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206 E 13th Ave, Denver, USA

Wish we'd tried it sooner

16 Mar 2011

My SO and I had always wanted to try City O' City but would always just end up going to Watercourse instead. We were recently forced there by neccesity due to Watercourse closing at 9:00pm. We went to a late dinner with another couple visiting from Austin. We were told we had a 45 min wait so we took seats at the bar and ordered drinks. We actually got a table in about 20 minutes. The hip, pub-like atmosphere is amazing! We ordered 2 large vegan caesar salads and a build your own pizza of mushrooms, red onion, pineapple and jalapenos with red sauce and Daiya cheese. It was really good, but I prefer Follow you Heart when it comes to packaged cheese. Daiya is good when it is either cold or very hot and melty but when it starts to cool it can get a gummy texture that sticks to your teeth, imo. Our friends ordered a Margherita; olive oil, roma tomatoes, fresh basil and house made mozzarella, which they loved. They are not veg but they really enjoyed our vegan pizza. I was so glad we had come here instead, I feel like it has a much cooler vibe than Watercourse, which feels like your typical sit down restaurant. I know our friends were impressed. It was very loud but we had no problem conversating once seated at our table. On our way out we picked up 2 cookies, ginger molasses and chocolate chip. Tasty cookies to cap off an amazing meal.

1650 Broadway St, Boulder, USA

So tasty but so pricey

22 Feb 2011

I love VG Burgers and have never been disappointed in the quality of the food. The quantity on the other hand, leaves much to be desired. Often a sandwich/wrap/burger can be filling and satisfying enough on its own, but when it costs the same as a full meal and beverage at a vegan or veg friendly sit down restaurant you feel a little swindled. This is marketed as vegan "fast food" for goodness sakes! That being said, I pretty much always eat here everytime I'm in the Boulder area which is about a dozen or more times a year. The onion rings ($4.99) are amazing but the sweet potato fries ($2.99 reg-3.99 lrg) are often limp and soggy. I typically skip any sides and just get a sandwich, mainly due to cost. I really like the Chicken Ranch Burger ($8.49) and the Chicken Caesar Wrap ($6.99), but my fav is the VG Club ($8.49). Those prices are the sandwiches only! I rationalize paying that much by telling myself "I'm usually full in the end without the extra food (and calories)on my plate."

3333 S Wadsworth, Lakewood, USA

My favorite VC

22 Feb 2011

I have been to a few VC around CO and I like this store the a lot. The best one I've been to is in Fort Collins. I work near the one in the Colfax/Garrison area and its half the size and half as nice as this VC. All VCs carry only organic produce so they are almost always cheaper than Whole Foods and they are often cheaper than Whole Foods when buying name-brand products. Only con is location, its far south from me and there are no other businesses in that area that I go to so its a hassle to go all the way to this one when I work next to one.

5500 University Way NE, Seattle, USA

Best Caesar Salad Ever!!

22 Feb 2011

My SO and I ate here while visiting his brother back in September. We ordered an ex meat lovers pizza by his brother's request and a custom veggie pizza, as well as a family sized caesar salad. The caesar was AMAZING! Plenty of salad for 4 adults and one child to have more than one serving. It was so good, I could have just kept eating salad and skipped the pizza. But I'm glad I didn't because the veggie pizza was really fantastic and liked by all. The ex meat lovers was not a hit however. We both knew we probably wouldn't like it much, not being big fans of faux meat in general. But his brother and family thought it was really weird tasting. I was bummed when they settled on it because I figured they wouldn't like it as much as a pizza with just one faux meat and other veggies. It was humorous though because the adults were trying to be real polite about it and then Madison, who is 8, proclaimed "That pizza is really funny tasting!" My bf and I loved loved this pizza parlor and cannot wait to return on our next visit!

1429 12th Ave, Seattle, USA

Amazing atmosphere and food

24 Feb 2011

The layout and decor makes for a very nice, classy atmosphere and the menu offerings and prices reflect that. We got very average service, nothing to complain or rave about. I ordered the El Besito Caliente and my SO got the Cajun Tempeh Burger, we shared our sandwiches and loved them both, couldn't decide which was best. The sweet potato fries were good, but the sauce drizzled on top of them was to die for. Went in later in the evening so there was only one other table occupied by an older couple and it was so nice having the place mostly to ourselves. The weather was beautiful and the big windows in front made everything feel very comfortable, open and relaxed. A little expensive but the norm for this type of restaurant/offerings. Also, my leftover sandwhich was even better cold the next day!

2231 S Broadway, Denver, USA

Viva la Rebellion

24 Feb 2011

I just moved to the Lakewood area and quickly found this amazing vegan-friendly pizza joint not far from my place (but too far for delivery). I think the crust is superb, the sauce is good but could use a little pizzazz, and they offer both Daiya and Follow Your Heart cheeses. I always get veggie pizzas so I can't vouch for the faux meats on the menu, but I definately prefer the FYH cheese over the Daiya. Daiya gets a good melt, but tastes a little off to me and quickly gets a skin like pudding thats sat out. It seems really reasonable for so much vegan variety. Sometimes I'll get a garden salad with the vegan ranch which is really good as well. Not much atmosphere, just a little parlor with outdoor seating only. Unfortunately I live a little too far west for delivery. They had an amazing pizza special for the super bowl so I bought 4 pizzas! I probably order a pizza about once a month, so good!

444 Wadsworth Ave, Lakewood, USA

I love this WF!

24 Feb 2011

I started going to this WF about 4 years ago, well before the area became such a trendy shopping district. I recently moved to the Belmar area and live only a few blocks away. I go to this WF at least once a week, as it is now my primary grocery store. I'm bummed that the previous reviewer had such a negative experience, no one should have to put up with such childish taunts. I get sandwiches and burritos here all the time and have never really had any issues having things made up vegan. They have Veganaise, Follow Your Heart cheese and tempeh available. There is also the Grill right next to the sandwich/burrito area that serves Amy's Quarter Pound Veggie Burger (vegan) with your choice of potato. The burger is cooked on a separate grill level from the chicken and beef. The gelato/sorbetto bar has several vegan flavors and the bakery usually has at least 2-3 vegan cookies available but typically the same three kinds (chocolate chip, tahini and my favorite, the everything cookie). There are various pre-packaged foods made in the store (egg rolls, wraps, salads, desserts etc) that are vegan, I love their veggie potstickers. The pizza bar makes great veggie pizzas, the sauce is fantastic! But if you want vegan cheese on it you have to buy the cheese of your choice first and then bring it to the pizza bar and they'll make it up for you, kind of a weird inconvenience. Its nice that everything has a label that lists all the ingredients. My SO and I went there for dinner tonight. Of the 8 soups on the soup bar only 1 was not veg (chicken tortilla) and 4 of them were vegan. I got the Mushroom and Barley and he got Chili, both $3.99 each. We shared and both were really good, each of us liking our own selection best. We each got a rosemary foccacia roll from the bakery at 79 cents a piece. The coffee shop Allegro offers not only soy but almond milk as well, but is more expensive than most coffee shops-even Starbucks! The hot food bar often has a pretty weak veg selection, mainly white rice and tofu or curry based recipes, half of which often contain dairy so I rarely get anything from there. Overall, I have had many good vegan breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks at this WF and will continue to frequent it.
4 Cows because they sell many animal products.

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