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825 W Cary St, Richmond, USA

The place to go for breakfast

08 Apr 2012

Their new building is much newer and cleaner. They have a really good vegan breakfast menu. Everything I've tried was great. The service is good too.

1701 Toomey Rd, Austin, USA

Vegan Cult

30 Nov 2011

This place was a bit weird. I liked it but it was weird. It's sort of like a vegan cult. They people are very nice and they have the same principles as me. You pay when you walk in. There is a menu by the register. Then you serve yourself salad and soup. Eventually someone brings you the main course.
The food is very delicious and healthy. I felt very good after eating there.
The price is right too and there are lots of desserts to pick from but they cost extra.

900 Red River, Austin, USA

Don't Actually Have Food

30 Nov 2011

I went there thinking it was a restaurant but it's really a club. They are open late and have music and dance area with a bar. There a couple of trailers next door that serve food but neither are vegan. They do have a couple of vegan options though

1209 Independence Blvd Ste 101, Virginia Beach, USA

Delicous & Nutritious

23 Aug 2012

This place was a little difficult to find. They didn't put their sign out and it doesn't look like a restaurant at all. That's because, it's really not. It's a small kitchen located inside a medical building. The chef is actually an ND who prepares raw vegan food for her patients and the public. I'm not sure why it only comes up as vegetarian because all the food and definitely raw vegan.
They were out of some of the things we tried to order but our meal was really good and the dessert I got, "pudding" with berries was super good!
It's a little more pricey because of the fresh ingredients and the service is pretty slow as she doesn't really have any help.

309 N Laurel St, Richmond, USA

Delicious food!

08 Apr 2012

I went there the first time with a big group of people who were willing to order all vegetarian food even though they weren't vegetarian. I think that all of the veg food is also vegan.
We ordered several items and it all came on a large platter with extras. Everything was amazing! If you like Ethiopian food then you will definitely like it here. Be careful not to over order because the food is really filling when you combine it with the injera.
The restaurant is small but decorated nicely with things from Ethiopia. The bathroom is very small, but panted brightly with the sink is outside of the restroom.

948 W Grace St, Richmond, USA

Fast veggie food

08 Apr 2012

Really good food. Don't go for a healthy meal because it's a lot of greasy and sugary food. Not to say that it doesn't taste really good and fast.
I've had the fried and steamed wontons and the steamed was much better. The orange "chicken" was really good.
They have a lunch buffet where you can try many different things.

265 West Tazewell St, Norfolk, USA

This Place is Ridiculous!

23 Aug 2012

Okay, the food is good. The service is good and they always have a nice restaurant. I've been following them around since they started. That was 4 locations ago. They close down as fast as they open. [edit by staff-see ToS] I hope they get their act together because it would be great to have another vegan restaurant in the area.

9619 Granby St, Norfolk, USA

Really Good Vegan Food

23 Aug 2012

I've been to Quenna's a few times now. The food has always been outstanding except for one time when I got take out and there was way too much avacodo on my pita. I don't think they're completely raw but it's mostly raw. I'm more of a junk food vegan so I didn't have high expectations of the place but it's actually really good. I've had the tofu wrap and the kush wrap. I also tried the banana split. I can't wait to go back because I love their food.
Now, the cons. The food is all prepared fresh so it's very slow service. I've waited upwards to an hour for my meal to arrive each time. It was well worth it though. Plus, supporting one of the few all-vegan establishments makes it worth it too.
They do decide to just close up sometimes, so be sure to call before you go to make sure they're open. I don't think it's good for their business to do that, but they're loyal customers will stop coming.

1994 Hosea L Williams Dr NE, Atlanta, USA

Good Eats & Treats!

30 Nov 2011

I had the best cinnamon roll EVER there! The soup and sandwiches were also delicious! It was the only all-vegan place open on Sunday to grab breakfast but we weren't disappointed!
They have a small but sufficient food menu, a display of desserts and a good selection of specialty coffee and teas.

