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4721 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, USA


It's hard for me to decide for sure how I felt about Burma Superstar. We went on suggestion from a few friends, some of which are vegan and some not. Be warned you'll have to wait a long time to sit, and there isn't really a good area to wait unless it's nice outside. The seating situation isn't great if, like us, you're stuck right next to the bar in front of the area where the servers are walking the whole time--like trying to eat in the middle of a crowded sidewalk or something.
We made sure to tell the server we were vegan, and didn't explain in as full detail as normal since he jumped in and said he understood perfectly. The Peashoots were really really good... honestly I still think about them fondly and this was two months ago. Oh, and the coconut rice is also really yummy. But I'm 99% positive our spicy tofu dish had fish sauce or something similar. It smelled like fish and had that too-slick feeling in my mouth. We asked the server and he said there was no fish sauce, but his expression read more along the lines of "tell them what will involve the least fixing on my part." We ate some of it, but seriously... when I opened the leftovers the smell of fish just wafted out.
My suggestion would be go for the peashoots, and be extremely precise with your server. And don't take "no" for an answer if your food tastes fishy.

2428 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, USA

I don't think this place is veg

First of all, major point of confusion: The menu offers paying a little more for meat. At first reading it I assumed that meant soy/wheat meat, but on second thought I don't think so. I had a weird experience when I went there a few months ago... my dining partner for that visit speaks fluent Thai and asked the server if any of the food contained fish sauce. She replied (in Thai) that she'd be happy to add some for us, which of course we declined. She was incredibly friendly and nice, and definitely a good server, it was just a bit of a disconnect from the expectations we had of a veg restaurant.

The food: not bad, not outstanding either. The soy meat seems to be in everything and it's kind of odd. Personally I prefer tofu, but if you like something chewier it might be your thing. The red curry eggplant was really good, with beautiful presentation, and interesting that they put crumbled up bits of the soy stuff into the curry sauce.

I'd probably give this place another try, but can't say it really thrilled me. Would love to see some other reviews!

1401 University, Berkeley, USA

didn't get to the food part

Tried to go here with a big group but I arrived a little late. The host/server guy said he wouldn't seat me; I'd have to sit at a different table by myself. Despite there being an empty table right next to the group and the place not being full. After some more unpleasant interactions I just left. The food looked good, too bad I wasn't able to eat there. The coffee bar staff were very nice!

Updated from previous review on Saturday September 25, 2010:
Okay, I went back last month (July) and tried Brunch again. The staff was better this time, but they weren't the same people. The food was pretty good but extraordinarily salty. I had the pesto tofu scramble and thought it was tasty! My two brunch-mates had other scrambles that I tried and wasn't too impressed by. I'm going to keep my review the same 2 cows for now.

2016 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

yum! and not too pricey!

I went for lunch very very hungry, and got more than I could eat for a reasonable price. Did the lunch special thing, so received cucumber salad (sweet but not too much), fried tofu appetizer (lightly crispy, not outstanding but certainly tasty in the peanut sauce), white rice, and the tofu basil (amazing crisp veggies, nicely cooked tofu, slightly smoky chili flavor and the basil was both fragrant and plentiful) all for something like 9 dollars. Had enough to save for later, too!

Service was friendly and efficient. I'm really excited to go back and try some of the more unique menu items, like the taro and mushroom dishes.

5430 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, USA

best coffee ever, best scrambled tofu in the world

Inexpensive high quality vegetarian food with vegan options for almost everything. The staff is familiar with the entire menu and all options, which as all vegans know is great news. The scrambled tofu is not to be missed--I've searched 3 cities looking for its equal and found none. (they may have started calling it 'golden tofu' recently, ask your server if you go) Also, they have the absolute best coffee I've ever had. Lots of free parking and on a bus line.

On the downside, the servers are nice but super inattentive and the neighborhood can be a bit sketchy at night. But go during the day and be prepared to have a casual meal and you will not be disappointed.

