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62 Marshall St, Rochester, USA

Good Enough

As others mentioned, this is a small grocery place but with enough items that you need, including some baby food, diapers. i like the bulk items section. The deli is very small, basically just bagels, one meat soup and a slightly spicy chilli (so not good for young children. If you intend to eat, may be just go to the nearby The Owl House). i did a take away big cup chilli, it costed only $4. There is a sitting area which is good enough for may be 10-15 people at a time. It is around 1 mile walking from downtown (i started from Hyatt). If you use the pedestrian path of Clinton Avenue, the neighbourhood doesn't seems very run down. But it does if you walk from Monroe.

8561 Main St, Alma, Canada

A good change!

When we were traveling in New Brunswick, we found difficulties to find vegetarian food. Most of the time, we sustained on vege pizza. This restaurant is a good change for us and finally we are able to eat properly! The vege soup was very good. We had Carbonara, which i found it a bit 'eggy' and 'chessy' and lacking of vege plus too salty. The portion of the main course is quite small to moderate, price around $13, come with bread and salad. They only do hand made fresh pasta at evening as main course. There are around 10 selections.

1 Babington Avenue, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia


Near to YMCA, at a housing estate.
Garden and warm lighting, very good ambient.
Buffet on Saturday and Wednesday.
Should try the Indian salad, Pasembur.

71 Phan Dinh Phung, Da Lat, Vietnam

Bring your pen and paper!

The main course tends to be very heavy tasted (too much msg i guess). The 'wanton' soup was very oily.
"Bah Bao" is something like the chinese bun.
The staff speak very little English although they have an English menu. Bring a pen and paper so that you could ask them to write down how much you should pay.
This is a place to cater the local Buddhist so it is kind of dirt cheap.

4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada


We went there for dinner on a Wednesday night. There was already a small queue outside. Since it was only two of us, we were very lucky to be seated in less than 10 minutes. We had appetizer, corn bread with guacamala. Taste fairly good. For main course, we had lagsange and rice in the bowl. Both taste a bit too sour. With the appetizer before, the portion of the main course was a bit too big for us to finish and not even menioned to have desert. Just too full! So, if you intent to have desert, may be don't order an appetizer. Service was ok, consider how busy they were.

8600, Boulevard Leduc, Brossard, Canada


They sold things that you are expected to find in the health store. But unfortunately, they do not sell anything by bulk, which is quite a dissapointment to me. Price is reasonable, shopping space is big as well.

24, Kedah Road, Penang, Malaysia

Very Friendly Staff!

Open from 10am to 9pm, close on Tuesday.
The building is a double storey house, at the street behind of Luk Yea Yan Vegetarian Restaurant.
You can forget about the sushi.
The nice are mostly nice, especially the mushroom soup and petai bean fried with chili.

39 Ship St, Brighton, England

Food so-so but inexpensive

The food is so-so, buffet only, but you can have an inexpensive quick meal, eat as much as you want.

4242, Blvd Decarie, Montreal, Canada

Good food

After you enter the restaurant, you will realise that, the vegetarian restaurant is connected to the non-vegetarian restaurant next door. So, you get a vege menu and a non-vege menu. Main course is around 8-9$, but portion is just right for one person, would like to say, kind of a slightly small. But if you are having appertizer and main course, then this would be just perfect. We loved the spring roll, kind of the best i ever eaten in Montreal. They have high chairs and booster chairs for the children. It has a nice ambience too.

3990 rue St-Urbain, Montreal, Canada

Just sandwich

We went there on a Saturday night at around 6pm. Mainly because it is just a 5-10 minutes drive from Place des Art or 30 minutes walk (around 1.4km). The restaurant was not too busy. There are quite many seats in the restaurant and it has a good home-like atmosphere. The restaurant serve only sandwiches as maincourse. They have 2 soups, one of them is vegan, but both vegetarian. The menu is bilingual in French and English, so as the waiter/ waitress. Vegan/ vegetarian items are clearly marked, basically there are 4-5 choices out from the whole menu. Le grand sandwich with the salad is big. I had sweet root sandwich, it tasted a bit plain though (nut, apple, non-egg mayo, lettuce, carrot). My meat eater friends liked their choices a lot though. The chocolate cheese cake and carrot cake desserts are both fantastic.

4873 St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

Good Food, Service So So

We went there during lunch and the worker was vacuuming the stage. It was a bit noisy then. We ordered tofu sandwiches and borruto, which both tasted good but took more than 35 minutes to get to our table.
The service was almost none and the waiter/waitress didn't bother us much too.

