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58 Mosley St, Manchester, England

I like it, but...

WELL. I was very excited when I heard about a new veggie restaurant opening in Manchester, and the 3 courses for £18 voucher made the decision quite easy - we visited the place within the first couple of weeks it opened.

We all ordered different items off the menu, there were mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese (which were just what it said - 4 mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese, slightly undercooked), a curry, the battered halloumi 'fish and chips', the filo parcel, the port + chocolate pudding, a sticky toffee pudding (meh), and some more (yep, three hungry girls!).

While the food was good and reasonably sized, I just wasn't massively impressed by it. It seems that 1847 (or DetoxRetox back then) is trying to position itself on the same level as Greens in West Didsbury, but it somehow feels miles away from it. Maybe I'm already too spoiled as a vegetarian (if that is possible...), but I've had veggie food with more attention to detail and a more consistent menu, at a much lower price, which wasn't trying to aim high. I'm sure the little bumps will be ironed out soon (if they haven't already), but I was just a little disappointed at my first visit.

217 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester, England


I've been to Anand's a few times now and it's definitely one of my favourite places to get Asian food from. They have a selection of pakoras, samosas, battered vegetables, sweets and other deli items (full of deep fried goodness!) which are paid by weight, so you can easily get a big takeway box for under a fiver.

Anand's also has a eat-in menu with curries and some Indian specialties (my Indian mate who helped translating everything said they were very authentic), which was really good, too (and cheap, 3-4 pounds for a curry). Very hot for my taste though, but I normally don't eat very spicy food. It's not exactly a great place to eat in, as it is just like a take away, but we went with a large group and had quite a bit of fun there. It's a family business, so there's always kids running around and you never know who might serve you - but the staff are always very friendly and helpful.

I don't know how much of the food is vegan though.

448 Wilmslow Road, Withington, Manchester, England

Love it!

Oooh Fuel, great place. Definitely one of the nicest bars in South Manchester, good music, friendly staff, and comfy sofas. The food (served until 9pm) is simply great - my favourite is the potato/sweet potato wedges combo which comes with super tasty hummous, but the veggie breakfast, soups, and basically everything else are just as good. The prices are fair, too. Worth the trip if you're in the city centre (just get on the Magic Bus), as there's always something on in the evening - the quiz on Tuesdays is good fun!

Vendersgade 16, Nansengade, Copenhagen, Denmark

Great place!

I visited Kalaset to grab some food after a long day at the national gallery. There's several tables outside and the inside looks really nice, bright colours, vintage furniture and stereos on the walls. We ordered a vegan falafel burger and a vegetarian goats cheese sandwich, which were both very tasty and generously sized. When the food arrived, I had to grab my camera and take some pictures first - the presentation was amazing, like little pieces of art!

They don't have many mains to choose from (3 sandwiches, 3 burgers, 3 pasta dishes, and only one veggie option each) , but we were more than happy with the selection. The staff was busy, but very friendly and spoke perfect English. I'd definitely come back to try out the vegan brunch :)

Fabriksomradet 134, Copenhagen, Denmark

Good place for cheap food

I went to Morgenstedet in August 2010. We had some trouble finding it in Christiania, but after a bit of walking around just found it by accident - it's almost at the far end of the area.

We had a "super f*ing good greek gratin" (that was the title on the menu board!) with potatoes, beans and tomatoes, alongside some salads (carrot and quinoa) and a spinach soup. The bill came to around DK 150 for two people, including drinks, which is probably the cheapest it can get for a hot meal in Copenhagen!

I really enjoyed the food - the gratin and soup were a bit salty indeed, but also packed with fresh herbs and spices, which was very tasty. I'd definitely come back for lunch when I'm in the area, as it's good value for money, the staff were really friendly and it was nice to sit outside on the benches. I prefer a relaxed atmosphere and homecooked food that's maybe not 100% perfect to overpriced fine dining! :)

c/Carders, 46, Barcelona, Spain

Tasty & quick

We've just been to Mosquito Tapas for our dinner and really enjoyed it. The place is quite small and seemed very popular, so we were lucky to get a table.

The ordering process is easy - get the menu & a pencil, then tick the items you want to order and pass the slip back to the waitress (who was busy, but friendly). The food was served surprisingly fast and it was deeeelicious.

We ended up with aubergine & peanut sauce, steamed vegetable dumplings, wild mushrooms with lemon, spicy tofu and some rice (plus two non-veg dishes for my dining companion), and it was all tasty - the mushrooms were definitely a winner! I loved being able to choose from many small dishes, which was great for sharing.

The bill came to 30 Euros for food and soft drinks for 2 - they also have a fairly extensive beer list which isn't quite cheap, but looks exciting.

Nice little place and very veggie-friendly (I even think that the veg dishes we ordered are vegan), thumbs up.

Kannikestraede 19, Kobenhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Veggie buffet

I went to RizRaz in August 2010. The vegetarian buffet was really good, big selection and most of it tasted quite nice as well (falafel and hummous, the salads, some pasta salad, rice or bulgur salad, tomato pesto...). Some of it was a bit bland (tagine) or overcooked (veggie lasagne), but the tons of vegetables and salads on offer, as well as the different dips were great!

The place was not too busy when we went (Thursday evening), so there were no queues at the buffet, and the staff was quite friendly. It's not fine dining, but definitely a safe bet for good vegetarian food in the city centre, especially when you're very hungry :)

I can see that it might be difficult for vegans to find out what exactly is vegan and what not, but as a veggie who's ok with dairy I didn't have any problems.

Fritjof Nansens Plass 2, Oslo, Norway

Loved itñ

Really nice veggie-friendly place in Oslo - shame they're only open until around 5pm. The guy who worked there was super friendly and the food (I had a huge piece of quiche with salad and a really nice tahini dressing) was tasty and filling, and reasonably priced for Oslo (the most expensive country I've ever been to in terms of food!). I'd definitely come back :)

144 High St West, Glossop, Derbyshire, Glossop, England

Yes please!

Forget the meat substitute dishes (boring...) and go straight for the chickpea curry and the parsnip chips. And the chips. Oh and the pilau rice. I kept talking about the pilau rice for days. Absolute winner, dead cheap (most dishes were around 2-4 pounds), huge selection, nice atmosphere and really friendly staff. It was quite busy when we went (Sunday evening), but we managed to squeeze onto a small table anyway.

Definitely worth the trip to Glossop, or combine it with a hike up Kinder Scout which is absolutely glorious!

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