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1237 Garrison Rd, Fort Erie, Canada

MY health food store

19 Nov 2006

I love this store. It has a fair bit of veggie options and sells in bulk for organic grains/nuts/seeds. It's a pretty large health food store by Niagara region standards. They are the only store in the Niagara Area that carries Vegan Mac & Chreese . The staff is amazing. They have been so helpful from helping me pick out the right hemp protein powder to ordering in specialty items at no cost to me. They have a large selection of earth friendly body care as well as vitamins but the emphasis is on food here. They also offer organic meats and some organics produce (mostly potatos). I really recommend this store. The only problem for me is it's very far so I don't stop in that often. -Beaner

885 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada


11 Mar 2007

My girlfriend are not from Toronto but happened to be in the city recently and decided to try 668 since it got so many good reviews. First of all, the place was obscenely small and we were lucky to get a table. The decor really wasn't very good but hey, some of the best restaurants I know are ugly. Anyway, when we sat down there was only one menu for the both of us so we had to pass it back and forth. I didn't really mind too much but it's still kind of annoying. My biggest first impression was the smell of the restaurant. I almost instantly got a headache and felt sick. I did my best to overlook it and ordered anyway. We got a #7, pan fried dumplings. They were really good and I was impressed. We were also given complimentary tea and it was also good. I ordered the sweet and sour veggie chicken with soft noodles and my girlfriend ordered the same thing but with rice. We didn't wait too long for the food and our server was fairly nice. The food though was not very good. The sweet and sour sauce was really overpowering and sadly the food tasted like the heavy odour i first encountered. Also, the veggie chicken bits were perhaps some of the worst faux meat I've ever been served. My gf, who's not at all veg didn't really like it but that was for other reasons, such as she doesn't like veggies too much. All in all, it wasn't the worst meal ever but I don't think I'll ever be heading back there again. Maybe I'll try Buddha's next door or the Full Moon.

79 Regina St N, Kitchener Waterloo, Canada

Very nice

19 Nov 2006

The restaurant is a bit deceiving. It's on a mostly residential street and could be easily missed. At first I wondered if it would be expensive because it's situated in a house and most places designed like that are pricey. Thankfully, that wasn't a concern. They have a fairly small amount of tables but the dining area is large enough. It's very well decorated. I didn't care for the tea my friend ordered but the snacks we got were good. Most items are vegan, in fact I think all are. It's a quiet atmosphere and would be good for a first date. It's close to Laurier too, which is very nice. I will go back but can't see my-self as a regular. -Beaner

208 Church St, St Catharines, Canada

Sweet and Spicy, kinda Dicey

31 Jan 2007

I went to Spicy Thai on a date with a non veg, a carnivore through and through. The building looks really interesting from the outside and it's hard to miss. Bright yellow paint on the outside with SPICY THAI painted in bold red.

It's really nice inside. Some "traditional" areas to eat where you're sitting kind of on the ground. I didn't see much of this, we got a table, though I would have liked to eat there.

Menus not bad, very diverse. Most things can be made vegan and you can tell them how spicey you like it. That's a bonus. WARNING: Mild is no spice, medium is REALLY hot.

The staff was super friendly and well informed, so props to Spicy Thai on that one.

The food was alright. I had Pad Thai, vegan of course. It was overly sweet and I couldn't eat much. There were these weird vegetables things in it. They looked really freaky and that turned me off. I hate admitting that because I'm usually over the top open minded about food.

My date had some seafood meadley thing. Mussels, oeysters, shrimp and so on. He liked it alot.

The prices weren't bad. We paid 30$ for both of us.

I don't think I'll be going back because I got really bad diahrea the next day but for other people it's a nice place.

1 Wyndham St W, Guelph, Canada

Solid as a rock

16 Jan 2006

I was recently visiting Guelph and decided to stop in at the cornerstone after hearing so much about it. While it looks like a fancy bistro outside, inside it's a small bustling place with hippies abound. The age group is university (19-25). My waitress was very helpful. At first, the menu was disenchanting and seemed small. Don't be fooled, take a good look. Mostly college fare. Gilled cheese, hummus, pizza. I had the burrito. It was huge and like most other things came with a side salad. I think from now on I'll call this burrito the "Burnin' Butt Burrito" because I could only eat half due to spice (8/10 jalapeneos). The side salad looked good but I couldn't eat it because of this cabbage stuff. The dressing was lovely though. There was also a tomato paste paste thing on my plate. Very good stuff. The tofu (vegan) chocolate cheese cake gave me wicked cramps but was worth it for the few minutes of pure indulgence. Check out the strange bathroom arrangement. I like it.

22 James St, St Catharines, Canada

Dairy overload

31 Jan 2007

A friend on a local vegan network suggested this place. I took my meat eating but health conscious date here.


It looks really swanky and posh from the outside and that's nice. It's in a romantic little area of town so that added something nice. The inside is simple decor but elegant.

They have a really nice wine menu and the staff is actually well versed in wine selection. That's always a plus for me.

The menu was BAD for a vegan. While most of the food is veg, they had almost nothing vegan. This pissed me off. I actually called them in advance to ask about vegan options and they said they had plenty.

This proved to be embarassing for me. I try not to talk about my veganism too much because it can sometimes get in the way. So, the lack of vegan options ruined the first half of my date.

Anyway, we got over that. My date had some lovely veggie options. Salad and quesadilla. The Office did well with making these simple items over the top tasty, so my date says.

I settled on samosas and a plater of fries, pretty much the only two vegan things on the menu. I tried to have other things made vegan and while they tried to accomodate me, they weren't able to.

The other BIG downer was that they don't have a seperate party room so their was a bachelorette party happening at the table right next to us. This killed our intimacy.

I'm sure this is a great place of veg people and people who like steak but vegans beware!

191 Welland Ave, St Catharines, Canada

From a legume to a nut

19 Nov 2006

From a Bean to a peanut, I'd like to say your store isn't all that bad. Although it's really rather small. I've had some trouble navigating wihtout a trip and fall. Your veggie options are quite nice, although you could use some spice. The tofutti that you pack is something others seem to lack. From a Bean to a peanut, I'd like to say one final thing, if you made some small improvements, your phone may finally ring. -Beaner (By the way, I give them a 3.5 Hapy cow raiting)

344 Dundas, London, Canada


14 Jun 2006

Ok, I'll admit that at first I didn't want to try it. Chinese is not my thing usually. I expected some greasy spoon operation hawking veggies chicken balls out the back. Ok, so I was expecting the worst. Thankfully I was dead wrong. It's a charming restaurant with a cozy atmosphere. It's already vegetarian to begin with and the menu specifies what's vegan and what's hot with verying degres of spice. The servers are very warm and very friendly. And the food is delicious. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone veg or non. Try the lappa (sp?). It is by far the most delicious thing I've ever had in a veggie restaurant.

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