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611 C-9 O'Keefe Ave, New Orleans, USA

Friendly and Delicious

We built our own pizzas and enjoyed all the vegan options, including vegan cheese. Pizzas were delicious, and the staff was very hospitable.

8640 Oak St, New Orleans, USA

So Wanted to Try

When we learned that Seed had closed, we were told this was the only place in town to get vegan beignets, and only by special order. Alas, they are only open a few days a week and none during our visit. No one answered the phone when I called, hoping to order some beignets to pick up on the way out of town.

6801 Main St, Wilmington, USA

Vegan pizza!

It was a real treat to be out at a shopping center and be able to eat at a regular restaurant with great vegan options. Although the vegan options aren't as prominent on the menu as they might be, vegan cheese can be substituted on any pizza at no extra charge. The pizza was delicious. We also enjoyed good service, the casual atmosphere, and the extensive beer selection.

2626 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, USA

Good Option If You're in Town

We stopped here while traveling. I'd have been satisfied if I'd been in the area and could just walk by, but I was disappointed to have to deal with city paid street parking for what is basically just a take-out sandwich place (or wraps, couldn't even get a sandwich). We had the mock tuna and mock chicken salads. Both were fine. This place may err more on the health side than the foodie side, in which case, maybe not the best choice for us, but anything all-vegan gets respect in my book.

80 A Reid St, Charleston, USA

Charming and hospitable

Staff greeted me immediately, invited me to sit anywhere I liked, and when I asked about vegan options, identified two on the menu and also offered to make something special, asking what I was in the mood for! The sweet tea and hummus sandwich were good. There were no vegan desserts available on this particular day at lunch.

1020 19th Street NW, Washington, USA

Grilled "chicken" to die for

I look forward to DC trips so I can visit Java Green. I love the grilled "chicken" sandwich so much that I haven't been able to convince myself to try many other items.

The food is a great draw on its own, but each time I go I learn something new about how this business is contributing to the community, whether it's something as simple as charging for menus so people are more conscious about the resources involved, or contributing to Compassion Over Killing, or using green power or Earth-friendlier packaging.

I was pleased to note they have a variety of flavors of kombucha, and there are always yummy vegan chocolates available for dessert.

5157 N Lee Hwy, Arlington, USA

Tasty and affordable

I enjoyed a satisfying meal of soup and bread that was perfect for the cold evening. While the place wasn't fancy inside, I was pleased with the food and service. They had the largest selection of Indian beers I remembered seeing, and my tab was under $12 (including one of the aforementioned Indian beers). Other patrons were having the buffet, but it wasn't very well labeled, so I ordered from the menu.

2433 St Paul St, Baltimore, USA

Tasty and satisfying

We enjoyed a yummy hot meal on a cold day while passing through Baltimore. I had the veggie chili; my wife had a barbecue dish. Everything was great. It was like getting a home-cooked meal in a strage town. We got some of the chocolate cake to go, which was also good. The inside was fun and interesting and encouraged guests to linger (I think free wi-fi was also offered). If I lived in Baltimore, I'd probably hang out there frequently.

The only negatives we experienced were the area -- it was fairly rundown -- and the fact that they were out of several different juices we asked about.

8020 S Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, USA

Hard to Find Anything Wrong!

We LOVE Darbster. To give you an idea of how much, we've (more than once) made the four-or-five-hour trip to eat dinner there, spend the night, then have brunch to celebrate a special occasion. This was our first Thanksgiving there, and it was wonderful. As always, staff and atmosphere are wonderful. The cornbread stuffing and cinnamon gelato were my favorites, although everything was very good. The only things I would have done differently were to serve the gravy on the side (or at least ask) and to warm up the apple pie.

740 N Rampart St, New Orleans, USA

Wiener Winner

I'm not a hot dog fan, but we decided to try this place out. I was tickled that vegan andouille sausage was just one of several vegan options. There was plenty to choose from, and portions were generous. Staff was knowledgeable and friendly. Would definitely go here again when in NOLA.

