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1715 S Real Rd, Bakersfield, USA

Yes and No

17 Jan 2012

Went there on a Mon evening around 6.15pm, and was told that the buffet had closed early since it was Monday. Went back the next morning to pick up some samosas for the car ride. The samosas were disappointing since they are made of mashed potatoes instead of potato pieces and peas. The place itself is a typical Indian grocery store with some snacks and sweets.

Rua Bela Cintra, 1343, São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Great Value for great taste

22 Nov 2011

I went for lunch yesterday since it was close to the hotel we were staying and after a long flight from NY, we were really hungry. Eben though we reached close to their closing time, the entire spread was very much there. The wait staff was very polite and helpful and explained everything in English. The selection, quality and taste was excellent. The 2 soups in particular were some of the best I have had any where. For 22 reals, this is a very filling and satisfying meal.

Galerias Sucre OE4-48, Quito, Ecuador

Pleasant Place

19 Nov 2010

The restaurant was not difficult to find at all. It is a small intimate and pleasant place with a limited menu that is in Spanish. However the lady was very considerate and phoned someone to come and help me with the menu. However, in spite of his best efforts, I got lost in the translation, and instead of ordering the typical lunch meal that almost everyone around me was having, I ended with a very disappointing Chinese style stir fry noodle. The portion was huge. I had the naranjia juice that was very good. It gets very crowded at lunch time, and all the tables become communal tables.

706 Amsterdam Ave, New York City, USA

Good Neighbourhood Restaurant

26 Jul 2010

I finally went to Ayurveda Cafe after having it on my list for over 10 years! The thing is that unless you are in that neighbourhood, it is difficult to justify it as a destination restaurant. It turned out to be exactly what I expected, and what was clearly indicated on their web site and in their menu. It is a simple prix fixe restaurant with no food choice except for their extensive beverage menu. The thali turned out to be far more delicious and nutritious than I had expected. The rotis were hot and crispy. However, after the meal when I went to the toilet, I passed their 'kitchen' and it turns out that there is no kitchen! Everything was pre made, and either brought in from the basement downstairs or some other location. For a thali place I guess this is unavoidable and perhaps most efficient. The important thing was that everything, except the dessert, tasted fresh.

Jl. Jembawah 1, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Serves meat, but still divine!

16 Jan 2010

Bali Buddha is one of those restaurants around the world that serve meat, yet people flock their more for their veg options. the choice is extensive, the food is fresh and delicious and filling, the service is pleasant, and a very quiet unobtrusive ambience away from the main center of Ubud. I had the enchilada that was one of the best I have had. Very reasonable priced for Bali.

Rua Harmonia, 278, Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Flavor and Harmony in Sao Paulo

22 Nov 2011

I just had one of the most amazing meals for dinner at Banana Verde. And just as mentioned by another reviewer her, chef Priscilla Herrera ws by my side explaining everything in English and chatting us up. It is a beautiful place in a nice neighbourhood on hills. The only jarring part was that the entire restaurant was empty the entire time we were there. Prisculla sadly mentioned that not many locals care for vegetarian cuisine since Brazil is mainly a country of carnivores. For those who do venture here, they will be rewarded with some of the most flavorful dishes lovingly created by Priscilla. Go for it.

Rua Xavier da Silveira, 28, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

One of the best meals in Brazil

05 Dec 2011

On the last day of our 4 day trip to Rio, we went to this lovely restaurant in Copacabana. At first it was a bit intimidating because it was not the typical buffet restaurant that we had experienced all over Brazil. One of the wait staff gave us a menu and tried to explain in Portuguese what it all had. There were various dishes displayed in the show case each identified with a name. We had quickly confirmed with the waiter (through the piece of papaer in local language I always carry) that everything was vegetarian. But bten I saw a sign saying some items may have ova (eggs). Just then, a beautiful young woman walks up to us and starts speaking in English. At first we thought she worked there, then realized she was a customer who had just finished her meal and seeing our language problem , spent the next 15 minutes explaining everything in English.