4 N Thompson St, Richmond, USA

Great buffet and foods to go

08 Apr 2012

The store has a good variety of health foods but not necessarily the best prices. What I like is the good selection of vegan to-go food. They have nuggets, mac-n-cheese and other tasty foods. I recommend the chocolate vegan cake. They also have a nice selection on the salad bar.

610 Haywood Rd, Asheville, USA

Best Bagels!

30 Nov 2011

I'm from NY so I'm really picky about my bagels but this place has excellent ones! I love that I can get one with vegan cream cheese. They have a great selection of coffees, teas and desserts as well as a small menu of sandwiches and soups. There are also a variety of books and items for sale.

1624 Laskin Rd Ste 740, Virginia Beach, USA

I'm In Love With This Place

23 Aug 2012

My husband and I heard about this place from our realtor. We weren't sure about it because it didn't sound like it had many options. It actually doesn't have a very big menu but the food is so good that I mostly forgot about that. They basically only have smoothies, wraps and salads. There are a few other things like the PB & No J which is bowl with peanut butter, granola, fruit and other things. It's really delicious but by the time we each ate half a wrap and the Cocao Kapow, we were to full for it.
I've gone back for another cocoa kapow. It's like a peanut butter cup smoothie. Super delicious for anyone who likes peanut butter & chocolate. I love the salad/wrap bar. Most of the ingredients are organic. You get to pick what you want in your salad/wrap and they make it for you.
My only complaint is that it's a little pricey. Not over-priced. You get what you pay for but I can't afford to go that often.

1899 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, USA

You gotta try the almond dressing!

08 Apr 2012

The buffet changes daily. It's primarily Indian fare but they have some Italian food as well. I like the almond dressing so much that I just like a huge plate of salad but I also really liked their corn bread.

Asheville and Black Mountain area, Asheville, USA

Yummy Food!

30 Nov 2011

We fell in love with the place at Floyd Fest so decided to go there when we visited Asheville. The restaurant is very neat looking with lots of artwork. The staff is friendly and service pretty quick. Everything we got to eat was delicious. I like the chlorophyll water they serve you.

402 N Harrison St, Richmond, USA

Best French toast ever!

08 Apr 2012

My husband and I got the vegan burrito and vegan French toast to share. We needed up ordering a second plate of French toast because they were so good. The only thing is next time I'll ask them not to put sugar on them because it's not necessary.
It is a funky place with limited seating but we've always gotten a seat. I also recommend the vegan blondes.

917 W Grace St, Richmond, USA

Fantastic Caesar salad!

08 Apr 2012

Mostly vegetarian but they do serve fish. My favorite is the vegan Caesar salad with grilled tofu. But everything I've had has been great. They have a nice selection desserts too with vegan ice cream. The place is in like a finished basement and I love it! It's really neat. It's small though so if you go during the busier times then plan to wait.

7103 Brook Rd, Richmond, USA

Delicious food!

08 Apr 2012

I love this place because it's family owned, the service is great, and the restaurant is clean. The husband waits tables and the wife cooks. They're very sweet and friendly.
I've had the pho, the sandwich, corn fritters, drum sticks and the appetizer patter. It was all delicious! We also got the funnel cake which is good if you're looking for a really greasy and sugary dessert. Their other desserts are more traditional Asian desserts which I am not a fan of. Bring on the chocolate cake!
The lemonade was supposed to be homemade but it was way too sweet and tasted like a mix.

It's also all vegan.
Updated from previous review on Saturday March 24, 2012

165 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, USA

Upscale Vegan

30 Nov 2011

This place isn't your typical hippie vegan restaurant. It's not snooty but definitely more upscale. They're service and food are excellent. I got a caesar salad and seitan dish. There is a good variety on the menu though.
They are a new restaurant so I hope they stay in business as I will definitely go back!

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