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59 Baldslow Rd, Hastings, England

Would give six 'cows' if I could...

02 Jan 2016

I really enjoyed my stay here, the owners' attention to detail is very apparent... vegan shower gel in the bathroom, vegan snacks in the bedroom and a fantastic breakfast spread. The rooms themselves are very luxurious and comfortable. The owner was very knowledgeable about the local area and the vegan options Hastings has to offer. I would definitely recommend staying here!

Rua Mártires da Liberdade,130, Porto, Portugal

Perfect vegan cheesecake

11 Jun 2015

I had really high hopes for this place and it didn't disappoint. The burger meal deal (burger, chips and beer/soft drink) was reasonably priced at €7.50 and was very filling. I had a 'doom burger' which was a mushroom and 'chicken' nugget burger. The mushroom burger patty was had a kind of mushy and wet texture which I didn't love (I also tried some of the spinach burger which had the same wet consistency)

The chicken nuggets (which were inside the burger) were kind of chewy and tasty and overall the burger was good. The chips were super tasty.

The best part of the meal though was the cheese cake dessert which was creamy and light. I was also informed that it was gluten free.

They do play quite loud punk rock music in there which I think is likely to be off putting to some people, it's not really my cup of tea and I don't think my 61 year old mum was too impressed either... I get it that my mum and I maybe aren't their target market, I just hope their target market is big enough to sustain it as a business

Overall it's a really nice place though and I would definitely go back (I want more of that cheese cake already..)

2 St James St, Sheffield, England

Love Blue Moon

04 Oct 2011

Love this place, the last time I went I had the chocolate coffee torte and it was divine, would definitely recommend. I love the building as well.

32 George St, Hastings, England

Delicious Thai food

11 Jun 2015

This is a really lovely restaurant in the Old Town in Hastings. Anything on the menu can be adapted to be made with tofu or vegetables and the food is absolutely delicious. They also seem fairly clued up about allergies (we were specifically asked last time we went whether we had anything we couldn't eat). One thing to note however - the little bowl of crackers they put on your table when you arrive are not vegan - however if you ask for vegan crackers instead they will provide them (the sauce they serve the crackers with is to die for)

While I have never seen anyone buying a book in there, the general ambiance of the place is cosy, with lots of little tables hidden behind shelves of books.

Overall a great little place which I would definitely recommend.

Gorriti 5657, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A bit hit and miss

24 Apr 2012

I visited here twice with my family. The food seems a bit hit and miss, some things we ordered were amazing (the salads, quinoa crepe and vegan ice cream) but others weren't especially tasty (the salad sushi type main course and uncooked and unseasoned tofu, which is one of my pet hates).

If I could suggest one thing though it'd be that their menu could do with better labeling of vegan and raw products.

6 Mill Hill, Leeds, England

Not that great

21 Jun 2016

For a vegetarian restaurant I would have expected a greater number of vegan options - only around 25% of the menu seems to be suitable which is a real shame and something they could do much better on. The food itself is OK, the okra fries are definitely quite tasty and the other dishes I've tried were fine too.

With regards to quality, quantity and price though, Tharavadu next door beats Bundobust hands down and I would heartily recommend you go there instead.

3 E Beach St, Hastings, England

Sporadic opening times?

02 Jan 2016

I have not had the chance to visit this cafe, as I have tried three times to visit it on various Sunday lunchtimes (when it is apparently open) but have found it closed every time, in contradiction to the sign in the window. One Sunday I tried to go it was closed at 12ish when I tried to go, then when I walked past again at 3pm it was open??
I would still love to visit this place but have had quite annoying experiences so far );

EDIT: have now managed to visit. The food is tasty although the pie does not come with peas, you have to order them separately apparently. Really enjoyed my meal and have no complaints.

19 Endwell Rd, Bexhill, England

Good cafe in Bexhill - excellent for vegans

02 Jan 2016

A nice cafe in the centre of Bexhill which is also open some evenings as well.

The staff are very friendly and the owner is vegan, so although this is a vegetarian cafe, the focus is definitely on veganism.

They seem to have a standard cafe menu with sandwiches, paninis etc but they also seem to mix up the rest of the menu quite a lot and have different events on. On Sundays they serve roast dinners and I have been to pizza nights and a quiz evening.

The food can be a bit hit and miss at times but in general it is very good.

Florida 102, Buenos Aires, Argentina


04 Oct 2011

I didn't enjoy my food as much as I was hoping, I had the clasico burger with salad and it was pretty bland, the bun seemed a bit stale as well. Could have done with some ketchup aha. It's a shame as I really wanted to love this place.