Bottom line..... after numerous buffet meals all over Brazil, we were glad to have an ala carte meal that almost seemed like fine dining! Between the 2 of us, we tried 6 different items, and each was flavorful and reasonably priced. This was one of the best meals during our 2 weeks in Brazil.

SRTVN 701, Bloco P, loja 33, Brasilia, Brazil

Very good choices

01 Dec 2011

After 9 days of traveling in Brazil, we have seen a whole range of these vegetarian buffet restaurants, and Boa Saude is definitely one of the better ones. The choices (specially cooked items) were much better. Also, one of the girls spoke English which made it easier. The pricing too was much less than many of the other similar restaurants. To reach the restaurant one has to transverse a very depressing lobby / indoor passage of one of the typical, generic office buildings found in Brazil. But once you reach the restaurant, it is bright, large and has a semi covered patio as well.

16 Lancaster Quay, Western Road, Cork, Ireland

Touch and Go

31 Aug 2010

Some items on the menu were sublime, while others were disappointing. The sushi was plain boring and bland and devoid of any flavor. It is a small, cosy place, and definitely overpriced, even though the service is excellent and food for the most part is sublime.

Zahringerplatz 11, Zurich, Switzerland

Huge Portions!

09 May 2009

Limited selection of vegetarian items, but the waiter (seemed more like the owner) was very helpful and understanding in coming up with suggestions. The portions are huge, and the quality is quite good. It is a typical NYC Village type artsy place with communal tables, though we managed to find a separate table. A good option in pricey Zurich.

4088 rue St Denis, Montreal, Canada

Minimal meets Conventional!

13 Aug 2008

This is the first vegetarian Thai restaurant I have come across any where outside Thailand, and even there they are a rarity. While it is a great idea for those of us who like Thai cuisine but cannot stand the fish sauce and shrimp paste in almost all items in the so called 'vegetarian' section of the conventional Thai restaurants, let me voice my peeve about these vegetarian South East Asian restaurants in North America that use meat as a reference point. Chuchai had its menu full of beef, duck, chicken, shrimp and what not. Of course, in the introduction it says that these are all 'mock' meats made from seitan etc. But what they forget is that these restaurants are frequented and sought out by non-carnivores. I do not need meat as a reference point for ordering from the menu. Even the mention of these meats makes me feel I am eating the flesh of dead animals.

Having said that, Chuchai is definitely a fine dining experience with white linen, black uniformed waiters, minimal decor and a good selection of wine. The food was well prepared, full of flavor and presented very attractively. However, I thought the pricing (specially for the entrees) is on the higher side. Service was excellent.

102 Lexington Ave, New York City, USA

Rare Gem on the NYC Indian Veggie Cuisine Scene

15 Nov 2010

Being a vegetarian from India, I have always found it sad and disappointing at the paucity of authentic Indian vegetarian restaurants in NYC. One can count them on one's finger tips, and these include mainly wonderful South Indian restaurants. Bhojan is a welcome addition to this niche. It is well located, reasonable priced, authentic and flavorful food the way it is prepared in India, and most importantly, not trying to provide everything for everyone, e.g it does not have South Indian items. It is a small, intimate and warm place with friendly service. The menu focuses mainly on street and home food from West and North India, with some rare items that are not to be seen in any restaurants like dal dhokli, mutter kachori with marwari subji, puranpoli and others. And they do not ask how would you like your food to be spiced...mild, medium, hot. This is always a sign of authenticity! Cook and enjoy it the way it is meant to be!

Chile 1763, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Large Place, Huge Buffet, Good Value

10 Dec 2011

This place is a little away from the thick of things, but nonetheless worth trying. It is run by a bunch of eager Chinese women who are very helpful even in broken English. However one of the problems is that they us eeggs in many dishes and you have to ask. While the choice is tremendous, and it is fixed amount per person, the flavors were on the bland side, typical of most such places in Argentina. There was a wide spread of desserts as well, but limited choice of fresh juices and drinks.