2083 Vine St, Berkeley, USA

This place makes me smile!

Really, this place does make me smile. The woman who runs it is so incredibly sweet, funny, and has a great memory. The first time I was in there she said "you're new!" and every time since has remembered me. And she helps her customers avoid parking tickets!

The food: No onion or garlic, so you might think it's a bit bland. Sometimes, I would agree with you. My suggestion is your first time order something that has ginger, as they use it well and it helps give that richness of flavor you'd have from onion/garlic.

Best meal: Bean curd sheets with greens. I've been dreaming about it since that last time. Dark leafy greens, topped with crispy fried tofu skins. I added some chili flakes to spice it up a bit, but it was sooooo goooood anyway.

Atmosphere: Sparse. Not a romantic date, and not good for groups as the sound bounces around like crazy. Seems to be ideal for catching up with a friend or a solitary dinner. And, to go is easy too.

Best deal: Go for lunch!!! Cheap entrees that come with rice, soup, and little vegan wontons. I even had leftovers once.

735 Copeland St, Lower Level, Pittsburgh, USA


Wow, a true five-cow experience! (if only happy cow allowed five for a meat-options establishment)

Tried this place tonight while visiting family in Pittsburgh and am so thoroughly impressed. Their menu is mostly vegan, a lot of raw items, but they also have one or two meat dishes. They are super allergy-friendly, meaning they will work with you to ensure a great dinner no matter your specific needs. And the server we had was so fantastic, very attentive and helpful and very very knowledgeable about food. All around awesome, so here's hoping he gets the tips he deserves for doing such a great job.

The menu changes seasonally as they get tons of locally-sourced veggies, so I'm hesitant to rave too much about the specifics. But oh they were so good! Two of us got the raw sampler option, which was three courses of small tastes, three items per course. So basically we each got to try 9 items, for only $15. Incredible. Very small portions, but very filling in the end. They do some great things with flavors in the raw dishes, like the secret miso-sauce topping the cauliflower "mashed potatoes," or the decadent raspberry "cheesecake." One of our dinner party got the tempeh mole--I finished off the sauce he left behind. So warming and full-flavored... yummm.

If you enjoy eating veg or raw in Pittsburgh, Eden is not to be missed. You can even bring along friends who require meat at each meal! Also to note: byob :)

6 Old Forge Rd, Woodstock, USA

not a good choice

I'll give my positives first... the food was kinda good and the place is easy to find--right in the middle of town.

Sadly, thats where it ends. We were seated by someone who I needed to request having the tabled wiped down (there was salt and water all over it) and that server stood in the kitchen and glared at me, then we had to go up and get our own menus because no one came back, the people who came in after us had ordered and their food arrived by the time anyone came to talk to us. When we finally ordered, I asked if an item was vegan and was informed that everything was vegan in the nastiest tone I've ever heard from a server. Lets please note that nowhere was that indicated at the restaurant--I'd heard from word of mouth that "its a mostly vegan place." And, then, the item I ended up ordering was told it wasn't available for another 30 minutes so I had to order something else. When our food arrived, my quesadilla had almost no vegan cheese on it and so was DRY, but I looked at the person the next table over and saw a delicious looking moist one.

Worst part? We had finished eating and sat for a long time waiting for the check. I went up to the counter and asked the woman taking togo orders who told me "the other woman will get it," and went back to ignoring me. The other woman did not get it, even after we asked her. Eventually we had to guess at our bill and give cash before just leaving. Also, all the other tables got bread to start except for us. We started off very friendly, were dressed nicely, and otherwise had no characteristics that would get us such bad service except being in our 20s and 30s. Seriously, I thought that treatment was over by now.

I'd NEVER suggest this place to anyone. Our food was dry and overpriced and the service was plain insulting. There are plenty of better options in the area.

I WANTED TO GIVE THEM "ONE COW" but its not permitted by happycow since they are a 100% veg restaurant. The veg status doesn't justify going there, i promise.