4 Village Mews, Bexhill, England

Delicious vegan pizza

10 Jun 2015

I love this place, I don't care if they sell meat, I would give them 5 stars if I could. It's great to be able to order pizza from a regular takeaway place and the pizza is delicious. The only thing I would say is avoid the aubergine as it's a bit crunchy. );

Friends Meeting House, Stramongate, Kendal, England

Simple cafe food but done really well

11 Jun 2015

Serves typical cafe-style food like paninis and soup, but does it really, really well. You can 'create your own' panini filling out of loads of choices, many of which are vegan, including vegan cheese, olives and sun dried tomatoe pate. As previously mentioned they also serve vegan sticky toffee pudding.

2 Church Street, Woodbridge, England

Not there anymore

25 Jun 2013

The restaurant described in other people's reviews doesn't seem to exist anymore. This place is now called the 'East Coast Diner' and serves meat. It has a lot of pizza options so I guess it's vegetarian friendly, but I wouldn't go back there as a vegan: the veggie burger I think probably came from the frozen food section at Tesco and they had run out of vegan burger buns. It was tasty I guess (looottttss of chips!) but I made my family travel quite a long way to go there based off these reviews and was pretty disappointed. They were pretty happy with their bacon and steak burgers though.

15 Marine Parade, Hastings Old Town, Hastings, England

Lovely vegan sushi on the sea front in Hastings

10 Jun 2015

Really tasty sushi in a very convenient location on the sea front. None of the prepared sushi in the little fridge there seems to be vegan but if you ask they will make you a delicious platter in 20 minutes or so (so probably not the best place if you're in a rush). I understand they also deliver sushi now too. Would absolutely recommend this place.

Melantrichova 15, Praha 1, Czechia, Prague, Czech Republic

Poor quality 'on the go' food

04 Oct 2011

I was really excited to see this store while I walking through Prague, hungry but having resigned myself to searching for somewhere that does chips. There seemed to be a good selection of products, I bought a ready packed sandwich wrapped in brown paper. As I couldn't read the label, as I asked the shop assistant if it was vegan, and when she said it was I bought it. Biggest disappointment of my life, it was just a (pretty expensive) plain salad sandwich, no dressing or anything remotely interesting about it at all. I do like salad, but I was definitely expecting something more imaginative. It also had suspicious white creamy looking stuff on it. It didn't get finished.

6 Kentish Town Rd, Camden Town, North West London, England

Average food but entirely vegan

10 Jun 2015

The food is average buffet quality, however it is all vegan and tasty enough. It is also excellent value for the area, being roughly £6 per head. Would visit again and recommend.

Hastings Old Town, Hastings, England

Good for children but better vegan options nearby

10 Jun 2015

It's OK, although I would say there are much better vegan options in the area (most notably the sushi place). The food is nothing special, I have been there two or three times and not been very impressed, but it's good to have the option I guess. As mentioned in other views, be prepared for literally millions of kids!

Avenida da Boavista, 868, Porto, Portugal

Beautiful restaurant but disappointing food

10 Jun 2015

Firstly I think the menus have been updated since previous reviewers visited, as vegan options are now labelled and the menu is in English.

The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated (although make sure you're looking for it on Avenida da Boavista rather than Rua da Boavista like we were...). The garden also looked really nice.

However, the food I felt unfortunately didn't quite live up to the expectations set by the surroundings. For starter I ordered 'Bulhao pato' mushrooms, which turned out to be mushrooms in a butter very garlicky which was OK but not amazing. To give you an idea of how garlicky apparently I still stank of mushrooms from several feet away hours later ): ): ):

For main I had the 'spineless tofu' (still have no idea what that is..) which I think also had a lot of garlic in it, but the tofu was cooked without any flavourings whatsoever. On a plus note though, the roast potatoes that came with it were great)

Some of the puddings sounded interesting, I would have loved to have tried the caprihana pie, however it wasn't vegan. The only vegan options were sliced fruit and fruit with yoghurt, which was really disappointing and felt really lazy in comparison to the non vegan options.

I was also disappointed to see
find out that there was only a single vegan wine on the menu which was a rose. At least one red and white option would have been appreciated.

However I should note that there was lots of choice among the staters and mains for vegans though.

Overall I don't think I would visit again

100 Pinstone St, Sheffield, England

Good lunchtime option

01 Jan 2016

I last frequented this place around two years ago while volunteering nearby so this review might be a lil out of date! This is a really good place to go for lunch in Sheffield city centre. There is no seating but the Winter Gardens and Peace Gardens are close by so there is somewhere near to sit come rain or shine! The wraps themselves are tasty - my favourite was the one with the fried cauliflower.

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