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970 Warren Ave, Downers Grove, USA

Too much filler greens

25 Dec 2007

I am confused of why this place is getting five stars? Most of the food is what I call "filler salad". It is like when your plate is half filled with lettuce to make it look like you are getting a lot of food.

I ordered the tacoes - they were the size of my finger and there were only three of them and the rest of the meal was all salads (different mixed greens). This was pretty pricey for most greens. To me, it was very obvious that they were filling up the meal with inexpensive "filler" greens. We also got the Cheese wrap - there was maybe about a tablespoon full of filling in it.

The cheese piergies were the only thing that I had that was good and they were decently filled up with raw "cheeze" spread.

The Out of this world cheesecake didn't taste like cheesecake at all - it was like a raw carrot cake.

We also had some raw rye and flax chips and they were tastless and very thin. Like they were watered down considerable to make more for less. They broke very easily with food on them.

I have eaten at many raw restaurants and I make my own raw food at home and I was disappointed in this place. Hopefully, this place will improve since it is new and just opened up.

Sorry I just can't give it many stars.

520 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, USA

So Interesting!

20 Feb 2008

This place was great! When the food arrive, everything was so meatlike that I was hesitate to eat it! But it was really good. Esp the "yam cresents" which were supposed to be like "shrimp-a-likes" - we had these in the Ocean Basket appetizer. I would definatley get a full order next time. My bf had a soup which had pieces that look so much like real shrimp that I had to ask "Are you sure these aren't real shrimp?" I had the vegan Fettucine Alfredo which was OK - a bit peppery but still good and the Vegan Fried Ice Cream. Never had vegan fried ice cream before! It was pretty good - the crust part could have been crunchier. Definately recommend this place!

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