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42 Drury Street, Dublin, Ireland

Pizza? Yes Please.

28 Oct 2010

This place is pretty difficult to find but i had my eyes open the other day an finally got it. Its pretty small, but if your on the run its perfect. As suggested by another happy cow reveiw i got eth vegan pizza. yum. so yummy. not bad eithher i think it was like only 2.50 or 2.95 but i nice peice. i would like to go here again and try the salads.

59 William Street South, Dublin, Ireland

Talk about fresh!

28 Oct 2010

I went to cafe fresh for the first time with the VSI and it was pretty good. I had some sort of chickpea curry which was alright, nuttin amazing but i was more impressed with the salads. Its so hard to find tasty veg in ireland and although a little expenisve (but they have VSI and student discounts), it was worth it. filled me up big time! Ill go there again!

73 Great Georges Street, Dublin, Ireland

worth a try

22 Sep 2010

I agree with most other reveiws that its ok food, nothing amazing for the amount you pay and i usually leave hungry still. they DO have some yummy vegan ice cream but protions are small. all in all its worth a try.

19 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Ireland

Dreaming of you.

28 Oct 2010

So FINALLY I got to go to this restirant and was like, WOAH THIS HAVE FOOD LIKE THIS DUBLIN????? where have i been eating all this time!? can i just say BEST Garlic Mayo ever. Im not even one who likes mass amounts of mayo on my potato salad but soething was calling me to it, so they piled it up and i gobbled the whole thing. And THEN i scraped the leftover blobs of mayo with my fork and ate it plane. oh man it was good. Im gunna get so fat :). I also had some sort of fried thing, which was pretty good and a salad which had kinda a sweeter dressing. that one was alright. Again, with many resturants here, it seems like its a lot of money but i could split this with somebody easily (except, of course hogging the potato salad to myself)
Oh yeah, and also the staff was really friendly too!!! i didnt really know what to order and the woman helped me out a lot.

Eberswalder Strasse 1, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

refreshing and healthy

28 Jun 2015

went here after going to the flea market at the park. my friend and i shared the mexican wrap and a 'snow white' soup. the wrap was really flavourful and the soup was pretty good. we came back for a coffee and a piece of cake. the cake was a little dry but the coffee was good. the girls working there speak great english, but beware The fast rabbit hasnt got fast internet.

Warschauer Str. 33, Berlin, Germany

alright but ive had better

28 Jun 2015

just got a mexican wrap to go. nothing special, it needed some spice or salsa or something in there. i did like that the rice was brown rice.

Calle de los Reyes, 11, Madrid, Spain

Nice Staff, Good Food.

28 Oct 2010

Well when I found out we were going to madrid, I thought, yay there is bound to be plenty of veg options at the resturants and yay there is a loving hut. Well little did i know that many veg options in madrid are either fish or huge amounts of unavoidable eggs (like tortilla), so after the third day i said to my husband, Im dragging you to the loving hut. We got there and they were closed (it was a sunday) but as we peered in we saw somebody and he was so nice to go to the back door an answered our questions. He even said if we go there earlier he would have made us something. He was VERY nice. Luckily we didnt have to catch our plane til later the next day so we went back. the waitress was very nice and everybody spoke a little english. Everything I thought was pretty good. I was a little disappointed that the menu wasnt as extensive as the loving hut that was have in san diego but everything was alright and good priced. Between my husband and I was had a tofu salad, large bottle of water, tea, soup, fried spring rolls, crepes, and a cheese cake. I think we paid less than thirty euro for it.

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