2910 Lake East Dr, Las Vegas, USA


Visited this place on vacation--found them on happy cow and was suggested by our hotel. It was totally worth going off the strip. Super friendly and patient waitstaff (my dad had trouble understanding the raw food thing hahaha) and the food was great. Super generous portions at a good price. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Everything we got was delicious--don't be afraid to ask for suggestions from the servers. My only regret is that I don't live in the area.

2451 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA


When I first moved here, I was in love with Herbivore. Maybe it was because I'd never seen such a wide variety of vegan dishes on one menu? Unfortunately that seems to mean they do a lot of things, but all of it sub-par instead of focusing on one style and getting it right. And the service... oh man. It's gone steeply downhill in the last year. For example, in one recent dinner we had a server who seemed annoyed at us for ordering items that were out of stock (not that she told us ahead of time they were out of things), got an order wrong and huffed her way back to get a correct dish, and straight up forgot another order. Look, I've been a server, and the job isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but seriously now.

On the plus side, they have okay cocktails that are decently priced during happy hour... not that the servers tell you when it's happy hour, but whatever. It's hit or miss with the amount of alcohol they use so keep that in mind. Another plus is the coconut noodle soup. It's not any kind of traditional for any culture, but it's tasty. Be warned they have been very skimpy on the veggies as of late. The side salads are always delicious, and the chocolate cake is pretty yummy. I do love they open early and close fairly late, but for late food I'd suggest a certain veg diner just a few blocks away... the service there is "out of this world!"

If you do go to Herbivore, definitely skip the "seasoned potatoes." They are a gross interpretation of a non-fried french fry, and from the texture "oven baked" must mean microwave. Ew.

Sorry Herbivore, I've given you so many chances because I really wanted to like you...

1559 4th St, San Rafael, USA

Great service, delicious food!

I guess this place is really new, but happily lacking in the problems usually associated with that. To start off, the service was great! The server was really friendly and knowledgeable (tell him Vegan and he'll guide you), made good suggestions, and made sure (nicely) that we knew how to properly eat the food... which makes sense if you try the Pani Puri, you'll see what I mean. The guy bringing the food was polite and quick, and the other guy (manager maybe?) was really friendly and helpful when we browsed the little food shop attached.
And the food! Fantastic! Chaat is a little different than most americans are used to, and that is just fine. I highly suggest the Pani Puri--great flavors, and fun to eat! The Lotus Special Dosa was really flavorful with great texture. The sambar served with it was different than I'm used to, and not my favorite, but still tasty. And ohhhh the Bean Sprout Bhel! So different, so delicious. It's little tiny sprouted beans (not the actual shoots, just the beans right after sprouting) mixed with veggies, crispy stuff, and sauces. Delightful and fresh.
My suggestion is do what we did--get a few things and split them all. It's really affordable too, so an attainable goal is trying everything on the menu in the next year :) Oh, and the server said they are adding more vegan things soon... yay!

7484 S Broadway, Red Hook, USA

happy little place

I'm not from this area, but was staying nearby and needed some health food items. The store owner was incredibly helpful and absolutely friendly. The place is small and cute like the rest of Red Hook, but well stocked.

4141 Old William Penn Hwy, Monroeville, USA

south indian awesomness

If you like south indian food this place is not to be missed. Its definitely worth finding in its unsuspecting location (down a small road next to something like a cement pouring machine), and don't let the extremely bare look of the inside fool you--the food is absolutely amazing.

The dosas are always the perfect texture and large enough to be a meal no problem. They have other great options too, but since they have such a great variety of dosas I only occasionally venture to other foods. I've been coming here since they opened years and years ago. Many vegan options. The sauces are all delicious and taste fresh.

(don't come here expecting a fine dining atmosphere! For that you can go to one of the many other indian restaurants in Pittsburgh, none of which rival the quality of udipi's veg options. Come here for the food!)

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