4088 rue St Denis, Montreal, Canada

Bye bye, would never go back.

i really wanted to love this place. I am not Thai but grew up around the same region. i really wanted some "taste of childhood". So i went back here after 6 years, after reading so many good reviews at happycow. Again, i am disappointed and i guess, i would never go back again! For me, food was not great and for the same price,i could eat something more hearty some where else!
i went alone for weekday lunch. Had Tomyam soup. Tasted sour only, not a remote taste of spicy at all! i was shocked as this was not really the kind of Tom yam soup i expected! Not a single things except for a few floating mock shrimps and 2 ,ok, may be 3, quarter mushrooms.($6) On top of that, i ordered from the set menu. Since someone mentioned that the sweet spinach was awesome, so i wanted to give it a try. i had rice with peanut sauce mock chicken and sweet spinach. The set meal ($15) came with wanton soup or 2 spring rolls. Spring rolls were so so. Spinach wasn't any superior than any other chinese restaurant. Mock chicken peanut rice came with really just the chicken in sauce, not a single other vege (i thought i could cook better than this!). Rice was small. The only thumb up was the big pot of Thai tea (included in set menu) at the end of the meal. The tea was the only thing in the correct portion for the price. :)
Waiter was ok, no complaint.


i went there with my boyfriend and his mom. His mom loved the food, eventhough it is rather pricy. 2 starters, 2 curries, a fried rice and 3 desserts at more than 100 bucks.
As an Asian, i am very very disappointed as the food is not authentically Thai. The typical modified version of western kind of Asian food.
The curries tasted SWEET (!) instead of spicy or hot. Every food is kind of sweet.
The waiters/waitresses were friendly but not attentive. Too eager to get the table clean eventhough we haven't finished the food yet.
With the restaurant less than half filled and more than 5 waiters, they even did not notice that a guest spilled her drinks and got wet.
If you like western kind of Thai food (the authentic Thai food might be too hot to many), then this restaurant is kind of serve 'good food' then. It looked nice, clean and western too (decoration).
By the way, every dishes were 'designed' for single serving. So the portion was very small and if you intendws to share it, then order a few more dishes!
Updated from previous review on Saturday May 31, 2008

82 S Winooski Ave, Burlington, USA


There are big variety of organic vegetarian food from fresh products to can food. Price is reasonable too. Free parking for the clients.

9 Penang Rd, B1-12 Park Mall, Central Singapore, Singapore

Excellent Mushroom Steamboat!

The ambient is good and there are wide range of chinese food for selection.
The food taste good.
Friendly staff and good service.
Near to Clarke Quay MRT Station.

4094 St. Denis, Montreal, Canada

Simply Sweet Thai food!

We went there during warm weather. The whole restaurant was like a sauna. i asked for to sit nearer to the door as we were assigned a seat at the inner part of the restaurant, hence it was warmer and with less air ventilation. The waitress said, there is no air-con, so it is the same any where you sit! I insisted and eventually we got a place nearer to the door. They do not have child seat, only a boaster chair without safety belt. The food portion is small and over priced. The food, even with the label of two chillis, tasted sweet than spicy. The tom yam soup which i came for (really difficult to find vegetarian tom yam soup any where else), taste just sour, even though it was supposed to be sour and spicy as in Thailand. The fake chicken with brocolli thing, not sure what they called it, tasted chinese food rather than thai. Don't go there if you are looking for something REAL Thai.

4817 Blvd Taschereau, Greenfield Park, Canada

Typical Le commensal

It is the typical le commensal`s branch. Similar kind of buffet food: salad, desert, drinks, main course... The space is big though and they have a small children play area, which is really useful when go with children.

1204 Av McGill College, Montreal, Canada

Good especially for a quick meal

We ended up there as we were going to the Bell Centre. It is within the walking distance. Buffet style of food readied to go, so it is really fast and convenience. The atmosphere is good and the window seats let you see the world going under you. However, we think the variety of food is lesser if compare with the branch at St Denis.

1720 St Denis, Montreal, Canada

My Favorite

We like to eat here because there are a big variety of different vegetrian food. Not every food is healthy (deep fried spring roll, very cheesy lagsange ...), but i think most of them are well done. It is fast and convenience as well: You choose the food you want, weight them and pay at the cashier. There is no waiter/waitress to serve you and you do not have to wait for your bill to come. i especially like the poppy seed cream cake. i thought their soy cheese cake is vegan? Not sure. But for vegan or almost vegan, the paradise is always Aux Vivre. The place is children friendly in terms of atmosphere, but not when you are alone with a pram. The buffet area is at the upper level, access via staircase only. Yupe, i think it is a bit over priced.

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