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5240 University Ave NE, Seattle, USA


i eat thai food locally usually twice a week. it was not until i went to Araya's that i found my favorite thai dish. avocado green curry. all i can say is that i now have my local thai place custom make this dish because it WAS THAT GOOD. great service. good tea. decently priced. parking on site. oh, i also had pineapple fried rice, vegan, and it was oh so tasty. but if you can only get one, get the avocado green curry!!!

225 E 6th St, Charlotte, USA

its pizza.

the hummus dish was amazing. black bean hummus i have never heard of, and was very pleased. the pizza on the other hand was slightly above average. i had the mushroom pizza, which i imagine is designed to be eaten with large amounts of cheese. no cheese, so it was basically 3 types of mushrooms on pizza dough. oh, and as far the servers go, they asked if i wanted vegan cheese (without me stating i was vegan) and i kindly denied. both because i dont like vegan cheese and because it rumored that it not vegan at all. just watch out.

948 W Grace St, Richmond, USA

Cheap vegan food

This place is basically your whole in the wall style Chinese/Japanese food, but its all vegan. And its really cheap. It was hard to order $12 in food, which ended up being three courses. The mango dish was good, but all the food had a salty taste, which is what I would expect from this style of food (cheap fast Chinese/Japanese.) Well worth the money and the visit.

1920 Perry St, Durham, USA

this is the spot

working late nights in durham, i was lucky enough to find this place thanks to happycow. they are open until 4 am. which is amazing. though it is designed to please the kids over at duke, it does a very good job of offering veggie options on the road. the sign outside does say best mexican food on earth, but i do not agree. at least not best vegan food. it was very good, and the giant burrito was that, giant. good gauc. great salsa. and the rest was good. would recommend it to anyone that loves burritos.

and i didnt know what to expect because of the other 2 reviews on here, but it was basically a dope burrito spot on the second level of some old building. it seemed they were rather negative with it. but its not bad at all.

1821 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, USA

must visit place

This place rocks. Its setup is kind of odd, but i wouldnt expect anything less from a collective like this. the food was amazing. i had a vegan helter skelter and a vegan pancake. the pancake was insanely huge. bigger then the plate it was served on. both items were delicious. it IS greasy breakfast food, what you would expect to eat at a diner for breakfast that served vegan food. i wasnt looking for the healthiest of options, so i didnt mind the increased taste. oh, and the oj was delicious. they also had a large selection of teas and coffees. it is right next to some uni, so its a popular hang out for college kids. the music wasnt loud. i read a little bit of my book while i waited for my food, which did take a bit of time, but i didnt mind the atmosphere, thus waiting wasnt that big of an issue. the kitchen is small, and i would rather have food prepared for me, and a longer wait, then prepared food with no wait. service is best described as efficient. dont go here if you want bougie type service, but they seemed willing to help if asked. overall, a great place. ill be back before i break out of this cold place. oh, atmosphere is kind of like saturn in santa cruz or pokeyz in san diego.

402 N Harrison St, Richmond, USA

Tea, Sandwich, Music

This place is a gem. It has a vegan breakfast menu, but of course i wasnt awake by that time. The lunch menu had a decent selection for a coffee shop. I would actually consider it a cafe more then just a coffee shop. But great vegan selections. The bear battered tofu sandwich was amazing. And the side salad was very tasty. And they have real tea! and yerba mate! Staff was real nice. Parking sucks, but not their fault.

404 Fourth Ave, Olympia, USA

what a spot

this place is kind of crazy. its like a hipster music venue with a kitchen in the front with amazing "dual kitchen" food (they offer both "reg" and "veg" options) i tried the avocado melt because of the rave reviews, and it was very stellar. the fries were good. the cookies were decent, but kind of on the dry side. good service, and very fair pricing. this would be my local spot if i lived in this city. and will return next time i am around.

2796 E Point St, East Point, USA

wow. amazing raw food

I went here for lunch today. I had been craving some good raw food lately, and this place had some good reviews. So I thought I would try it out for myself. The service was great. Everyone in there was very friendly and nice. I had a stuffed avocado for starters, and it was amazing. I also had a glass for carrot/apple juice, which was very fresh and tasty! for the main dish, I had a tostada per their recommendation. This thing came out beautiful. It tasted excellent. I couldnt be more pleased with the service, cleanliness, or food at Lov'n it live. It is that good. And also, the food came out with excellent decoration, and looked just as delicious as it tasted.

8, rue Xavier Privas, Paris, France


sauerkraut on a falafel. who would of ever guessed that. this was my daily staple in paris. it was decently priced for being in paris. 7 euro for a meal (which is on the cheap, even though the dollar sucks at the moment) it is small, and is probably best for take away, but being alone, i was always able to find a seat, and was very pleased with my food. and the workers were willing to speak english, which i found to be a big plus.

1420 NW Gilman Blvd Ste N3, Issaquah, USA

worth a visit

I eat here twice during my week stint in issaquah. communication seemed to be a problem during my visits, but i do believe they got my "vegan" food correct, without butter or yogurt. the dinner is much better in my opinion. the lunch caters more to veggies then vegans, but they were very accommodating at the same time. was good enough to go back. and fairly priced. oh, and spicy means spicy at this place.

1129 Weaver Dairy Rd Unit X, Chapel Hill, USA

excitingly tasty

after over a week of being in nc, i was weary from the lack of good veggie food. but i was very pleased with sage. good service. good food. though i do agree with another poster that the 4 dollar side salad is not worth 4 dollars. it very small. but my main dish was good. very exciting tastes.

205 E 75th St, Chicago, USA


vegan bbq tofu. vegan corn bread. and some soup. was good soul food in chi-town. worth a visit. and decently priced.

3411 N Halsted, Chicago, USA

the spot

go here. its amazing. it truly is one of the best in the country. i eat here many times during my 2 weeks of work in the chi-town area, and did not mind driving in for this place. great food, good service, amazing desert options. everything about it is a plus. vegan french toast. amazing.

14, rue Bichat, Paris, France

go here

after being completely drunk at my hostel and talking to the front desk guy for endless hours, he recommended this place to me (he was a fellow veggie guy) its near the big cemetery in paris that i am to lazy to look the name of up. but the food was amazing. the service was great. they let me in 30 minutes early and served me tea and let me sit and read until they opened. very good service. the food was also amazing. would recommend it to anyone in paris. oh, and it was very cheap for what you get. one of the few places where i thought i was getting a good value for my dollar (us and euro)

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