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Voorstraat 71, Utrecht, Netherlands

This place is great, but not for celiacs

When traveling around Europe, I try to visit as many squats as possible. At ACU, my boyfriend and I we're greeted by a friendly british guy. He guided us through the menu to try to find something that suits me and my gluten intolerance. They didn't have much for me, I'm afraid. The starter was a soup, supposed to be a cabbage soup, but it didn't have any cabbage in it? It was just a watery, boullion-like soup with nothing to it. Then, I had raw spring rolls (also a starter). Since I was really hungry and excpecting a huge dish, I was kinda dissapointed by it all. But my boyfriend ate the main dish, some chinese thing, and loved it. So I guess the food can be good, just not the best place for celiacs. At least then - the menu changes every month, though, so I guess it was just bad luck on my part. I loved ACU for so many other reasons, though, so I don't want to put people off from going there. It's a great place, with lots of activity (concerts, DJs).

Holtegata 32, Oslo, Norway

okay mexican food, but a bit boring.

I've been to Mucho Mas in Bogstadveien a couple of times, but I've never really been blown away. I've had the vegetarian quesedilla and the vegetarian burrito. You get a decent portion at a decent price (by Norwegian standards). The food isn't particularly spicy, and I found it a bit boring - I kept thinking that I could easily make this at home, cheaper and lots tastier. The first time I was there, the service truly sucked, but it had improved by the second time I was there.

Hausmanns g 10, Oslo, Norway

Great place

Helios has everything related to health foods, ecologic/bi-dynamic foods, allergy foods, supplements, vegan foods, etc. Friendly staff. The swedish guy working there came running after me when I left because I had forgotten one of my items. That's nice, many wouldn't have bothered to do that. :) My only complaint is that the one time I was there, they charged me for 2 kilos of meat that I didn't buy (as I don't eat any). I didn't notice until I got home and checked the reciept. Maybe they thought they'd get away with it? I don't know, could have been an honest mistake. As a last remark, Helios is expensive. But I think all such health-food stores in Norway are. (Sucks to be us!)

Pilestredet 33E, Oslo, Norway

Blitz has got it all

Any vegetarian/vegan coming to Oslo should check out Blitz. This place has been around since 1982, and serves the cheapest vegan and vegetarian food in all of Oslo. Lots of punks/alternative people go here to hang out or practice with their bands. Blitz offers open faced sandwiches with a huge variety of toppings (omelette, fried tofu on hummus, potato burger, sautéed mushroom with cashews, different cheeses ++), baguettes with tofu or cheese with hummus and greens and so on, and a new main dish every day. The main dish isn't always vegan, and not always spectacular, but always delicious, and it only costs 40 kroner (5 euros)! Everything's made by volunteers, and the selection will vary according to who's working that day. Try the waffles, they're world famous (in Oslo).

Reep 14, Oost-Vlaanderen, Ghent, Belgium

I love komkommertijd!

My boyfriend and I went here, and were amazed by the huge selection in the buffet. We suffed our faces with all kinds of excellent and tasty vegan food, oh boy were we full! The staff was nice and helpful, and they speak english. Komkommertijd is the place to go if you want a huge meal at a cheap price. It doesn't get any better than this. Note that you should probably reserve in advance if you're having dinner there. I had lunch, and there was no trouble finding a free table.

Voorstraat 21, Utrecht, Netherlands

Good selection, funny owner

SEM has a good selection of everything you would expect in a health food store, and maybe even more. The owner is a weird and talkative guy who'll want to talk to you for ages about what to do and where to go in Utrecht, if you're a tourist like me.

1 Hoogpoort, Gent, Ghent, Belgium

Tasty indeed!

I went to Tasty World twice when visiting Ghent this summer. The first time I was there, I ordered the "burger salad". It was really tasty, with several miniature burgers in it. :) I can't eat bread, so sadly I couldn't try the burgers, but my boyfriend said they were great. I tried two different smoothies, both were really good. The staff speaks perfect English. Avoid the lunch-rush. Many people go there during lunch (11-13-ish) to have burgers and smoothies, it was a long wait. They even forgot all about me, and left my smoothie in the fridge until I came over to ask if it was finished... But all in all, I liked Tasty World, and when I come back to Ghent some day, I'll be back.

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