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4419 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia, USA

great location

while their peanutbutter spelt cookies are magnificent as well as a vegan chocolate cake, they really could offer more in the way of vegan fare. none of their biscotti are vegan, and many of their baked goodies have dairy. the location in mudd bay is incredible, it has so much character, right on the bay too. but overall i say bring on the vegan nummies.

1521 First Ave, Seattle, USA

Slow Taste

The food is extremely tasty, the miser wot on the veggie platter is full of spice. The portions are not huge, but they're not small either. Service is slow, go with time to kick it.

400 SE 12th Ave, Portland, USA

Tasty but Simple

The menu is simple, mostly sandwiches with a couple full size meals (dragon peanut noodles and an indian dal curry were on the menu while I was there). Not much in the way of breakfast items although there is a friatta (not vegan) and granola. There's a bakery case with vegan goodies, the cinnamon rolls with the butter cream frosting look awesome but I didn't try one. They may be moving too so check with them before hunting them down.

1007 SE Third St, Corvallis, USA

Great Co-op

there's a breakfast hot bar; inlcuding oatmeal, scones and muffins, and breakfast burritos. small hot soup section and lunch/dinner hot bar that's diffeferent every day. big grab and go section with many vegan options. the deli makes great sandwiches on the spot (when you can get fresh falafel, it's totally worth any drive!) and on tuesdays fresh sushi is made. they have local 6 tags on the shelf that indicates if you're buying something within the 6 surrounding counties and farmer direct produce-which is all organic. second tuesday of the month owners get 10% off purchases, and it only costs $70 for a lifetime membership. the co-op does not sell any slave chocolate or cocoa products. the bulk section is large, featuring frozen fruits & veggies & kombucha on tap. for a vegan, it's one stop shopping. although they have yet to carry a vegan chocolate chip cookie, the yum yam bars that come out of the bakery, and the orange frosted vanilla cupcakes are to die for.

395 W 5th Ave, Eugene, USA

buiscuts & gravy, period

i've tried about half a dozen things from their vegan menu, and the vegan buiscuts & gravy (mushroom or 'sausage' option) are the reason i come back. flaky buiscuts, savory gravy-yes. the rest of the items; spinach enchiladas-soggy and bland, tofu scramble-bland and boring, homefries-bland and dry, vegan cinnamon roll-bland, hard, dry. the b&g though, yumm.

127 NW 2nd St, Corvallis, USA

3 time losers

i've given them 3 chances at one simple order and they screwed it up each time. i tried to order the vegan version of the caesar chavez and not only said the word 'vegan' but also 'no cheese' both at the beginning of placing my order and at the end. guess what came on my salad every single freakin time-cheese! on the menu it plainly texts (make it vegan, omit the cheese) so that leads me to the assumption that these bozos know what both 'vegan' and 'cheese' mean, but apparently that's giving them too much credit. 3 time the charm, laughing planet is boned. i'll happily take my money elsewhere from now on

810 Charnelton St, Eugene, USA


The food here seemed really uninspired. A friend and I split a veggie stir fry with tofu and a mock shrimp dish. Both seemed quite flavorless. Everything is fried and many of the mock meats have msg. The potstickers are average, and the red bean buns tasted highly processed and maybe came from the freezer. Eugene is suppose to be known for it's 'green' folk but this is the only totally vegan restaurant that I'm aware of. The lack of vegan options in town is the only thing that will get me back in here.

2110 N 55th St, Seattle, USA


they are incredible. not only are the donuts vegan, they're organic and trans fat free too, and who'da thunkit. they're incredible tender and every bit as tasty as the 'real' donuts, if not tastiER. the only downside is they're located in seattle, and i'm not.

1921 S Jackson St, Seattle, USA

super tasty

they have 2 menus, a vegan and a carnivour. the fake meat on the vegan fare are incredibly tasty, each different 'meat' having it's corresponding flavors and textures. while i never cared for real fish, their mock fish dishes (especially the smoked salmon) are awesome. great variety of dishes, veggies have always been fresh and pretty, the serving sizes are about average or a little better than average.

109 NW 15th St, Corvallis, USA

they won't even substitute to make it vegan

nearly everything on their menu has sour cream and cheese on it, and if you want them to leave that off to substitute something vegan, you'll have to pay. always. it doesn't matter how many ingredients you ask them to leave off, if you want something added back onto your dish, they're going to charge you for it. it would be easy for a vegetarian to eat here, but difficult for a vegan, mainly because once you leave off all that cream and cheese, the food is extremely bland and boring. they make a decent sunburger patty, but i'd rather buy the patty at the co-op and make my own burger at home. the wait staff is grumpy and cooks are allowed to wear tank tops while they hover above the plates of food. this is my last resort when eating out in corvallis

1324 Martin Luther King Wy, Tacoma, USA


if you're in a hurry, better call your order in ahead of time. sandwiches, while they all have basically the same ingredients are all very tasty and large in size. the bread pudding is very tasty, the mock fish sandwhich is one of my favorites. lots of variations on the type of meat, including tofu there's also seitan and tempeh, millet and plantains are used too.

414 Kearney St, Port Townsend, USA

grocery great, deli disappointing

if you're going for grocery shopping, you're in luck. this is one of the largest co-ops i've been in aside from the pccs. the deli though, very disappointing. only a couple live food options along with the traditional deli offerings. nothing inspiring, very little vegan choices, no sandwitch bar (a couple of non veg premade sandwitches) and their hummus is terrible. great for shopping, but don't go hungry.

4213 Campus Dr, Irvine, USA

fabulous fabulous fabulous!

this is one happy cow! i split a few things with my parents, both very not veg minded folk (tofu-yucky! types) and both were impressed. we had a mock philly steak, a mock grilled chicken sandwich, kale, sweet potato fries and portabella sausage sandwich. lotsa mock meats, mostly sandwiches/burgers and salads. not a huge menu, and the prices are steep (irvine prices for sure) but this is the only vegan restaurant (that i could find) in the area. food has loads of flavor, decent (not huge by any means) portions, and a small desert menu.

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