203 Norte, Bloco D, Loja 53, Brasilia, Brazil

An Oasis in dead, carnivore Brasilia

01 Dec 2011

We made it to Cafe Corbucci on the 3rd and last day of our visit to Brasilia. On Sunday, we tried 2 of the other restaurants, on Monday, Cafe Corbucci is closed. What a relief it turned out to be . After 9 days of traveling in Brazil and eating mainly the buffet lunches, we were really fed up. Mariana, the owner of Cafe COrbucci greeted us warmly in English (that itself was a blessing!), explained every item on the limited menu, gave us a short story of how Cafe Corbucci came about (Corbucci is her last name), and shared many other experiences. She also gave us many tips about vegan dining in Brazil, and in particular recommended some restaurants in our next stop Rio.

Cafe Corbucci is also a blessing becaus it is the only vegetarian restaurant in Brasilia that is open in the evenings, and Mariana is quite proud of this, as she should be. We had the kofte, the soup of the day (tomato), and dumpling like empanadas that were fried and come in 4 different fillings. We truly indulged in the fried stuff, and it was truly heaven. The fresh juices were large servings and came with ginger or other add ons. The desserts sounded nice, but we did not have any more space.

Hats off to Mariana for Cafe Corbucci and I hope she thrives with this beautiful cafe.

2352 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, USA

Cozy Place, Yummy Food, Great Service

23 Sep 2010

The title sums it all up. Lisa and her step mother served us, and the food was excellent. The Raw-avioli was sublime. Good food, smiles, good karma. Go for it.

2578 Broadway, New York City, USA

Cafe Viva Natural

30 Jan 2012

We ended up here since we wanted a vegetarian place in this part of town. While I had expected the place to be ultra casual, counter space kind of place, the menu looked interesting and the reviews were not bad. The place is a hole in the wall, run entirely (kitchen, cashier) by Hispanics. While they did a decent job with most of the items, Italian cooking is not exactly second nature for them. The split pea soup was a bit on the bland side, though it was very hearty and substantial. The garlic rolls that come with the pasta and the soup, as well as the toasted garlic bread we ordered were disappointing. The underlying breads tasted stale and tough to chew. The pizza was barely acceptable. The only decent item really was the margherita linguini I had. Since it is primarily a takeaway and delivery place, most of the plates eating utensils are all plastic and that really affects the taste, no matter how good the food. [edit by staff- see ToS]

It is not a place I will be going back to.

Updated from previous review on Saturday January 28, 2012

1253 McGill College Ave, Montreal, Canada

Excellent macrobiotique, raw food place

23 Sep 2011

This small cafe is tucked into the underground at McGill Ave. It is only open from 9am to 5pm, and has limited choices each day. And many items run out by lunch time. However, whatever they have is made with tender, loving care, is very fresh and tasty. The lasagna was just awesome. The barley vegetable was a bit run of the mill. The 2 women behind the counter are very friendly, and will translate everything into English. And if you eat at one of the 3 tables, tehy will want to know how is the food.

258 Main St, Hackensack, USA

Good, authentic South Indian, Inefficient Service

17 Nov 2011

This is a typical South Indian restaurant that is characterized by relatively good, authentic food true to the South Indian cuisine, but inefficient service. It is a small restaurant that apparently shares its management and kitchen with an adjoining North Indian restaurant (that is not vegetarian). While the menu here is all vegetarian, it is not clear whether the cooking in the kitchen is segregated or not. In any case, there wa just one person in the restaurant who sat us, took our order, brought the dishes, cleared the tables, and was responsible for accepting payments. However, after a 10 minute wait for the check, I went up to the counter and insisted on making the payment. This was all after it took for ever for our orders to emerge from the kitchen. People were waiting for well over 20 minutes for their orders, highly unusual in a fast moving south Indian restaurant. This is enough to leave a bad taste evn though the food ws quite good.

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