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1701 Toomey Rd, Austin, USA

Still My Favorite

07 Mar 2009

Everything here is amazing. Not for people who are afraid of eating something foreign, it's all vegan/macrobiotic, so what's to worry? I like the seating style personally, meeting new people makes me feel like I'm back in Europe. Salad was probably my favorite every time I've been. Until reading this I had no idea it was all you can eat.

800 E Arapaho Ste 120, Richardson, USA


20 May 2008

We found this by chance, and I was so happy we did! If you love little hole-in-the-wall restaurants like I do, this is the place for you! So many options! I got the thai steamed 'chikn' and it was amazing, I ate the entire thing in minutes.

Calle Golfo 3, Seville, Sevilla, Spain


08 Mar 2008

Very nice little place, open during siesta, which is nice. Not terribly expensive, and still tasty. Menus in English and in Spanish, with clearly marked vegan and vegetarian options. I got the habanita eggplant, which was yummy. Sad thing is is I couldn't find it again to save my life. Though Spanish may not be needed to order there, it might be helpful when asking others for directions to the place!

4215 Duval St, Austin, USA


07 Mar 2009

Not my favorite, my friends food was 'good', they got some sort of roast but mine was pretty much inedible. If you go I'd stray away from the mexican food.

1901 E Cesar Chavez, Austin, USA

How Its Done

07 Mar 2009

This is how to vegan/vegetarian mexican food. The hotsauce, and beans are to die for, and their big bakery, genius. My roommate and I still claim their beans are made with an addictive substance..but the owners have yet to get back with us on that. Try the mini tofu gorditas.

San Sebastian 6, Cadiz, Tarifa, Spain


08 Mar 2008

I went to this restaurant with 11 people, so first let me say we weren't the average table. The menu is NOT terribly varied, so if you're not a fan of pizza, I wouldn't bother. The help wasn't all that nice, and it was very expensive.

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