10601 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, USA

Our favorite place in Mandarin

We loved Enza's for the great food and friendly service, but since they moved to larger and newly decorated digs in the same shopping center, we love them even more. Pasta is not made with egg, so just request one of the meatless, cheeseless pasta dishes, or ask them to make something special (one suggestion: penne with olive oil and garlic with green and black olives added -- yum!). The new location is absolutely gorgeous and now features a full bar.

Vegans, just be sure to say "no garlic bread" when you are seated. Otherwise, it comes automatically. Non-pasta veggie dishes are also tasty. Try the vegetable platter or the spinach and garlic. Be warned: Since moving to the fancier facility AND adding television advertisements, this place gets busy, even on weeknights. Worth the wait, though. Reservations are accepted for parties of three or more.

2007 Park St, Jacksonville, USA

They have Sheese!

Although I don't get to Grassroots often because I live in Mandarin, I'm very excited to have recently learned they sell Sheese, the only truly wonderful vegan cheese substitute I have found.

The store has an impressive selection of food, vitamins, and personal care products. Staff are very friendly.

1520 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, USA

Trying, but not quite there

We were looking forward to trying out a locally owned, veg-friendly business but found the options a bit limited. Only one item, the chili, was clearly labeled vegan on the menu. The place was severely understaffed on the night we went, so we didn't feel we could take the time to inquire about other items. We ordered the bruschetta, which appeared vegan from the menu, and it was served with cheese. The hummus had a very strange flavor. The chili was good, though not hot. It took forever to get our check, but again, maybe we came on a bad night.

307 Exchange Pl, New Orleans, USA

Closed Two Days a Week

We were surprised to find so many restaurants closed Mondays and Tuesdays in this city of the world. We had wanted to try this one but could not.

630 St Peter St, New Orleans, USA

Limited and Bland Options, But Otherwise Pleasant

There was the gumbo z'herbes mentioned by others, as well as a veg special the day we stopped in (black beans and rice). Service was pleasant but slow, and the food was unbelievably bland for any restaurant, but especially a gumbo joint in New Orleans. Happily, there was hot sauce and Cajun spice on every table. It was needed. My hurricane was great, as was the warm, fresh bread.

4323 University Blvd, Jacksonville, USA

Focus on appetizers

The menu may not appear to have much to offer at first, but one has to order creatively when eating vegan in Jacksonville. The appetizer platter (three appetizers) is enough to serve two in our family. Falafel, hummus, and baba ganoush are top choices. The tabbouli is so-so, but otherwise all vegan options are delicous.

If you're a big eater, try the buffet during one of S.A.V.E.'s regular meetings (see meetup.com) when extra vegan options are provided. Waitress Effie is terrific during these events, requesting extra vegan goodies from the kitchen (for example, spinach pies or hot dolmas) and even providing separate checks.

4070 Herschel St, Jacksonville, USA

Pub With Separate Veg Menu

We tried Harpoon Louie's as part of Jacksonville's No Meat March. The veg menu was on a table card, which was helpful and convenient, although they vegan options were limited, and they were out of some. The veggie burger was fine but nothing special. The BBQ burger and mashed potatoes were terrific. We opted out of fries as they are cooked in the same oil as chicken. Nice beer selection, including some locals on draft. Service was friendly but slow, especially considering the place wasn't full. We liked that we know now a non-smoking place we can play pool.

811 Conti St, New Orleans, USA

Not Too Welcoming

Appreciated the tips on how to find this place, as there is indeed no sign on the street. Walked through the sketchy bar to a very tight back room that was the restaurant. The vegan menu option was a sweet potato poboy. Alas, sweet potatoes are the only vegetable neither one of us can get past our gag reflex, so we were out of luck. When we tried to check with the man behind the counter as to whether that was in fact the only vegan option, he told us it was one in five (items on the menu), and that we wouldn't find better in New Orleans. We certainly found better ambience and hospitality!

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