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1405 Juan Tabo NE, Albuquerque, USA

Authentic Vietnamese

28 Nov 2014

Finally, Phó that tastes and smells like the real thing! Usually need real meat and fat to simmer and boil the taste to soup but this was very good.

Not fusion Asian finally.

1298 Market St, San Francisco, USA

Luv them

09 Aug 2007

So convenient in the heart of financial distract!
I luv their selections and service is great!

300 E 12th St, New York City, USA

returning new yorker

24 Jun 2008

well, first off...only cash premise because they save money this way rather using machine purchases but, its already overpriced. tends to attract solo diner's like myself but not sure if it's what i ordered but the stew was not that great and the coconut vegan cookie tasted old.

5939 4th St NW, Albuquerque, USA

Vegan Indian

28 Nov 2014

Finally, can eat vegetarian dishes that are modified to vegan!

73 Second Ave, New York City, USA

small,always crowded,too much mock, but worth it

15 Jun 2008

lot of vegan desserts but little carob.
overly crowded as line up builds inside tiny space where people eat. great location.

167 Cuba Street, Wellington

Not 2 Mocky, Not 2 original or mundane

04 Aug 2009

typical malaysian.
all prices to me are expensive but that goes with economy and the min wages.

4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

Mon Return

28 Jul 2008

they have never dissappointed me. still and will be one of the best!

2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, Canada

I had Better Brekky

30 Nov 2012

title says all

182 King St, Newtown

impressive soya jerky beef

08 Apr 2009

but over iced the thai ice tea when i asked light on ice...

everything in australia is super expensive!

172 Allen St, New York City, USA

might need to take this off RESTAURANT

24 Jun 2008

it is 100% a bookstore with a barista bar...how it is different from starbuck's in a booksore...they serve soya milk too ya know...

1748 Notre Dame St W, Montreal, Canada


15 Sep 2008

awesome place to eat after a good bike and rollerblade route

885 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada

really good immitations!

11 Apr 2007

impressive. poor ambience

507 Columbus, New York City, USA

Very relaxing brunch

08 Jun 2008

UWS: Very spacious; non over crowded; lots of fresh air from wide open window doors, perfect!
Raw salad roll using vegetables than carbohydrates are my favorite type of dishes.

2096 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, Canada

breakfast vegan

11 Apr 2007

i think they improved their vegan selection and u r not paying for service so expect it.

4873 St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

ol saloon

20 Sep 2008

surprinsingly this old saloon dive is like l'escalier but more run down. they offer nite live music.
this place is more angliphone surprisingly for plateau but it is mileend area and not sure if mile end is francophones.
ordered a todu quiante and very spicy!

762 Valencia St, San Francisco, USA

yummy cha ya

23 Sep 2012


4088 rue St Denis, Montreal, Canada

Our Spot

23 Sep 2012

so dang good

1845 India St, San Diego, USA

Secret is to eat at the bar UPDATE

03 Aug 2015

UPDATE: Sadly, their vegan lasagna was heavy with fake meat & another defrosted taste of the pasta dough.
My friend felt his prawns pasta was pretty heavy as well, Spatzel style.
I am use to the American Tiramisu so their authentic Italian style was too bready & heavy.
I would have preferred a light fluffy desert.
The constant server, staff & busser over checked up on us which would be considered good service but it only means our conversation kept being interrupted. I'm sure culturally, it's natural to engage but not for us.

When weekenders or weeknights never put you off even more for this over crowded Little Italy, always request to sit at the bar as you can order & eat there.
You get a personal bartender to serve you!

Don't be intimidated by their stressed out host & the little Italian grandpy, it's part of being in Italy!

Ask to view the separated kitchen for Vegan and non vegan preparations.

The mushroom calamari was a direct deep fried version in replacement for fries. Other restaurants would have it slightly breaded & wont leave it fried too long. For civico with no breadedness, I would recommend not over drenching it in the batter. I felt like I was going to leave with high cholesterol and heart attack. Tasted kinda over fried.

The Ravioli pasta: the dough outside itself tasted like it had been defrosted.

I had amazing Italian food in NYC & in Italy and of course, this did not really come close to the experience.

The Penne was mundane. Something we can make ourselves at home. If there's no colour of the rainbow in vegetables, I'm easily unimpressed.

All breads are naturally vegan but of course not GF.

Bruchetta was different as the bread was served warm rather croutons style where it'll break under you so good on that.

I may have been more or less slightly turned off with the host turning me away "No Tables" by one look at me with prejudge eyes in my heavily Inked live canvas and probably redneck crocs compared to the others waiting in their gucci and jimmy choos.
I also felt judged by the Grandpa of the House.

I know Italian culture is all about the exterior but sometimes, the most affluent beings are those that have nothing to prove.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday July 28, 2015

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