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Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nice healthy food, and nice interior

I took the pita with hummous and sallad. Costs about 14 euros but it's worth it. The sallad is to die for, but the pita was a bit dry and burnt. Very big portions, you don't get hungry for a couple of hours again.

They also had nice looking deserts, but just order a small meal if you want one of thoose. I did'nt have any room left. ;(

Very nice staff, and a lovely interior. Visit during summer so you can sit outside, they have like three tables just by the canal. Very close to the Anne Frank house aswell, perfect location for tourists. And they had plenty of vegan dishes!

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Fantastic place in the Gothic Quarter

Me and my wife went to Barcelona on our honeymoon very recently and did not find many good vegan restuarants. But that didn't really bother us, because we found Catbar.

Great food and large portions (I was called champion by the waitress cause' i managed to eat all my meals from the 3 dish menu). The waitress we met was really nice and made us feel welcome. It's also a very cozy place.

Big ups for Catbar, I wish you would open in Malmö aswell.

C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain

Not more than ok

Went to Juice Jones Cardenal two times in my visit to Barcelone. The first time I only ate a sandwich and the other time the burger from their 3 dish menu.

The sandwich was great, though a bit small. The burger was not the best I've ever had. Their milkshake felt artificial and did only taste sweetening. The staff didn't feel very welcoming but they spoke english, that is good.

It filled the stomach, but I gut hungry kind of fast again.

Joachimstaler Str 14, Berlin, Germany

Lovely place

The best staff and great food! Although, the vegan breakfast was slightly better than the afternoon dinner. But the dinner was delicous aswell, I missed sauce though (only got mustard witch made the dinner kind of dry).

Frans Halsstraat 29, Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you're vegan go elsewhere

If you're vegan they only had ONE vegan dish, the Turkish stew, and it didn't taste much. Brown rice with red lentils, a dish worth like 5 euros and cost around 14 euros. When we arrived we didn't make a reservation. They said that it was very busy that night, although we could choose any table we wanted and the place was far from crowded. We waited about 30 minutes just for our drinks.

Linienstr 94, Berlin, Germany

Nice place, nice food

Overall rating: good! It was a very nice place and the food was delicious. Was told that this was kind of the best vegan place in the world, i didnt think so... It was great, but not the best. It also took very long just to order and the get the check, and the place was NOT very crowded at lunchtime when we were there.

c/Carders, 46, Barcelona, Spain

Not best in Barcelona

I went to Mosquito Tapas after a recomendation from a fried who said that everything is good here and that it's cheap. Nothing was true.
We only managed to eat all the vegan dumplings. The rest was very weird dishes. But that's only what I think, people may like it but I didn't.

One of the waitresses was not very knowledged about vegans and accidently served us dumplings made with chicken bouillon. She said that "vegetarians" really don't care about that. Not many of the dishes are vegan.

It was kind of expensive aswell. We ate som tapas, not very much and drank one beer each (two persons). And it costed about 32 euro.

Kungstensgatan 62, Stockholm, Sweden

3 days in a row

Awsome pizzas, was there three days in a row. Helpfull and nice staff aswell.

Artillerigatan 14, Gothenburg, Sweden

Small portions, but still expensive

Has become more of a "fine dining" place. Same prices as earlier, but smaller portions and fancier plating. Really good, but we had to go fill up our stomachs right after a meal here.

Lychener Strasse 63, Berlin, Germany

Great place and good food!

Friendly fastfood place with nice burgers. Visit this place instead of yoyo foodworld, the staff at yoyo was horrible.

Wienerstrasse 19, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Nothing impressed

Just dry fast food with not so talkative staff. The burgers we ordered was hard to eat and dry, not impressed at all....

Gaertnerstr. 27, Berlin, Germany

Visit vego instead

We went here a couple of times, just because we were in the neighbourhood. The first time was ok, my wifes burger was good but my gyros just tasted water. Then the downfall begun. The other two times the staff was terrible and rude, the food was bad (dry and overcocked, got a bacon slice that i could cut glass with). Loud disturbing music. Visit vego foodworld instead, better food and friendlier staff. I will never visit yoyo again.

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