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Hauptplatz, Graz, Austria

Fresh and tasty

22 Apr 2010

I was pleasantly surprised to discover this vegetarian organic food stall between all the stalls selling meat products. Bio-Imbiss offers a wide variety of fresh fruit juices and assorted (hot and cold) veggie burgers and snacks. A lot of the snacks are vegan, but not everything vegan is labelled as such. The vendors are really nice, though, so you can always ask. Prices are, as expected, a bit high, but still, this is really healthy "fast food", so it's probably worth it.

BTW, there's a second Bio-Immbiss on Uni Graz campus, between Universitätsplatz 5 and 6 (opening hours: 9am-3pm).

Andreas-Hofer-Platz 3, Graz, Austria


02 Jul 2014

Had the daily menu, which featured a creamy soup with lots of greens, some of the best grain burgers I ever had, and vegan tsatsiki (!). No overwhelming soy taste in anything either (which may happen if they use lots of soya cream or yogurt). *Huge* servings, BTW. Considering not ordering the soup next time, even though it was awesome.
The staff was super friendly, and I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere after a day of moving.
Lots of great fruit juices, focussing on local products, and mineral water with real lemon juice. If you're interested in microbrewed beers, they have a nice selection of those too.

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Great Burgers and Beer at Cat Bar

17 Apr 2012

Spent a lovely evening with friends at Cat Bar. Ordered the hamburger (that you can dress yourself using mustard, ketchup and/or vegan mayonnaise from a basket you get from the waitress; green salad with peppers on the side), patatas bravas (that are my favourite side dish ever now), and beer. Sat in the gallery where it's very cozy. I wish I had a vegan place like this at home!

C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain

smoothie and shake heaven

17 Apr 2012

Went there for dinner with friends. Having an all-vegan menu to choose from is always a great experience - but I had never seen such an extensive selection of smoothies and vegan milkshakes before! The meal of the day was very good (try the couscous with baked zucchini and tomato sauce!), and the homemade bread was just awesome. Homemade cookies and apple crumble for dessert! Yay!

Radetzkystrasse 6, Graz, Austria

Running sushi with few vegetarian/vegan options

07 Feb 2014

I've only ever had the running sushi at EAT. They used to have some awesome vegetarian options on there, but the choices seem to be getting fewer and fewer. Do try the bunny-shaped doushabao - but steer clear of the fried bananas (I tried one of those and literally got a mouthful of cheap cooking oil)!

Barnabitengasse 6, Vienna, Austria

Good snacks & drinks

21 Apr 2012

Stopped by Formosa for mid-afternoon snacks with some friends and was pleasantly surprised. There's outside seating, and I also bought some egg replacer in the shop. It's pretty tiny, but they have things I can't get everywhere (e.g. a refrigerator with mock meat products, mock fish, and vegan cheese).

Grazbachgasse 33, Steiermark, Graz, Austria


05 Apr 2010

Awesome buffet; everything vegan is labelled; the food was delicious _and_ cheap; they have Bionade; they're friendly - and they have take-away vegan tiramisu!!!!
I will definitely be back and bring all my friends.

Ahornergasse 4, Vienna, Austria

great place for vegans

21 Apr 2012

We had a celebration there, and the staff was super friendly. They made a vegan menu for us with a choice of cordon bleu or Zwiebelrostbraten (Austrian speciality: pan-fried seitan and onion gravy). The servings were huge, and I don't think I've ever had a better vegan meal at a restaurant. Also: vegan cocktails!

Griessgasse 11, Steiermark, Graz, Austria

NOT vegan-friendly

05 Apr 2010

Everything at the warm buffet contained eggs and/or cheese, so I was once more stuck with the salad bar. It was good, but seriously, I was really hungry, and how often have we had to hear "hey, you can always get a salad"...!

Sackstraße 27, Graz, Austria

great faux meat / faux fish options

20 May 2010

It's true - almost every dish on the regular menu can be prepared with faux meat or fish. The "chicken" salad is almost creepy, since the texture and taste of the faux chicken strips is eerily close to real chicken (or my memory of it). The grilled "salmon" looks a lot like salmon fillet (it even has a sort of "skin" made from nori) and tastes delicious (if not really anything like fish). Other vegan options include awesome cucumber and avocado maki (maybe the best in town) and a nice selection of desserts (especially the different kinds of sticky rice balls). All in all, it was a very pleasant evening out.

Dreihackengasse 42, Graz, Austria

friendly and cozy

17 Apr 2012

Had beers and snacks outside in the sun with friends - the tables are just at the edge of a tiny park, away from the noisy street. The atmosphere is great, and the vegan offers are really good. The price range is about what you'd expect in this city's not too touristy areas. I think I'm going to spend a lot of the summer evenings there.

Arbeitergasse 46, Vienna, Austria

yummy, yummy food

21 Apr 2012

Went there with some friends for drinks, stayed for the food.
A friend ordered the Nougatpalatschinken, and they were amazing. I myself was totally smitten with the vegan cheese toast. That was seriously one of the best vegan cheeses I ever tasted.

Ungargasse 57, Vienna, Austria

okay buffet, terrifyingly real-looking mock fish

21 Apr 2012

Went there for lunch with some friends. The buffet was okay, not breathtaking, but good. We had to take care since nothing was labelled as vegetarian or vegan, and there was egg rice and pudding containing dairy. A friend had some salmon sushi that looked so much like real salmon I didn't dare taste it myself. Apparently it was great (and vegan).

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