austin, USA

warming ramen on a chilly day

15 Mar 2015

I had the veggie miso. It came in a large bowl, beautifully presented with sprouts, fried tofu branded with the restaurant's logo, and other fancy stuff. It was delicious. Next time I'll try the other vegan option - it comes with more veggies.

There was a muted television on the wall; "Chicken Run" was playing, with subtitles. They get extra points from me for Nick Park.

Each entree cost $10.

756 Kirkham St, San Francisco, USA

love the fried rice

10 Jul 2010

Their fried rice (I think it was the "house special" fried rice) is the best I've ever had. Super delicious--really love the stuff.

Haven't had much luck with the few other things I've tried there, though. They were fine, but not exciting. There must be some other gems hiding in their menu that I haven't yet found...

They seem to be doing good business--it always seems to be packed with Chinese folks, so maybe they've got the authentic stuff. They're a couple of blocks off the beaten path, so they must have a loyal customer base that see them as a destination restaurant.

3818 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Vegan, big portions, yummy

04 Dec 2009

This place seems to open earlier than the other vegan joints in the area--that's how we ended up there on a recent trip to L.A.

My partner had an "omelet" with tomato and basil--it was delicious and huge. I had the blueberry buckwheat pancakes--also huge, also delicious, but I think I was more in the mood for something savory, than something sweet.

The service was friendly but slow--I think a large party came in right before we did. The place was packed, on a Saturday at 10:30am; the other patrons all seemed to be in their 20's (for whatever that tidbit of information is worth).

It was insanely loud--the only table left was right by the juicer and Vitamix. It was bearable after I put in earplugs. They have a shady awning outside--sidewalk eating would be quieter (though the street is a fairly busy one).

395 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, USA

too noisy

13 Jun 2016

Every conversation and clanking fork is amplified in this extremely noisy location, which made eating here an unpleasant experience.

37 S 1st St, San Jose, USA

Delicious food, beautiful cafe!

28 May 2016

This place has beautiful antique detailing in a lushly decorated interior. I had the kale bowl with quinoa, black beans, and tahini sauce. Delicious! And inexpensive at $6-something.

3906 Judah St, San Francisco, USA

Vegan soft-serve ice cream!

06 Jun 2009

The only thing on their menu I've tried so far is the hemp milk soft-serve ice cream, served in a compostable bowl with a little wooden spoon. I'm hooked on the stuff. Want some now!

5825 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Nice little place

04 Dec 2009

I'm withholding a star only because they sell a meat item or two. This place was jam packed with vegan goodies. I liked how they had food from Rahel Ethiopian in their refrigerated section--but you can find that a block away at Real Live Raw, too.

I don't live in the area, and have been there only once, so maybe this isn't always a problem, but I found that I had to wait a long time to pay for my purchase--the people behind the counter seemed to be very busy. And there were only a few people in the store.

3065 N Montana Ave, Helena, USA

Nice to have another store in town

09 Mar 2014

Just discovered that Helena has a second natural food store in town. Has a nice selection of organic produce; got some boxed baby kale and raw cashew pieces for a decent price. They don't sell alcohol.

6240 Highway 9, Felton, USA

nice deli

12 Sep 2009

I love stopping here when passing through--they always seem to have a delicious vegan lasagna at the deli, along with some other vegan goodies.

I give them four cows instead of five because they sell meat.

1047 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, USA

wonderful place

04 Dec 2009

Ethiopian food is my favorite, and I'm vegan, so it's no wonder that I loved this place.

Our server came out with a pitcher and bowl so that you could wash your hands before eating--that was neat (of course we had already washed our hands, knowing that we'd be eating with them).

The food was very flavorful, but I noticed it wasn't at all spicy-hot--that may be good or bad, depending upon your tastes.

I tried the Ethiopian tea. It was good--it smelled like Christmas spices. The cup was small, but they refilled it later.

The lights were dimmed, and there were candles on the table. It was almost TOO dimly lit, the night we were there.

5913 W Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, USA

liked this place

04 Dec 2009

They have a counter, behind which they make juices and smoothies. I was in a hurry, so I just shopped at their display of packaged goods along the wall, and in their refrigerated section.

They do sell some food that is not raw, including takeout from Rahel Ethiopian Restaurant. There's some non-vegan stuff on their menu, too--whey protein, bee pollen, yogurt (that's the only reason I give it only 4 stars).

In addition to the counter seating, there are tables. It was a little crowded, the way they had it set up--if you want to look at their packaged foods, you have to be careful not to bump into people standing in front of the counter.

The people who run it are genuinely friendly and gracious. And I don't mean in a cultish, Cafe Gratitude way ;-)

20687 Tracy Ave, Buttonwillow, USA

vegan-friendly oasis in I-5 desert lands

20 Jul 2015

Riding Megabus from LA to SF, what do my eyes spy but the word "vegan" in giant letters! Try our vegan Indian food! And what do you know, the bus took the very next exit for our rest stop.

A very helpful and kind older gentleman showed me the separate vegan menu. They had vegan mango lassi, made with soy milk!

All I had to do was mention the bus, and he went back to the kitchen to make sure my order would come up quickly. And it did - fastest Indian food ever. Very hot and fresh! The potatoes in the samosas were shredded, making them extra flavorful. The mango lassi was ice-cold, sweet and delicious - never had better.

The décor was inelegant, but the food and service was top notch. I won't be able to drive by this exit again without at least getting a lassi.

10438 National Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Loved this place

04 Dec 2009

Visited L.A. over the Thanksgiving holiday, went here for dinner. Everything was great--good food, impeccable service, reasonable prices, clean, cozy, and cheerful. I had the red curry and a Thai iced tea--it was delicious.

6550 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, USA


04 Dec 2009

When traveling, it's nice to find a Whole Foods for some comforting vegan food. But this place is the worst Whole Foods I've been to, yet. Their selection of vegan items is relatively small.

I guess I'm spoiled by the Whole Foods' in the Bay Area, which all seem to have vegan doughnuts and lots of choices in the deli department. Not this place; they have a few things, but not a lot to delight.

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